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Napoleonfish NH Icon.png Napoleonfish  
Artwork of Napoleonfish
Real-world info
Name: Cheilinus undulatus

Family: Labridae (wrasses)
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Names in other languages
 Pez napoleón
 Pesce napoleone
 Pez napoleón

The Napoleonfish (ナポレオンフィッシュ, Naporeon Fisshu) is a big, blue, rare fish with a large humped head. One of a group of fish which all sell for 10,000 Bells, this fish appears during late summer in the sea and island sea. Like most other sea fish, the Napoleonfish appears in the back tank, when placed in the museum. Its first appearance is in Animal Crossing: City Folk and it also appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Catch details[edit]

In City Folk[edit]


"I caught a Napoleonfish! Look at the hat on this guy!"

Description The humps on the heads of these fish get bigger as they age.
Time of year Jul – Aug
Time of day All day
Peak times N/A
Location Sea
Shadow size Huge
Fish size About 80 in.
Selling price  10,000 Bells
Furniture size 2.0 x 2.0

In New Leaf[edit]


"I caught a Napoleonfish! Viva la me!"

Time of year Jul – Aug
All year (Tortimer Island)
Time of day 4 AM - 9 PM
Peak times N/A
Location Sea
Tortimer Island
Shadow size Huge
Fish size 180 cm
Selling price  10,000 Bells
Furniture size 2.0 x 2.0

In Pocket Camp[edit]



Event availability None
Location Saltwater Shores
Shadow size Huge
Fish size 175.1 cm - 184.9 cm
Rarity ★★★
Catch rate Cannot be caught at this time.
Selling price  5,000 Bells
Request reward  2,000 Bells, 4 Heart PC Icon.png Friendship Points
Fortune Cookie, Bronze Treats, Sparkle Stones (1.6%)

In New Horizons[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Napoleonfish is a lucky item during summer, meaning it gives a 777-point Happy Home Academy bonus when placed in the player's house.


"I caught a Napoleonfish! It's not as big as it thinks!"

Time of year North: Jul – Aug
South: Jan – Feb
Time of day 4 AM – 9 PM
Location Sea
Shadow size Huge
Spawn requirement Catch 50 total fish
Selling prices  Nook's Cranny 10,000 Bells
 C.J. 15,000 Bells
Furniture size 2.0 x 1.0

Donating to the museum[edit]

Upon donating the Napoleonfish to the museum, Blathers will comment dialogue.

In City Folk[edit]

"Hoo, my good gracious! What size! What majesty! What impact this fish has! When fully grown, the body of this fish can reach a length of over 80 inches, eh wot? The beady eyes and pouty mouth make it appear a bit dull witted...which I find rather charming!"

The Napoleonfish can be found lazing around near the bottom of the sea fish tank at the back of the fish exhibit.

In New Leaf[edit]

After donating a Napoleonfish to Blathers, it will appear in the section for fish and sea creatures, specifically in the large tank in the northeastern room of the fish and sea creatures area.

The exhibit has this to say about the Napoleonfish:

"Called Napoleonfish, these fish also have the more accurate name of humphead wrasse. The true name comes from the distinctive humps on their heads. But "Napoleonfish" is more popular. When small, all Napoleonfish are females, but some become males as they age and their humps grow. Their bodies also turn a bluer shade as they mature and become males, making identification simple. Their bulky bodies, which can get to about six feet long, still glide easily through warm tropical waters. Finding these fish is a real treat for divers, as they're stunning to see-- and it's a great story to tell."

In New Horizons[edit]

When donating to Blathers or selecting "Tell me about this!" in New Horizons, he will provide the following information about the fish:

"Quite the catch you've brought! The stately and debonair Napoleonfish is truly something to behold. Those beady eyes! That bumpy head! That bold blue-green coloring! Alas, this quirky creature is quite endangered due to a variety of factors. Needless to say, we must do our very best to take care of our lumpy friend and its environment."

Once donated, the Napoleonfish can be seen in the coral reef tank with the Clown Fish and Butterfly Fish.

Fishing Tourney[edit]

During a Fishing Tourney, when given a Napoleonfish, Chip will say the following dialogue.

In City Folk[edit]

"My buddy makes a paella with Napoleonfish-- and it's won AWARDS! Nyuuuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!"

In New Leaf[edit]

"Now Napoleonfish, those are really made to be sautéed with garlic. But I'll just eat this guy raw. You know, whatever works fine for me when it comes to fish! YUM!"


Real-world information[edit]

A real Napoleonfish

The Napoleonfish, Cheilinus undulatus, is more commonly known as the humphead wrasse; both names are derived from the large hump on the forehead of adults. Males are larger than females. Due to overfishing and the destruction of coral reefs, their natural habitats, the fish is now considered endangered. Humphead wrasses are protogynous hermaphrodites: all fish are born female, but contain the genes for both sexes, and some fish change sex to male a year or two after sexual maturity.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ナポレオンフィッシュ
Same as in English

Korean 나폴레옹피시
Same as in English

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
苏眉鱼 / 蘇眉魚
Named for the eyebrow-like horizontal streaks around the eyes (苏/蘇 indicates "down the head", 眉 means "eyebrow", and 鱼 means "fish")

Russian Рыба-наполеон
Same as in English

Dutch Napoleonvis Same as in English

German Napoleonfisch Same as in English

European Spanish Pez napoleón Same as in English

European French Napoléon

Italian Pesce napoleone Same as in English