List of implied locations

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In the Animal Crossing series, there are places that are mentioned by villagers or other characters, but cannot be seen or visited by the player.


Anyisle is an island referenced by Mabel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Similar to Treehut and Anytown, the default designs in Able Sisters are made by someone from Anyisle.


The T-shirt design by Someone from Anytown in New Leaf.

Anytown is a town referenced by Mabel in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Similar to Treehut, the default designs in Able Sisters are made by Someone from Anytown. Villagers may also point out that Someone from Anytown designed their clothing.


Main article: Boondox

Boondox is a poor town located to the north of the player's town in Animal Crossing: Wild World. The player can donate Bells to Boondox from Town Hall, and the Boondoxians will send the player feathers as a reward. After 3,200,000 Bells are donated, the town will turn into Boondopolis, a booming metropolis.

Farway Museum[edit]

The letter sent to the player from the Farway Museum.
Main article: Farway Museum

The Farway Museum is an unseen museum in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+. In those games, the player has to mail fossils there for identification, since Blathers is not licensed to do so until Animal Crossing: Wild World. However, no matter how many fossils the player mails to the Farway Museum, only three are returned per day.

Mt. [Town name][edit]

In Animal Crossing, snooty campers, in an effort to avoid getting themselves dirty, will ask the player to carry them up a mountain named after the player's town.

Posy Farm[edit]

A letter sent to the player, noting that the seeds came from Posy Farm.

Posy Farm is an unseen farm that supplies Tom Nook's Store with flower seeds. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, after the player purchases 50 flower seeds from Tom Nook's Store, they will receive a letter from Posy Farm. It will thank the player for purchasing Posy Farm seeds and will have a silver can attached to it.


Sumware is an unseen location in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The name Sumware is an intentional misspelling of "Somewhere", to make it appear to be a real place. Mabel claims it is where Wendell lives, after moving from Tuskany.

Tony's Dancing Clown Coffee[edit]

Tony's Dancing Clown Coffee is a café mentioned by snooty villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf when they are talking about gimmicks in cafés. While they are discussing the topic, Brewster mentions offering brunch, causing the villager to get upset. As a result, Brewster cancels the plan to offer brunch.


Mabel describing a design coming from Treehut

Treehut is an unseen town in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. When the player first goes to Able Sisters, all the designs that are initially displayed are created by people that reside in Treehut. Sometimes villagers, usually when talking about clothes, mention Treehut or an inhabitant of Treehut, usually mentioning how ahead of style Treehut is.

Treehut is named after Nintendo Treehouse, Nintendo of America's localization team, and the authors for the default designs are members of the team.


Tuskany is an unseen town in the Animal Crossing series, the home of Wendell in Animal Crossing: Wild World. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, however, Mabel states that Wendell is from Sumware. The name Tuskany is a pun on the word "tusk" and Tuscany, Italy.