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Artwork of Woolio the Sheep
Species Personality Gender
Sheep Jock Male
Star sign Aries Aries
Catchphrase "biz-aaa"
Clothing Dark polka shirt
Umbrella Polka parasol
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 ホシオ[nb 1]
 星星[nb 2]
Phrase in other languages
 bêêêê quoi

Woolio is a jock sheep villager in the Animal Crossing series. He appears in every first-generation Animal Crossing game. His name is a portmanteau of wool and coolio, which reflects on his general appearance.


Woolio in Doubutsu no Mori.


Woolio is a pale-skinned sheep with a purple coat. He wears sunglasses and has yellow-and-red-striped horns. He has a green star on the left side of his face, much like Rio's. When shocked, his glasses will slip down, revealing his small eyes.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.

Woolio has a jock personality, which means he will have a keen interest in sport and fitness, making him appear competitive and in some cases rude when talking to other villagers and the player, usually criticizing their fitness or lifestyle. He may appear slow-witted or absent minded when in deep, meaningful conversations which may leave him upset or confused when talking to other villagers, which happens more frequently with cranky or lazy villagers, both of which have opposing lifestyles of calm and relaxation. He will get along well with peppy villagers, who are seen as the female equivalent of the jock in some cases, as they share an active interest in cheerleading and appear hyper active in conversation. He will get along well with normal villagers, but may, on the rare occasion, anger them.

Villager information[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

In Animal Crossing, Woolio cannot be one of the starting villagers in the player's town.

Species Personality Catchphrase
Sheep Jock biz-aaa
Default clothing Dark Polka Shirt PG Model.png Dark polka shirt
Default umbrella Polka Parasol PG Model.png Polka parasol
Doubutsu no Mori e+ traits
Star sign Aries Aries
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style Gaudy
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style Fresh
Live song gift K.K. Ska


In Animal Crossing[edit]

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing e-Reader card[edit]

Animal Crossing-e 4-258 (Woolio).jpg

Card back

Animal Crossing-e 4-258 (Woolio - Back).jpg

#258 Woolio - Series 4
Gender: Male
Sign: Aries
Clothes: dark polka shirt
Petphrase: biz-aaa
Profile: Woolio can rap with the best of them. But this hopping sheep won't stop until his name is in lights—and in music stores. So put your hands in the air for Woolio! I say Woolio! I say a Woo-woo-woo-woo-woolio!
Password: i7&z@hiAOcdlQX



Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ホシオ
Derived from hoshi (ほし), which means "star," referring to the green star on his face

Simplified Chinese 星星 (iQue)

German Wulle Wool

European Spanish Esquilo From esquilar (to shear)

European French Moumoute Slang term for "head piece"

Italian Moero -

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  1. Hoshio
  2. Xīngxīng