Lost Lure Creek

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Lost Lure Creek PC Map Icon.png
Map icon of Lost Lure Creek
Services Fish
Fishing Tourney
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 ナミナミ かわ川
 Rivière Poiscaille
 Arroyo Cebollo
 fiume Escapesca
 찰랑찰랑 강
 Rivière Poiscaille
 Arroyo Cebollo

Lost Lure Creek is one of the four locations in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where collectible items can be found to trade to villagers in exchange for craft materials. River fish, as well as three fruit trees with fruit randomly selected at the start of the game, can be obtained here. Two of the trees will bear basic fruit (either Peach, Cherry, Pear, Apple, or Orange) and one three will bear local fruit (Lemon, Lychee, or Grape.)


Current fish[edit]

In Pocket Camp, the fish available cycle periodically. The following fish can be caught as of April 9, 2021.

Past fish[edit]

These fish cannot be currently obtained through normal means. However, they can be purchased from Market Boxes and they can be used like regular fish.

Event fish[edit]

These fish appeared during one-off events or during Fishing Tourneys. Sometimes, event-only fish end up being regular fish.