List of stationery in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

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The following is a directory of stationery list pages for every first-generation Animal Crossing game, followed by a list of all stationery in every game. There are a total of 65 unique stationery items across all the first-generation games.

By game[edit]

Item list[edit]

Stationery in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

Item Image Appearances
Airmail paper airmail paper
Aloha paper aloha paper
Bamboo paper bamboo paper
Blossom paper blossom paper
Bluebell paper bluebell paper
Butterfly paper butterfly paper
Cloudy paper cloudy paper
Cool neon paper cool neon paper
Cool paper cool paper
Dainty paper dainty paper
Daisy paper daisy paper
Danger paper danger paper
Deep sea paper deep sea paper
Dizzy paper dizzy paper
Dragon paper dragon paper
Elegant paper elegant paper
Essay paper essay paper
Fantasy paper fantasy paper
Felt paper felt paper
Festive paper festive paper
Fireworks paper fireworks paper
Fortune paper fortune paper
Gingko paper gingko paper
Gyroid paper Gyroid paper
Honeybee paper honeybee paper
Horsetail paper horsetail paper
Hot neon paper hot neon paper
Inky paper inky paper
Ivy paper ivy paper
Lacy paper lacy paper
Lattice paper lattice paper
Maple leaf paper maple leaf paper
Misty paper misty paper
Museum paper museum paper
Mystic paper mystic paper
Neat paper neat paper
New year's card new year's card
Noodle paper noodle paper
Octopus paper octopus paper
Orange paper orange paper
Panda paper panda paper
Parchment parchment
Petal paper petal paper
Polka-dot paper polka-dot paper
Rainbow paper rainbow paper
Rainy day paper rainy day paper
Ranch paper ranch paper
Ribbon paper ribbon paper
Simple paper simple paper
Skyline paper skyline paper
Snowy paper snowy paper
Sparkly paper sparkly paper
Spooky paper spooky paper
Stageshow paper stageshow paper
Starry sky paper starry sky paper
Steel paper steel paper
Sunset paper sunset paper
Thick paper thick paper
Tile paper tile paper
Vine paper vine paper
Watermelon paper watermelon paper
Wing paper wing paper
Winter paper winter paper
Woodcut paper woodcut paper
Woodland paper woodland paper