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"I caught a gar! ...Nose like a GARden hose!" —Wild World
"I caught a gar! Gar har har HAAAAR!" —City Folk
"I caught a gar! It ain't gettin' too far!" —New Leaf
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Scientific name Atractosteus spatula
Family Lepisosteidae - Gars
Time of year June to September
Time of day 4 pm to 9 am
Location Lake
Size About 2.25 Meters
Shadow size Huge
Rarity Rare
Selling price 6,000 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The rare Gar (ガー, Gā) acts as a nighttime counterpart to the Giant Snakehead. It sells for 6,000 Bells, the only fish that does, and is approximately two and a quarter meters long. It appears in summer from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.. It is also the most expensive river pool fish.

Donating to the museum[edit]

When placed in the museum, the Gar shares a tank with the Arapaima, the middle tank in Animal Crossing: Wild World and the middle-right tank in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Until Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Blathers makes a small speech about the donated Gar.

In Wild World[edit]

"<Player>, if you plan to raise a Gar at home, I have some crucial advice. You must be very careful not to overfeed it! These brutes grow much faster than you might suspect, eh wot? Before you know it, it could be bigger than you can handle! The horror!"

In City Folk[edit]

Blathers will say this when given the long fish:

"Hoo, I daresay you've really fished a winner this time, my dear owlet! Gar can grow to massive sizes--up to 120 inches! Let's hope this new addition to our museum can grow to an equally enormous size..."

In New Leaf[edit]

"Their long faces and large mouths make them look like alligators. Some can grow up to three yards. They are ancient fish that haven't changed since they first appeared millions of years ago. They breathe not only through gills, but also by sticking their mouths above the surface of the water. Gar eggs are poisonous, so people all over the world are advised to not eat them--no exceptions."

Encyclopedia information[edit]

Wild World[edit]

Gar WW.png ''They resemble alligators, and are so large, they can even eat waterfowl."
  • Size- 1.9 m
  • Habitat- Ponds
  • Season- Summer

City Folk[edit]

Gar (City Folk).png ''These ancient, huge, alligator-like fish have been known to eat waterfowl."
  • Size- 193 cm
  • Habitat- River pools
  • Season- Summer to fall

Further information[edit]

This is a real life Lepidosteus Gar.

This fish can be caught up to about 4 meters (12 ft) in length. Its scales are diamond-shaped and are sometimes used for jewelery. It appears in North America, particularly the United States of America.

Names in other languajes[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Pez caimán Literally, "alligator fish".