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CF Checkpoint Exterior (Castle).jpg
Outside the checkpoint in City Folk
CF Checkpoint Interior.png
Inside the checkpoint in City Folk
Services Visiting other towns
DS Suitcase
Inviting guests
Lost and found
Visitors in town
Town flag
Staff Booker
Opening Hours All day
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The checkpoint is a building in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk which allows the players to visit other people's town, similar to the train station from Animal Crossing. The building replaces both the train station and the police station from the original Animal Crossing, since both Booker and Copper are guards at the checkpoint's gate. Also, outside the checkpoint there is the town flag that the player can change by talking to Booker and giving him a pattern from their designs menu.

Gate Styles[edit]

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the checkpoint can have three different styles:

  • 'Old Building' style
  • 'Palace' style
  • 'Castle' style

These are random, but some players reset the game in order to get the checkpoint they prefer. Despite the different looks on the outside, the interior is exactly the same.

CF Checkpoint Exterior (Old Building).jpg CF Checkpoint Exterior (Palace).jpg CF Checkpoint Exterior (Castle).jpg
Old Building style Palace style Castle style



  • What's new? - This option allows the player to find out if there are any special visitors or other human players (during online play) in town. Booker will not know anything about Gulliver or Pascal.
  • Lost and found - This is the collection of items that villagers have lost and given to Booker for safekeeping. Sometimes, if a building is placed on top of a dropped item, that item will end up in the lost and found. The player may take anything from here. It only has a capacity of ten items, after which the tenth item will be replaced by newer items. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, white turnips in the lost and found will not spoil.
  • Change flag - Then player may swap or replace the design of the flag outside the town gate to one in the player's design inventory.


  • I wanna go out! - Visit another player's town, via local (Animal Crossing: Wild World only) or online (now discontinued) play. The game saves when the player goes out.
  • Invite guests - Copper will open the town gate, allowing other players to visit the player's town via local (Animal Crossing: Wild World only) or online play.
  • Close the gate - When the gate is open but no players are in town, the player can speak to Copper to close the gate and prevent any more players from entering town.
  • Friend Code - This option used the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to obtain the player's 12-digit friend code.