Crucian Carp

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"I caught a crucian carp! My skills are sharp!" —New Horizons
Crucian Carp
Japanese フナ Korean 붕어 Chinese 鲫鱼
French Carassin Italian Carassio Spanish Carpín
German Karausche Dutch Kroeskarper Russian Карась
Crucian Carp NH Icon.png
Scientific name Carassius carassius
Family Cyprinidae - Carps
Time of year All year
Time of day All day
Location River
Size About 30 cm
Shadow size Small
Rarity Common
Selling price 120 Bells
160 Bells New Horizons
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The crucian carp, tied with the frog and the bluegill as the second-lowest selling fish in the game, can be found in the river. It sells for 160 Bells. Along with the Carp, and most fish of the carp family, it appears in the first tank in Animal Crossing: Wild World and the middle-left tank in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The crucian carp is a greyish white color. These fish are extremely common, and can be found at any time of year and at any time of day.

Catch details[edit]

"I caught a crucian carp! Carpe diem!" —Animal Crossing (GCN) and Wild World
"I caught a crucian carp! I'm looking pretty sharp!" —City Folk
"I caught a crucian carp! What a crucial catch!" —New Leaf

In all main games apart from New Horizons, the crucian carp can sold for 120 Bells at the Tom Nook's store or Re-Tail.

Encyclopedia information[edit]

Wild World[edit]

Crucian Carp WW.png ''Unlike carp, crucian carp lack whiskers."
  • Size- 29.7 cm
  • Habitat- Rivers
  • Season- All year

City Folk[edit]

Crucian Carp (City Folk).png ''The difference between these and Carp is their lack of whiskers."
  • Size- About 30 cm
  • Habitat- Rivers
  • Season- All year

Donating to the Museum[edit]

Animal Crossing[edit]

"Even run-of-the-mill, common fish are valuable resources, you see. All part of the grand tapestry, wot! We will take excellent care of this fellow, oh yes. You can rest assured. Excellent care, indeed."

Wild World[edit]

"When I hear Crucian Carp, I think to myself... Taco! Indeed, FISH taco, wot wot! I suppose this might be an odd choice of fish for such a dish, but... I say, by any chance, would you like to try it out and get back to me?"

City Folk[edit]

When donating the fish to Blathers in the Museum, he will say:

"The largest difference between a Crucian Carp and a Carp is the former's lack of whiskers, wot? Compared to the regally whiskered Carp, there's something almost common about the Crucian variety!"

New Leaf[edit]

Upon donation to the museum, the information board in front of the tank that houses the crucian carp says:

"Crucian carp are fairly easy fish for beginners to catch, but they're also popular with veteran anglers. They are related to koi and can live up to 15 years, making them a great fish to keep in a pond. Male offspring are seldom born, so females significantly outnumber males, making populations suffer. Luckily, females can reproduce with males of some other species, so the problem is relatively temporary."

New Horizons[edit]

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"I wonder... Do you know how to tell the difference between a crucian carp and a standard-issue carp? It's quite easy to tell the two apart... One must simply locate the barbels. Or, rather, the lack of them! And just what is a barbel, you ask? Well, a barbel looks a little something like a mustache. A run-of-the-mill carp will sport this unsightly "facial hair," while a crucian carp is considerably better groomed! I tried to grow a mustache when I was younger. It never did fill in quite right... All for the best in the end, as mustaches go so much better with noses than with beaks!"

Further Information[edit]

A drawing of a Crucian Carp

The Carassius carassius is a fish of the Carp family. People commonly have these in aquariums, but there are also people that eat them. They are related to Goldfish.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Carpín Same as English name
French Carassin From its genus Carassius from the family Cyprinidae

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