Museum Shop

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NL Museum Shop Entrance.jpg
Outside the shop
NL Museum Shop.png
Inside the shop
Function Town shop
Services Museum furniture
Silver tools
Personal exhibits
Staff Celeste
Opening Hours All day
Expenditure for upgrade  198,000 Bells
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The Museum Shop is a location in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, located on the second floor of the museum, run by Celeste, Blathers's sister.


The shop is unavailable when the player starts the game, so it must first be unlocked and paid for as a public works project. After the player has spoken to Blathers for 14 consecutive days, and after the museum has at least twenty items, with at least one in each category, the player may find Blathers thinking. If the player talks to him, he will tell them about the museum's currently unused second floor and will add it to the list of public works projects. After paying Lloid 198,000 Bells at the train station, the second floor, including the Museum Shop, will open the next day.


In the shop, the player can purchase several of the silver tools and various museum-themed decorative items. Also, there are four exhibit rooms are available to be rented out to players. These can be used to display furniture or are simply useful as storage space. However, each room costs 10,000 Bells to use.

Silver tools[edit]

Product Price Requirements
Silver shovel 500 Bells Donate fifteen fossils
Silver net 500 Bells Donate thirty bugs
Silver rod 500 Bells Donate thirty fish and/or sea creatures

Wallpaper and flooring[edit]

Product Price Requirements
Dig-site floor 1600 Bells Donate thirty fossils
Dig-site wall 1600 Bells Donate every fossil
Exhibit-room floor 400 Bells None
Exhibit-room wall 400 Bells None
Jungle floor 1600 Bells Donate fifty bugs
Jungle wall 1600 Bells Donate every bug
Museum floor 2000 Bells None
Museum wall 2000 Bells None
Paintball floor 1600 Bells Donate twenty pieces of art
Paintball wall 1600 Bells Donate every piece of art
Underwater floor 1600 Bells Donate fifty fish and sea creatures
Underwater wall 1600 Bells Donate every fish and sea creature

Museum furniture[edit]

Product Price
Arrow sign 3500 Bells
Display stand 1500 Bells
Exhibit partition 3000 Bells
Fancy frame 10,000 Bells
Flat display case 2500 Bells
Glass display case 2000 Bells
Museum chair 3000 Bells
Poster stand 2500 Bells
Reception table 2000 Bells
Rope partition 1800 Bells
Tall display case 2500 Bells
Thermohygrometer 1500 Bells


Product Price Requirements
Museum model 1800 Bells Donate all exhibits to the museum