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Garden event
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Names in other languages
 정원 이벤트
 Événement de jardinage
 Événement de jardinage
 Evento de jardinería
 Evento de jardinería
 Evento in giardino

Garden events[1] are monthly occurrences in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where the player needs to plant special flowers. After the flowers bloom, rare creatures appear on them. The player then needs to catch them. There is a chance that some attempts to catch creatures may end in failure. The garden events are split into two parts. Part 1 has two type of flowers and two types of creatures depending on the flower. Part 2 has one type of flower and two types of creatures, depending on rarity. If they catch enough creatures, the player will receive presents, such as essence, leaf tickets, flower food and limited-time furniture.

List of garden events[edit]

Event name Host Set Flowers Creatures Dates
Rover's Garden Safari Rover PC Character Icon.png Rover Rover Set Blue Dahlia PC Icon.png
Blue Dahlia
Red Dahlia PC Icon.png
Red Dahlia
White Dahlias PC Icon.png
White Dahlia
Diamond Butterfly PC Icon.png
Diamond Butterfly
Topaz Butterfly PC Icon.png
Topaz Butterfly
Winter Butterfly PC Icon.png
Winter Butterfly
Gold Winter Butterfly PC Icon.png
Gold Winter Butterfly
January 11 – 22, 2018

Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Lottie PC Character Icon.png Lottie Gothic Rose Set Gothic Purple Rose PC Icon.png
Gothic Purple Rose
Gothic Red Rose PC Icon.png
Gothic Red Rose
Gothic Fusion Rose PC Icon.png
Gothic Fusion Rose
Gothic Bat PC Icon.png
Gothic Bat
Golden Gothic Bat PC Icon.png
Golden Gothic Bat
Ruby Gothic Bat PC Icon.png
Ruby Gothic Bat
Diamond Gothic Bat PC Icon.png
Diamond Gothic Bat
February 1 – 10, 2018

Leif's Spring Flowers Event Leif PC Character Icon.png Leif Spring Flowers Set White Clover PC Icon.png
White Clover
Yellow Sleeping Beauty PC Icon.png
Yellow Sleeping Beauty
Pink Sleeping Beauty PC Icon.png
Pink Sleeping Beauty
Pink Flower Ladybug PC Icon.png
Pink Flower Ladybug
Yellow Flower Ladybug PC Icon.png
Yellow Flower Ladybug
Purple Flower Ladybug PC Icon.png
Purple Flower Ladybug
Navy Flower Ladybug PC Icon.png
Navy Flower Ladybug
February 27 – March 9, 2018

Zipper's Wonderland Event Zipper PC Character Icon.png Zipper Wonderland Set Pink Heart Rose PC Icon.png
Pink Heart Rose
Orange Heart Rose PC Icon.png
Orange Heart Rose
Blue Heart Rose PC Icon.png
Blue Heart Rose
Striped Scrambler PC Icon.png
Striped Scrambler
Floral Scrambler PC Icon.png
Floral Scrambler
Dapper Scrambler PC Icon.png
Dapper Scrambler
Majestic Scrambler PC Icon.png
Majestic Scrambler
March 30 – April 9, 2018

Fruit Party with Katie Katie PC Character Icon.png Katie Fruit Party Set Green Strawberry PC Icon.png
Green Strawberry
Red Strawberry PC Icon.png
Red Strawberry
Pink Strawberry PC Icon.png
Pink Strawberry
Appleflitter PC Icon.png
Green Appleflitter PC Icon.png
Green Appleflitter
Silver Appleflitter PC Icon.png
Silver Appleflitter
Gold Appleflitter PC Icon.png
Gold Appleflitter
May 4 – 14, 2018

Digby's Artful Retreat Digby PC Character Icon.png Digby Modern Garden Set White Art Blossom PC Icon.png
White Art Blossom
Blue Art Blossom PC Icon.png
Blue Art Blossom
Orange Art Blossom PC Icon.png
Orange Art Blossom
Worker Bumblecube PC Icon.png
Worker Bumblecube
Honey Bumblecube PC Icon.png
Honey Bumblecube
Garden Bumblecube PC Icon.png
Garden Bumblecube
Queen Bumblecube PC Icon.png
Queen Bumblecube
May 31 – June 10, 2018

Bloomin' Booty with Kapp'n Kapp'n PC Character Icon.png Kapp'n Sunflower Patch Set Yellow Sunflower PC Icon.png
Yellow Sunflower
White Sunflower PC Icon.png
White Sunflower
Orange Sunflower PC Icon.png
Orange Sunflower
Riverside Dappledot PC Icon.png
Riverside Dappledot
Hillside Dappledot PC Icon.png
Hillside Dappledot
Sunrise Dappledot PC Icon.png
Sunrise Dappledot
Sunset Dappledot PC Icon.png
Sunset Dappledot
July 6 – 16, 2018

Redd's Summer Festival Redd PC Character Icon.png Redd Summer Festival Set Blue Iris PC Icon.png
Blue Iris
Yellow Iris PC Icon.png
Yellow Iris
White Iris PC Icon.png
White Iris
Lucent Flickerfly PC Icon.png
Lucent Flickerfly
Azure Flickerfly PC Icon.png
Azure Flickerfly
Scarlet Flickerfly PC Icon.png
Scarlet Flickerfly
Gilded Flickerfly PC Icon.png
Gilded Flickerfly
August 3 – 13, 2018

Brewster's Sweet Harvest Brewster PC Character Icon.png Brewster Vineyard Set Green Berrypetal PC Icon.png
Green Berrypetal
Blue Berrypetal PC Icon.png
Blue Berrypetal
Red Berrypetal PC Icon.png
Red Berrypetal
Petite Bumbledrop PC Icon.png
Petite Bumbledrop
Jelly Bumbledrop PC Icon.png
Jelly Bumbledrop
Garden Bumbledrop PC Icon.png
Garden Bumbledrop
Royal Bumbledrop PC Icon.png
Royal Bumbledrop
August 31 – September 11, 2018

Jack's Halloween Hunt Jack PC Character Icon.png Jack Halloween Set Apple Lollipoppy PC Icon.png
Apple Lollipoppy
Peach Lollipoppy PC Icon.png
Peach Lollipoppy
Plum Lollipoppy PC Icon.png
Plum Lollipoppy
Spooky Bat PC Icon.png
Spooky Bat
Eerie Bat PC Icon.png
Eerie Bat
Scary Bat PC Icon.png
Scary Bat
Haunting Bat PC Icon.png
Haunting Bat
September 28 – October 9, 2018

Isabelle's Party-Prep Project Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle First Anniversary Set Blue Rosette PC Icon.png
Blue Rosette
Purple Rosette PC Icon.png
Purple Rosette
Red Rosette PC Icon.png
Red Rosette
Pink Flutterbow PC Icon.png
Pink Flutterbow
Yellow Flutterbow PC Icon.png
Yellow Flutterbow
Grand Flutterbow PC Icon.png
Grand Flutterbow
Lovely Flutterbow PC Icon.png
Lovely Flutterbow
November 1 – 12, 2018

Jingle's Holly Jolly Roundup Jingle PC Character Icon.png Jingle Regal Toy Day Set White Poinsettia PC Icon.png
White Poinsettia
Red Poinsettia PC Icon.png
Red Poinsettia
Blue Poinsettia PC Icon.png
Blue Poinsettia
Red Elf Hat PC Icon.png
Red Elf Hat
Yellow Elf Hat PC Icon.png
Yellow Elf Hat
Green Jingling Elf Hat PC Icon.png
Green Jingling Elf Hat
White Jingling Elf Hat PC Icon.png
White Jingling Elf Hat
November 29 – December 10, 2018

Tortimer's Floral Fancy Tortimer PC Character Icon.png Tortimer Camellia Zen Set White Peony PC Icon.png
White Peony
Purple Peony PC Icon.png
Purple Peony
Red Peony PC Icon.png
Red Peony
Plum Ripplewing PC Icon.png
Plum Ripplewing
Citrus Ripplewing PC Icon.png
Citrus Ripplewing
Blossom Ripplewing PC Icon.png
Blossom Ripplewing
Ornamental Ripplewing PC Icon.png
Ornamental Ripplewing
December 27, 2018 – January 7, 2019

Pelly's Flight of Passion Pelly PC Character Icon.png Pelly Cute Confections Shop Set Pale Bleeding Heart PC Icon.png
Pale Bleeding Heart
Blushing Bleeding Heart PC Icon.png
Blushing Bleeding Heart
Maroon Bleeding Heart PC Icon.png
Maroon Bleeding Heart
Cherry Heartbeatle PC Icon.png
Cherry Heartbeatle
Lemon Heartbeatle PC Icon.png
Lemon Heartbeatle
Apricot Heartbeatle PC Icon.png
Apricot Heartbeatle
Raspberry Heartbeatle PC Icon.png
Raspberry Heartbeatle
January 31 – February 10, 2019

Viva Festivale with Pavé Pavé PC Character Icon.png Pavé Flowery Festivale Set Pink Featherbloom PC Icon.png
Pink Featherbloom
Blue Featherbloom PC Icon.png
Blue Featherbloom
Orange Featherbloom PC Icon.png
Orange Featherbloom
Waltz Festivibee PC Icon.png
Waltz Festivibee
Tango Festivibee PC Icon.png
Tango Festivibee
Ballroom Festivibee PC Icon.png
Ballroom Festivibee
Samba Festivibee PC Icon.png
Samba Festivibee
February 28 – March 11, 2019

Katie's Time Out Katie PC Character Icon.png Katie Spring Picnic Set Magenta Moss Blossom PC Icon.png
Magenta Moss Blossom
Yellow Moss Blossom PC Icon.png
Yellow Moss Blossom
Purple Moss Blossom PC Icon.png
Purple Moss Blossom
Mint Sakurafly PC Icon.png
Mint Sakurafly
Honey Sakurafly PC Icon.png
Honey Sakurafly
Azure Sakurafly PC Icon.png
Azure Sakurafly
Morganite Sakurafly PC Icon.png
Morganite Sakurafly
March 29 – April 2, 2019

Idle Beats with DJ KK DJ KK PC Character Icon.png DJ KK Rock Fest Set Silver Shredrose PC Icon.png
Silver Shredrose
Red Shredrose PC Icon.png
Red Shredrose
Black Shredrose PC Icon.png
Black Shredrose
Soprano Riffbat PC Icon.png
Soprano Riffbat
Alto Riffbat PC Icon.png
Alto Riffbat
Tenor Riffbat PC Icon.png
Tenor Riffbat
Bass Riffbat PC Icon.png
Bass Riffbat
April 30 – May 11, 2019

Gracie's Haute Hello Gracie PC Character Icon.png Gracie Lily Chapel Set White Glasslilly PC Icon.png
White Glasslilly
Blue Glasslilly PC Icon.png
Blue Glasslilly
Purple Glasslilly PC Icon.png
Purple Glasslilly
Bridesmaid Fluttervow PC Icon.png
Bridesmaid Fluttervow
Groomsman Fluttervow PC Icon.png
Groomsman Fluttervow
Bride Fluttervow PC Icon.png
Bride Fluttervow
Groom Fluttervow PC Icon.png
Groom Fluttervow
May 31 – June 10, 2019

Pascal's Crunchy Munchies Pascal PC Character Icon.png Pascal Beach Resort Set White Plumeria PC Icon.png
White Plumeria
Yellow Plumeria PC Icon.png
Yellow Plumeria
Red Plumeria PC Icon.png
Red Plumeria
Red Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Red Hermit Crab
Blue Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Blue Hermit Crab
Yellow Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Yellow Hermit Crab
White Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
White Hermit Crab
June 28 – July 8, 2019

Isabelle's Garden Gathering Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Garden Gathering Set Blue Morning Glory PC Icon.png
Blue Morning Glory
Violet Morning Glory PC Icon.png
Violet Morning Glory
Pink Morning Glory PC Icon.png
Pink Morning Glory
Green Pinwheetle PC Icon.png
Green Pinwheetle
Red Pinwheetle PC Icon.png
Red Pinwheetle
Blue Pinwheetle PC Icon.png
Blue Pinwheetle
Golden Pinwheetle PC Icon.png
Golden Pinwheetle
July 31 – August 10, 2019

City Slickin' with Kicks Kicks PC Character Icon.png Kicks Old-Timey Town Set Orange Marigold PC Icon.png
Orange Marigold
Yellow Marigold PC Icon.png
Yellow Marigold
White Marigold PC Icon.png
White Marigold
Blue Cityflitter PC Icon.png
Blue Cityflitter
Purple Cityflitter PC Icon.png
Purple Cityflitter
Yellow Cityflitter PC Icon.png
Yellow Cityflitter
Red Cityflitter PC Icon.png
Red Cityflitter
August 29 – September 8, 2019

Jack's Ghoulish Gala Jack PC Character Icon.png Jack Ghoulish Gala Set Orange Pumpkin PC Icon.png
Orange Pumpkin
Black Pumpkin PC Icon.png
Black Pumpkin
Gold Pumpkin PC Icon.png
Gold Pumpkin
Orange Hatter PC Icon.png
Orange Hatter
Purple Hatter PC Icon.png
Purple Hatter
Silver Hatter PC Icon.png
Silver Hatter
Gold Hatter PC Icon.png
Gold Hatter
September 26 – October 6, 2019

Isabelle's Double Dazzle Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Blue Rose Garden Set White Crystal Rose PC Icon.png
White Crystal Rose
Aqua Crystal Rose PC Icon.png
Aqua Crystal Rose
Blue Crystal Rose PC Icon.png
Blue Crystal Rose
Purple Doubletrill PC Icon.png
Purple Doubletrill
Red Doubletrill PC Icon.png
Red Doubletrill
Aqua Grand Doubletrill PC Icon.png
Aqua Grand Doubletrill
Gold Grand Doubletrill PC Icon.png
Gold Grand Doubletrill
November 1 – 11, 2019

Jingle's Frosted Forest Jingle PC Character Icon.png Jingle Frosted Forest Set Green Gingeranium PC Icon.png
Green Gingeranium
Orange Gingeranium PC Icon.png
Orange Gingeranium
Red Gingeranium PC Icon.png
Red Gingeranium
Orange Icedwing PC Icon.png
Orange Icedwing
White Icedwing PC Icon.png
White Icedwing
Green Royal Icedwing PC Icon.png
Green Royal Icedwing
Pink Royal Icedwing PC Icon.png
Pink Royal Icedwing
November 28 – December 9, 2019

Isabelle's Tranquil Tearoom Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Tranquil Tearoom Set Crimson Peony PC Icon.png
Crimson Peony
Cartreuse Peony PC Icon.png
Cartreuse Peony
Mauve Peony PC Icon.png
Mauve Peony
Brown Checkerfly PC Icon.png
Brown Checkerfly
Purple Checkerfly PC Icon.png
Purple Checkerfly
Green Checkerfly PC Icon.png
Green Checkerfly
Red Checkerfly PC Icon.png
Red Checkerfly
December 31, 2019 – January 11, 2020

Reese's Sweet Nothings Reese PC Character Icon.png Reese Confectionery Set Yellow Marzipansy PC Icon.png
Yellow Marzipansy
Pink Marzipansy PC Icon.png
Pink Marzipansy
Purple Marzipansy PC Icon.png
Purple Marzipansy
Yellow Dulcedrone PC Icon.png
Yellow Dulcedrone
Pink Dulcedrone PC Icon.png
Pink Dulcedrone
Purple Dulcedrone PC Icon.png
Purple Dulcedrone
Green Dulcedrone PC Icon.png
Green Dulcedrone
January 30 – February 10, 2020

Leif's Happy Tulips Leif PC Character Icon.png Leif Spring Tulip Garden Set Red Spring Tulip PC Icon.png
Red Spring Tulip
Pink Spring Tulip PC Icon.png
Pink Spring Tulip
Yellow Spring Tulip PC Icon.png
Yellow Spring Tulip
Red Tulipip PC Icon.png
Red Tulipip
Pink Tulipip PC Icon.png
Pink Tulipip
Silver Tulipip PC Icon.png
Silver Tulipip
Gold Tulipip PC Icon.png
Gold Tulipip
February 29 – March 11, 2020

Katie's Sakura Festival Katie PC Character Icon.png Katie Sakura Festival Set White Sakura PC Icon.png
White Sakura
Pink Sakura PC Icon.png
Pink Sakura
Yellow Sakura PC Icon.png
Yellow Sakura
White Blossom Bee PC Icon.png
White Blossom Bee
Pink Blossom Bee PC Icon.png
Pink Blossom Bee
Silver Blossom Bee PC Icon.png
Silver Blossom Bee
Gold Blossom Bee PC Icon.png
Gold Blossom Bee
March 31 – April 10, 2020

Daisy Mae's Pickin' Patch Daisy Mae PC Character Icon.png Daisy Mae Farm-Fresh Veggie Patch Set Farmer's Eggplants PC Icon.png
Farmer's Eggplants
Farmer's Peppers PC Icon.png
Farmer's Peppers
Farmer's Tomatoes PC Icon.png
Farmer's Tomatoes
Lilac Seedwing PC Icon.png
Lilac Seedwing
Orange Seedwing PC Icon.png
Orange Seedwing
Silver Seedwing PC Icon.png
Silver Seedwing
Golden Seedwing PC Icon.png
Golden Seedwing
April 30 – May 11, 2020

Lottie's Garden Expo Lottie PC Character Icon.png Lottie Garden Wedding Set Pale Bloomtonnieres PC Icon.png
Pale Bloomtonnieres
Yellow Bloomtonnieres PC Icon.png
Yellow Bloomtonnieres
Pink Ringwing PC Icon.png
Pink Ringwing
Green Ringwing PC Icon.png
Green Ringwing
Silver Ringwing PC Icon.png
Silver Ringwing
Gold Ringwing PC Icon.png
Gold Ringwing
May 31 – June 11, 2020

Gulliver's Port Resort Gulliver PC Character Icon.png Gulliver Port Resort Set Pink Paper-Petals PC Icon.png
Pink Paper-Petals
Yellow Paper-Petals PC Icon.png
Yellow Paper-Petals
Orange Dallycrab PC Icon.png
Orange Dallycrab
Pink Dallycrab PC Icon.png
Pink Dallycrab
Silver Dallycrab PC Icon.png
Silver Dallycrab
Gold Dallycrab PC Icon.png
Gold Dallycrab
June 30 – July 10, 2020

Isabelle's Creek Cooldown Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Creek Cooldown Set Purple Starflowers PC Icon.png
Purple Starflowers
Pink Starflowers PC Icon.png
Pink Starflowers
Blue Creek Firefly PC Icon.png
Blue Creek Firefly
Purple Creek Firefly PC Icon.png
Purple Creek Firefly
Silver Creek Firefly PC Icon.png
Silver Creek Firefly
Gold Creek Firefly PC Icon.png
Gold Creek Firefly
July 29 – August 10, 2020

Celeste's Ginkgo Café Celeste PC Character Icon.png Celeste Ginkgo Terrace Set Yellow Mini Ginkgo PC Icon.png
Yellow Mini Ginkgo
Green Mini Ginkgo PC Icon.png
Green Mini Ginkgo
Yellow Ginkgo Maiden PC Icon.png
Yellow Ginkgo Maiden
Red Ginkgo Maiden PC Icon.png
Red Ginkgo Maiden
Silver Ginkgo Maiden PC Icon.png
Silver Ginkgo Maiden
Gold Ginkgo Maiden PC Icon.png
Gold Ginkgo Maiden
August 30 – September 10, 2020

Jack's Creepy Conjuring Jack PC Character Icon.png Jack Mystical Halloween Magic Set Orange Presto Pumpkin PC Icon.png
Orange Presto Pumpkin
Purple Presto Pumpkin PC Icon.png
Purple Presto Pumpkin
Yellow Magic Hatbat PC Icon.png
Yellow Magic Hatbat
Orange Magic Hatbat PC Icon.png
Orange Magic Hatbat
Silver Magic Hatbat PC Icon.png
Silver Magic Hatbat
Gold Magic Hatbat PC Icon.png
Gold Magic Hatbat
September 29 – October 9, 2020

Isabelle's Pastel Party Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Dreamy Pastels Set Pink Astrablooms PC Icon.png
Pink Astrablooms
Purple Astrablooms PC Icon.png
Purple Astrablooms
Pink Partyflap PC Icon.png
Pink Partyflap
Orange Partyflap PC Icon.png
Orange Partyflap
Silver Partyflap PC Icon.png
Silver Partyflap
Gold Partyflap PC Icon.png
Gold Partyflap
October 30 – November 10, 2020

Jingle's Glowing Garden Jingle PC Character Icon.png Jingle Glowing Garden Set Green Decked-Out Tree PC Icon.png
Green Decked-Out Tree
White Decked-Out Tree PC Icon.png
White Decked-Out Tree
Red Peppy Present PC Icon.png
Red Peppy Present
Green Peppy Present PC Icon.png
Green Peppy Present
Silver Peppy Present PC Icon.png
Silver Peppy Present
Golden Peppy Present PC Icon.png
Golden Peppy Present
November 30 – December 11, 2020

Isabelle's Hanafuda Deck Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Hanafuda Hangout Set Red Shuffleblooms PC Icon.png
Red Shuffleblooms
Purple Shuffleblooms PC Icon.png
Purple Shuffleblooms
Yellow Cardfly PC Icon.png
Yellow Cardfly
Blue Cardfly PC Icon.png
Blue Cardfly
Silver Cardfly PC Icon.png
Silver Cardfly
Gold Cardfly PC Icon.png
Gold Cardfly
December 31, 2020 – January 4, 2021

Rover's Waffle Whimsy Rover PC Character Icon.png Rover Streetcar Travels Set Yellow Crocuses PC Icon.png
Yellow Crocuses
Purple Crocuses PC Icon.png
Purple Crocuses
Yellow Brickbee PC Icon.png
Yellow Brickbee
Green Brickbee PC Icon.png
Green Brickbee
Silver Brickbee PC Icon.png
Silver Brickbee
Gold Brickbee PC Icon.png
Gold Brickbee
January 30 – February 3, 2021

Katie's Living Labyrinth Katie PC Character Icon.png Katie Garden Labyrinth Set Yellow Topiary Tree PC Icon.png
Yellow Topiary Tree
Pink Topiary Tree PC Icon.png
Pink Topiary Tree
Green Flapyrinth PC Icon.png
Green Flapyrinth
Purple Flapyrinth PC Icon.png
Purple Flapyrinth
Silver Flapyrinth PC Icon.png
Silver Flapyrinth
Golden Flapyrinth PC Icon.png
Golden Flapyrinth
February 28 – March 4, 2021

Zipper's Enormous Egg Hunt Zipper PC Character Icon.png Zipper Enormous Egg Hunt Set Pink Gerbera PC Icon.png
Pink Gerbera
Blue Gerbera PC Icon.png
Blue Gerbera
Pink Painted Scrambler PC Icon.png
Pink Painted Scrambler
Coral Painted Scrambler PC Icon.png
Coral Painted Scrambler
Silver Bunny Scrambler PC Icon.png
Silver Bunny Scrambler
Golden Bunny Scrambler PC Icon.png
Golden Bunny Scrambler
March 30 – April 3, 2021

Isabelle's Garden Gratitude Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Bloomin' Hydrangea Park Set Blue Hydrangeas PC Icon.png
Blue Hydrangeas
Purple Hydrangeas PC Icon.png
Purple Hydrangeas
Purple Bloomer Bug PC Icon.png
Purple Bloomer Bug
Blue Bloomer Bug PC Icon.png
Blue Bloomer Bug
Silver Bloomer Bug PC Icon.png
Silver Bloomer Bug
Golden Bloomer Bug PC Icon.png
Golden Bloomer Bug
April 30 – May 4, 2021

Label's Sleek City Slickers Labelle PC Character Icon.png Labelle Stylin' Cityscape Set Purple Petunias PC Icon.png
Purple Petunias
Pink Petunias PC Icon.png
Pink Petunias
Purple Trilafly PC Icon.png
Purple Trilafly
Pink Trilafly PC Icon.png
Pink Trilafly
Silver Trilafly PC Icon.png
Silver Trilafly
Golden Trilafly PC Icon.png
Golden Trilafly
May 30 – June 9, 2021

Kapp'n's Summer Resort Vacation Kapp'n PC Character Icon.png Kapp'n Summer Resort Vacation Set Red Hibiscus PC Icon.png
Red Hibiscus
Orange Hibiscus PC Icon.png
Orange Hibiscus
Blue Dashflap PC Icon.png
Blue Dashflap
Red Dashflap PC Icon.png
Red Dashflap
Silver Dashflap PC Icon.png
Silver Dashflap
Golden Dashflap PC Icon.png
Golden Dashflap
June 29 – July 10, 2021

Pascal's Deep-Sea Digs Pascal PC Character Icon.png Pascal Deep-Sea Digs Set Green Seaweed PC Icon.png
Green Seaweed
Pink Seaweed PC Icon.png
Pink Seaweed
Blue Glass Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Blue Glass Hermit Crab
Pink Glass Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Pink Glass Hermit Crab
Silver Glass Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Silver Glass Hermit Crab
Gold Glass Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Gold Glass Hermit Crab
July 29 – August 9, 2021

Isabelle's Lunar Lookout Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Isabelle's Lunar Lookout Set Yellow Mums PC Icon.png
Yellow Mums
White Mums PC Icon.png
White Mums
Orange Lunar Ladybug PC Icon.png
Orange Lunar Ladybug
Purple Lunar Ladybug PC Icon.png
Purple Lunar Ladybug
Silver Lunar Ladybug PC Icon.png
Silver Lunar Ladybug
Gold Lunar Ladybug PC Icon.png
Gold Lunar Ladybug
August 29 – September 9, 2021

Jack's Fantastical Fable Jack PC Character Icon.png Jack Hero's Home Village Set Yellow Pumpkin PC Icon.png
Yellow Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin PC Icon.png
Green Pumpkin
Red Impish Cap PC Icon.png
Red Impish Cap
Green Impish Cap PC Icon.png
Green Impish Cap
Silver Impish Cap PC Icon.png
Silver Impish Cap
Gold Impish Cap PC Icon.png
Gold Impish Cap
September 29 – October 10, 2021

Franklin's Farm-to-Table Franklin PC Character Icon.png Franklin Fall Harvest Festival Set Red Radish PC Icon.png
Red Radish
Yellow Radish PC Icon.png
Yellow Radish
Red Bumblebeet PC Icon.png
Red Bumblebeet
Green Bumblebeet PC Icon.png
Green Bumblebeet
Silver Bumblebeet PC Icon.png
Silver Bumblebeet
Gold Bumblebeet PC Icon.png
Gold Bumblebeet
October 30 – November 10, 2021

Jingle's Merry Market Jingle PC Character Icon.png Jingle Toy Day Marketplace Set Holiday Holly PC Icon.png
Holiday Holly
Jingle-Bell Holly PC Icon.png
Jingle-Bell Holly
Green Ribbonwing PC Icon.png
Green Ribbonwing
Red Ribbonwing PC Icon.png
Red Ribbonwing
Silver Ribbonwing PC Icon.png
Silver Ribbonwing
Gold Ribbonwing PC Icon.png
Gold Ribbonwing
November 30 – December 11, 2021

Tortimer's Origami Party Tortimer PC Character Icon.png Tortimer Origami Estate Set Pink Paperennial PC Icon.png
Pink Paperennial
Blue Paperennial PC Icon.png
Blue Paperennial
Orange Foldwing PC Icon.png
Orange Foldwing
Lime Foldwing PC Icon.png
Lime Foldwing
Silver Foldwing PC Icon.png
Silver Foldwing
Gold Foldwing PC Icon.png
Gold Foldwing
December 29, 2021 – January 9, 2022

Celeste's Chocolate Terrace Celeste PC Character Icon.png Celeste Chocolate Terrace Set Dark Chocobloom PC Icon.png
Dark Chocobloom
White Chocobloom PC Icon.png
White Chocobloom
Dark Chocobee PC Icon.png
Dark Chocobee
White Chocobee PC Icon.png
White Chocobee
Silver Chocobee PC Icon.png
Silver Chocobee
Gold Chocobee PC Icon.png
Gold Chocobee
January 26, 2022 – February 6, 2022

Leif's Flower Frolic Leif PC Character Icon.png Leif Floral Frolic Set Red Poppies PC Icon.png
Red Poppies
Orange Poppies PC Icon.png
Orange Poppies
Pink Pixiewing PC Icon.png
Pink Pixiewing
Purple Pixiewing PC Icon.png
Purple Pixiewing
Silver Pixiewing PC Icon.png
Silver Pixiewing
Gold Pixiewing PC Icon.png
Gold Pixiewing
February 27, 2022 – March 3, 2022

Katie's Sakura Cruise Katie PC Character Icon.png Katie Sakura River Cruise Set White Weeping Sakura PC Icon.png
White Weeping Sakura
Pink Weeping Sakura PC Icon.png
Pink Weeping Sakura
Green Dangobee PC Icon.png
Green Dangobee
Pink Dangobee PC Icon.png
Pink Dangobee
Silver Dangobee PC Icon.png
Silver Dangobee
Gold Dangobee PC Icon.png
Gold Dangobee
March 31, 2022 – April 11, 2022

Gracie's Glass Garden Gracie PC Character Icon.png Gracie Glass Garden Set Blue Lily of the Valley PC Icon.png
Blue Lily of the Valley
Red Lily of the Valley PC Icon.png
Red Lily of the Valley
Green Glass Butterfly PC Icon.png
Green Glass Butterfly
Purple Glass Butterfly PC Icon.png
Purple Glass Butterfly
Silver Glass Butterfly PC Icon.png
Silver Glass Butterfly
Gold Glass Butterfly PC Icon.png
Gold Glass Butterfly
April 30, 2022 – May 10, 2022

Reese's Hydrangea Haven Reese PC Character Icon.png Reese Hydrangea Haven Set Aqua Hydrangea PC Icon.png
Aqua Hydrangea
Blush Hydrangea PC Icon.png
Blush Hydrangea
Blue Flydrangea PC Icon.png
Blue Flydrangea
Pink Flydrangea PC Icon.png
Pink Flydrangea
Silver Flydrangea PC Icon.png
Silver Flydrangea
Golden Flydrangea PC Icon.png
Golden Flydrangea
May 30, 2022 – June 10, 2022

Isabelle's Tanabata Tour Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Isabelle Tanabata Tour Set Blue Wishing Bamboo PC Icon.png
Blue Wishing Bamboo
Red Wishing Bamboo PC Icon.png
Red Wishing Bamboo
Purple Tanabata Beetle PC Icon.png
Purple Tanabata Beetle
Blue Tanabata Beetle PC Icon.png
Blue Tanabata Beetle
Silver Tanabata Beetle PC Icon.png
Silver Tanabata Beetle
Gold Tanabata Beetle PC Icon.png
Gold Tanabata Beetle
June 29, 2022 – July 9, 2022

Orville's Tropical Festival Orville PC Character Icon.png Orville Tropical Festival Set Red Island Hibiscus PC Icon.png
Red Island Hibiscus
Yellow Island Hibiscus PC Icon.png
Yellow Island Hibiscus
Coral Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Coral Hermit Crab
Cerulean Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Cerulean Hermit Crab
Silver Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Silver Hermit Crab
Gold Hermit Crab PC Icon.png
Gold Hermit Crab
July 30, 2022 – August 10, 2022

Celeste's Moongaze Mixer Celeste PC Character Icon.png Celeste Moongaze Mixer Set Pink Pampas Grass PC Icon.png
Pink Pampas Grass
Yellow Pampas Grass PC Icon.png
Yellow Pampas Grass
Orange Moonbug PC Icon.png
Orange Moonbug
Purple Moonbug PC Icon.png
Purple Moonbug
Silver Moonbug PC Icon.png
Silver Moonbug
Gold Moonbug PC Icon.png
Gold Moonbug
August 30, 2022 – September 10, 2022

Jack's Sorcery School Jack PC Character Icon.png Jack Sorcery School Set Yellow Harvest Squash PC Icon.png
Yellow Harvest Squash
Green Harvest Squash PC Icon.png
Green Harvest Squash
Red Page Flapper PC Icon.png
Red Page Flapper
Blue Page Flapper PC Icon.png
Blue Page Flapper
Silver Page Flapper PC Icon.png
Silver Page Flapper
Gold Page Flapper PC Icon.png
Gold Page Flapper
September 29, 2022 – October 9, 2022