List of fish in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

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The following is a directory of fish list pages for every first-generation Animal Crossing game, followed by a list of all fish in every game. There are a total of 49 unique fish across all the first-generation games.

By game[edit]

Item list[edit]

Fish in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

Item Image Appearances
Angelfish angelfish
Arapaima arapaima
Arowana arowana
Balloonfish balloonfish
Barbel steed barbel steed
Barred knifejaw barred knifejaw
Bass bass
Bitterling bitterling
Blue marlin blue marlin
Bluegill bluegill
Brook trout brook trout
Carp carp
Catfish catfish
Cherry salmon cherry salmon
Coelacanth coelacanth
Crawfish crawfish
Crucian carp crucian carp
Dab dab
Dace dace
Eel eel
Freshwater goby freshwater goby
Frog frog
Giant catfish giant catfish
Giant snakehead giant snakehead
Goldfish goldfish
Guppy guppy
Herabuna herabuna
Horse mackerel horse mackerel
Jellyfish jellyfish
Killifish killifish
Koi koi
Large bass large bass
Large char large char
Loach loach
Octopus octopus
Olive flounder olive flounder
Pale chub pale chub
Piranha piranha
Pond smelt pond smelt
Popeyed goldfish popeyed goldfish
Rainbow trout rainbow trout
Red snapper red snapper
Salmon salmon
Sea bass sea bass
Seahorse seahorse
Small bass small bass
Squid squid
Stringfish stringfish
Sweetfish sweetfish