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"I caught a dace! Daces wild!" —Animal Crossing (GCN)
"I caught a dace! Dace in the hole!" —Wild World
"I caught a dace! Wooo! In your face!" —City Folk
"I caught a dace! Wrong place, Mr. Dace!" —New Leaf
Scientific name Meda Fulgida
Family Cyprinidae - Carps/Minnows
Time of year All year
Time of day 4 pm to 9 am
Location River
Size 36 cm
Shadow size Medium
Rarity Common
Selling price 200 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The Dace (ウグイ, Ugui) is a common brown fish that can be found swimming in rivers. It is worth 200 bells.

Donating to the museum[edit]

As with all fish in the Animal Crossing series, the Dace can be donated to the Museum by talking to Blathers, who will also give a small talk about it.

In Animal Crossing[edit]

Upon the dace's donation, Blathers will give a generic comment about it.

"This is one of those fish that seem to mysteriously disappear from time to time. Drives fishermen batty, wot! Have no fear, dear friend! You're leaving this beauty in very good wings, hmmm? Hoo! Owl humor. Hoo hoo!"

In Wild World[edit]

"I can't say I've ever seen this on a menu... To be honest, I can see why! It's rather bony...and one must consider the stench... No, none too appetizing."

In City Folk[edit]

"Most fishermen think of dace as a bit of a nuisance because they interfere with catching more desired fish. This fish cares not... During spawning season, the dace dons a bright orange stripe across its belly! Even nuisance fish get the urge to dress up and strut a bit, eh wot?"

In New Leaf[edit]

"Dace can live in cloudier, murkier water than most but are easy to see as their numbers are so plentiful. They are related to carp, and some species of Dace live in the ocean as well as rivers and streams. During mating season, the bellies of the males develop an orange stripe to indicate their intent to mate."

Encyclopedia information[edit]

Wild World[edit]

Dace WW.png ''They're just the Average Joe of the fish world."
  • Size- 34.8 cm
  • Habitat- Rivers
  • Season- All year

City Folk[edit]

Dace (City Folk).png ''These are often underrated as common because they go for almost any bait."
  • Size- About 36 cm
  • Habitat- Rivers
  • Season- All year

Further information[edit]


The Dace is a species of ray-finned fish in the Cyprinidae family. It is found in Mexico and the United States. They usually live in fast moving streams. They are found on the Vulnerable list in the Endangered Species warning.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Leucisco
French Vandoise