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A bridge in City Folk

Bridges are structured landmarks that cross over the river splitting the player's town. Bridges are the only way to cross the river and their locations are typically fixed. As a result, their exact positioning is often important to a town's layout. In all games excluding Animal Crossing: Wild World, additional bridges may be constructed to ease navigation around town. Players and villagers can fish into the river from a bridge.

Appearance and characteristics[edit]

Bridges take different forms in each game, being differing shapes, sizes, and constructed from varying materials.

In Doubutsu no Mori, Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+[edit]

Every town begins with at least two bridges, a flat wooden bridge and a stone-arched bridge, though bridges may be present if the town has an islet.

When the town reaches the maximum of fifteen villagers in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+, Tortimer can be found in one of the acres containing the river, and if spoken to, he will ask the player where a new bridge should be built. Once a location has been decided, a wooden, roped suspension bridge will be built the next day. Additionally, the Island may take the form of two small islets connected by a small flat wooden bridge.

In Wild World[edit]

Each town begins with at least two bridges, possibly more if the town has an islet. The bridges are now flat and resemble the stone bridge from the previous games. Bridges in the movie are based off this appearance. Unlike other games in the series, it is not possible to construct additional bridges.

In City Folk[edit]

Towns begin with at least two stone-arch bridges, with more appearing if the town has an islet. After donating 200,000 Bells to the town fund, a vote will be held among the townspeople to select the location of a new bridge. Several prospective locations will be highlighted on the town map. Each player may vote for their preferred location, though it is possible that the player selection does not win the vote.

In New Leaf[edit]

Unlike previous games, each town begins with only one stone-arch bridge; however, additional bridges can be constructed in the town as a public works project. Different styles of bridges may be constructed; stone bridge, wooden suspension bridge, wooden arched bridge, brick bridge, modern metal bridge, and a fairy tale bridge. The town can have up to three bridges at a time, and the initial bridge will not count towards the public works project limit unless it is demolished and replaced. Prior to construction, Lloid will appear on a small wooden platform protruding over the location that the bridge will be built over to collect donations for the project.

In New Horizons[edit]

As the island is initially uninhabited, there are no bridges and the player must use the Vaulting pole to traverse rivers. After a few days Tom Nook will ask the player to find a suitable location for a Log Bridge, which will be constructed and completed by the next day. After Resident Services is upgraded from a tent to a building, the player can set up a project and choose a site to construct a bridge. Lloid will appear at the construction site to collect donations, and once the donation goal has been met construction will complete by the next morning.

Villagers will only venture onto areas of the island that are connected with bridges and inclines. If an area is accessible only by use of the vaulting pole or ladder, they will never wander there under any circumstances. Any villagers whose house is in that area will effectively be stuck there.

Name Cost
Log bridge 98,000 Bells
Suspension bridge 129,800 Bells
Stone bridge 168,000 Bells
Wooden bridge 168,000 Bells
Brick bridge 198,000 Bells
Iron bridge 228,000 Bells
Red zen bridge 228,000 Bells
Zen bridge 228,000 Bells