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Type of Deer villager Bam der01
Artwork of Bam the Deer
Species Personality Gender
Deer Jock Male
Birthday November 7th Scorpio
Favorite saying "Get while the getting's good."
Catchphrase "boosh"[nb 1]
"prang"[nb 2]
"kablang"[nb 3]
Clothing Athletic jacket (Green)[nb 4]
Umbrella Blue dot parasol[nb 5]
Green umbrella[nb 6]
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 タケル[nb 7]
 록키[nb 10]
 小健[nb 8]
 小健[nb 9]
 Бам[nb 11]
Phrase in other languages
 hop hop

Bam is a jock deer villager in the Animal Crossing series. He first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and has appeared in all subsequent games. He is the only jock deer in the series. His name may be derived from Bambi, a male deer who is the main character of the novel Bambi, a Life in the Woods and its film adaptation. His name is also onomatopoeia for an abrupt loud noise, and in a similar theme, his PAL catchphrase prior to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, prang, means "crash."

In New Horizons, Bam has the play hobby and can run around with his arms extended at any time, rather than only outside Resident Services during a scripted activity with a group of villagers.



Artwork of Bam from New Leaf.

Bam is a blue deer. He has lighter blue muzzle and rings around his eyes, orange irises with brown pupils, dark gray freckles, and brown antlers and brown hooves. The insides of his ears are yellow.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.

As a jock villager, Bam is energetic and has an interest in physical fitness and activity. He often talks about exercise or sports and may brag about his physical fitness. While often friendly to the player, he may comment on their fitness. During conversations with other villagers, he generally gets along well with peppy villagers due to their similar hyper personalities and will also get along with smug villagers, while he may offend snooty villagers by critiquing their fitness and annoy cranky villagers with his hyper personality. In New Horizons, Bam goes to sleep at 12:30 AM and wakes up at 6:30 AM.

Villager information[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

Bam was one of the first new villagers announced to appear in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.[citation needed]

Get while the getting's good.



Birthday Personality Catchphrase
November 7 Scorpio Jock boosh [nb 12]
prang [nb 13]
Default clothing Green Warm-Up Jacket NL Model.png Green warm-up jacket
Default umbrella Blue Dot Parasol NL Model.png Blue dot parasol
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style Sporty
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style Iconic
Favorite color
Siblings Fourth of 5 kids
Skill Backflips
Goal Soccer player
Halloween fear Mummy Mask NL Model.png Mummy mask
Coffee preferences
Type of beans Blend
Amount of milk A little bit
Amount of sugar One spoonful

In New Horizons[edit]

Get while the getting's good.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
November 7 Scorpio Jock (A) kablang
Default clothing Athletic Jacket (Green) NH Icon.png Athletic jacket (Green)
Other default clothing
  • During rain (if not using umbrella): Raincoat (Green) NH Icon.png Raincoat (Green) & Rain Hat (Green) NH Icon.png rain hat (Green)
  • During snow: Down Jacket (Green) NH Icon.png Down jacket (Green) & Knit Hat (Green) NH Icon.png knit hat (Green)
  • Sleepwear and if sick: PJ Outfit (Green) NH Icon.png PJ outfit (Green) & Terry-Cloth Nightcap (Green) NH Icon.png terry-cloth nightcap (Green)
  • While exercising: Athletic Jacket (Green) NH Icon.png Athletic jacket (Green)
  • While doing yoga: Tank (Brown) NH Icon.png Tank (Brown)
  • While sunbathing: Triangle Shades (Black) NH Icon.png Triangle shades
  • Fishing Tourney: Athletic Jacket (Green) NH Icon.png Athletic jacket (Green) & Mesh Cap (Green) NH Icon.png mesh cap (Green)
  • Bug-Off: Athletic Jacket (Green) NH Icon.png Athletic jacket (Green) & Mesh Cap (Green) NH Icon.png mesh cap (Green)
  • Bunny Day: Leaf-Egg Outfit NH Icon.png Leaf-egg outfit  & Leaf-Egg Shell NH Icon.png leaf-egg shell
  • Halloween: Magic-Academy Robe (Green) NH Icon.png Magic-academy robe (Green) & Impish Horns (Green) NH Icon.png impish horns (Green)
  • Turkey Day: Straw Boater (Dark Brown) NH Icon.png Straw boater (Dark brown)
  • Turkey Day (chef): Chef's Outfit (Green) NH Icon.png Chef's outfit (Green) & Chef's Hat NH Icon.png chef's hat
  • Toy Day: Santa Hat NH Icon.png Santa hat
  • Countdown: Doublet (Green) NH Icon.png Doublet (Green) & Rhinestone Shades (Ochre) NH Icon.png rhinestone shades (Ochre)[nb 14]
  • Birthday & Wedding Season photoshoot: Doublet (Green) NH Icon.png Doublet (Green) & Rhinestone Shades (Ochre) NH Icon.png rhinestone shades (Ochre)[nb 15]

  • Happy Home Paradise DLC exclusive clothing:
  • As a student for the school: School Uniform with Necktie (Navy Blue) NH Icon.png School uniform with necktie (Navy blue)
  • As the teacher for the school: Checkered Sweater Vest (Light Brown) NH Icon.png Checkered sweater vest (Light brown) & Rimmed Glasses (Black) NH Icon.png rimmed glasses (Black)
  • As the cashier/employee for the restaurant: Café Uniform (Green) NH Icon.png Café uniform (Green)
  • As the chef/apprentice for the restaurant: Chef's Outfit (Green) NH Icon.png Chef's outfit (Green) & Chef's Hat NH Icon.png chef's hat
  • As a staff for the café: Diner Apron (Aquamarine) NH Icon.png Diner apron (Aquamarine)
  • As the receptionist for the hospital: Nurse's Jacket (Blue) NH Icon.png Nurse's jacket (Blue)
  • As the doctor for the hospital: Doctor's Coat (Red Necktie) NH Icon.png Doctor's coat (Red necktie)
  • As a patient for the hospital: PJ Outfit (Green) NH Icon.png PJ outfit (Green)
  • As the shop manager for the apparel shop: Staff Uniform (Blue) NH Icon.png Staff uniform (Blue)
  • While practicing hula: Pineapple Aloha Shirt (Green) NH Icon.png Pineapple aloha shirt (Green) & Vine Crown NH Icon.png vine crown
  • While floating in the ocean: Leaf-Print Wet Suit (Green) NH Icon.png Leaf-print wet suit (Green) & Round Tinted Shades (Green) NH Icon.png round tinted shades (Green)
  • During DJ KK's concerts: Paradise Planning Event Tee (Green) NH Icon.png Paradise Planning event tee (Green) & Neon Shades (Lime & Purple) NH Icon.png neon shades (Lime & purple)
  • Default umbrella Green Umbrella NH Icon.png Green umbrella
    NookPhone  Default Phone Case (Red) NH Model.png  Red
    Favorite styles Active and Simple
    Favorite colors
    Hobby Play
    Handheld items
    Bag Veggie-print Bag NH Model.png Veggie-print
    Book Play Book Interior NH Texture.png Comic
    Food Chocolate donut Food NH Model.png Chocolate donut
    Drink Tea can or yellow mug Drink NH Model.png Tea can or yellow mug
    Popsicle Orange Popsicle NH Model.png Orange
    Ideal clothing for Bam – Green / Brown Active and Simple clothing
    Villagers prefer clothing that matches any one of their favorite colors or styles.
    For brevity, the following list only shows clothing that matches both favorite colors and one favorite style.
    Name Image Price Available from
    Bear tee Bear Tee NH Icon.png  800 Bells  Nook Shopping
    Cook's coat (Brown) Cook's Coat (Brown) NH Icon.png  1,760 Bells  Able Sisters
     Apparel shop
    Dirty tank top (Olive) Dirty Tank Top (Olive) NH Icon.png Not for sale  Recycle box
    Market auctioneer's cap (Brown) Market Auctioneer's Cap (Brown) NH Icon.png  840 Bells  Able Sisters
     Apparel shop
    Plaid puffed-sleeve shirt (Sweet plaid) Plaid Puffed-Sleeve Shirt (Sweet Plaid) NH Icon.png  1,200 Bells  Mabel
     Able Sisters
    Round tinted shades (Green) Round Tinted Shades (Green) NH Icon.png  880 Bells  Mabel
     Able Sisters
    Top coat (Brown) Top Coat (Brown) NH Icon.png  2,000 Bells  Mabel
     Able Sisters
    More Green Items
    More Brown Items
    More Active Items
    More Simple Items

    In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

    Thought bubble I want a place I can cook anything. Particularly rice!
    Client's vision My Cooking Life
    Required items Bathroom Sink
    Rice Cooker
    Favorite song  K.K. Faire
    Unlocked items


    In New Leaf[edit]

    In New Horizons[edit]

    In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if Bam is one of the starter villagers, his house will have craftable items primarily from the Wooden Series. He cannot have his initial house interior unless he moves out of the player's island or the Happy Home Paradise DLC is purchased, in which either the player or Isabelle can reset the interior.

    Exterior of Bam's house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    Interior of Bam's house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    Shape: House shape #1
    Roof:  Gray striped roof
    Siding:  Blue & white panel siding
    Door:  Walnut latticework door
    Wall:  Concrete Wall
    Floor:  Blue Rubber Flooring
    Music:  K.K. Blues

    Other appearances[edit]

    In Happy Home Designer[edit]

    Get while the getting's good.

    Bam's Happy Home Designer icon

    Example of Bam's Happy Home Designer house
    Official example
    Birthday Personality Catchphrase
    November 7 Scorpio Jock boosh [nb 16]
    prang [nb 17]
    Default clothing Green Warm-Up Jacket HHD Icon.png Green warm-up jacket
    Umbrella Blue Dot Parasol HHD Icon.png Blue dot parasol
    House request
    Thought bubble I want to always feel like I'm on a field trip!
    Client's vision A field-trip atmosphere.
    Required items Bunk bed
    Retro sink
    Rice cooker
    Favorite song  K.K. Faire
    Unlocked items
  •  Bunk bed
  •  Cafeteria table
  •  Rice cooker
  •  Retro sink
  •  Set lunch
  •  Locker stack
  •  Shoe locker
  •  Cruiser bike
  •  K.K. Faire
  •  Bam's pic
  • Interior:
  •  Floral wall
  •  Parquet floor
  • Clothing:
  •  Green warm-up jacket
  •  Pinafore
  •  Blue dot parasol
  • Starting house: Default exterior of Bam's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    In amiibo Festival[edit]



    Birthday Personality Catchphrase
    November 7 Scorpio Jock boosh [nb 18]
    prang [nb 19]
    Clothing Green Warm-Up Jacket HHD Icon.png Green warm-up jacket
    Umbrella Blue Dot Parasol HHD Icon.png Blue dot parasol
    amiibo card traits
    Dice value 5
    Hand sign Scissors
    Desert Island Escape traits
    Movement Desert Island Escape movement icon.png ×5
    Hunger Desert Island Escape hunger icon.png ×1
    Vision Desert Island Escape vision icon.png ×1
    Favorite fruit Desert Island Escape favorite fruit icon.png Coconut

    In Pocket Camp[edit]

    Bam was added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on March 24, 2018.[1]

    Get while the getting's good.


    Birthday Personality Catchphrase
    November 7 Scorpio Jock boosh [nb 20]
    kablang [nb 21]
    Default clothing Green warm-up jacket
    Description With Bam, there are no surprises. His outspoken nature can be jarring at first, but he isn't afraid to say what's on his mind.
    Preferred theme Sporty
    Primary reward Steel
    Version added 1.3.0
    Date unlocked March 24, 2018
    How to invite Required friendship level: 3

    Folding chair
    School desk

    Friendship rewards
    Level 7 Green warm-up jacket
    Sparkle stones
    Level 9 Sparkle stones
    Level 10 Crafting request:
    Exercise ball
    Level 20 Bam's pic
    Sparkle stones
    Level 25[nb 22] Sparkle stones
    Related items for Bam
    Scrapbook Memory appearances
    Name Image Required?
    Vivian's Sunburst Song Vivian's Sunburst Song PC.png No

    Card profiles[edit]

    amiibo card[edit]

    237 Bam amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo Card Back.png

    #237 Bam - Series 3
    Star sign: Scorpio
    Birthday: November 7
    Dice value: 5
    Hand sign: Scissors


    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese タケル
    From 健 Takeru, a commonly used name in Japan

    Korean 록키
    From Rocky Balboa, a titular protagonist from the movie Rocky. Possibly a pun on 록 (鹿), a hanja meaning "deer" in Korean.

    Simplified Chinese 小健
    Xiǎo Jiàn
    From Japanese name

    Russian Бам
    From English name

    Dutch Bam Same as English name

    German Benjamin -

    European Spanish Cornelio Cornelius, a given name meaning "horn"

    European French Nacer From the word Cerf meaning Deer

    Italian Cornelio Cornelius

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    1. Prior to New Horizons, North America
    2. Prior to New Horizons, PAL
    3. New Horizons onwards
    4. Called "green warm-up jacket" prior to New Horizons
    5. Prior to New Horizons
    6. New Horizons
    7. Takeru
    8. Xiǎo Jiàn
    9. Xiǎo Jiàn
    10. Rocky
    11. Bam
    12. In North America
    13. In PAL regions
    14. Bam's headwear during the Countdown can either be the New Year's silk hat or the New Year's hat, each rotating every year. The hat's variation will vary depending on what variations Tom Nook is selling at his stand.
    15. If it is Bam's birthday, he will also wear the birthday hat (Blue variation).
    16. In North America
    17. In PAL regions
    18. In North America
    19. In PAL regions
    20. Before version 3.3.0
    21. Since version 3.3.0
    22. Repeats for levels 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, and 75


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