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Market Place art.png
Service Buying various merchandise
Appearances Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Market Place is a shopping plaza in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. There are three shops, each situated in a unique pop-up shop: Nookling Global, Able Sisters To Go, and Kicks.


Nookling Global[edit]

Timmy and Tommy make their return at Nookling Global, which sells furniture items otherwise unobtainable through crafting.

Able Sisters To Go[edit]

Able Sisters To Go, run by the Able Sisters, sells various shirts for the player. Three shirts are on sale at a time.


Kicks and his shop by the same name makes a return, allowing the player to buy shoes and other foot accessories to customize themselves with. Three pieces of footwear are on sale at a time.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Mercado Market
French Place du marché Market place
German Markt Market
Italian Piazza mercato Market place
Russian Рыночный площадь
Rynochnyy ploshchad'
Market place