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Fortune Shop
Service Fortunes
Services Fortunes
Remove Curses
Opening hours 10 am - 12 am (???)
Appearances Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Fortune Teller Shop is a shop that visits town in Animal Crossing, & Animal Crossing: Wild World and is found in the city in Animal Crossing: City Folk. There, the player can get fortunes and monthly charms. It is run by a panther named Katrina. Also, in Wild World the player can remove curses that Katrina placed on the player (tripping). She will remove them for 10,000 Bells. When the player walks in the shop, she may say something such as "Welcome back, lost soul of the Aries." She will greet players with their astrological sign.

Katrina also gives players ways to improve their luck, but it usually involves a friend, and it benefits only them. Depending on what services the players request, Katrina will drop a heavy object on their head, creating stars around it, and Katrina makes a prediction, reading the stars above the head. The object that fell on the player's head will eventually disappear.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

One of the most useful and unique features in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo is the ability to know which of the 5 Daily Luck programs are influencing human players' in-game experiences each day. Only two sources of this information are featured in the game and Katrina is one of these important oracles; the Lovely Phone is the only other source of this information.

In Welcome amiibo, Katrina first assists players via her traveling fortune telling tent, which will set up in the Event Plaza occasionally, offering to share glimpses into the very programming of the game. For a 500 bell fee, Katrina tells players which of the 5 Daily Luck programs are influencing their in-game experiences each day and at which level.

After 20 consultations have been given to residents and visitors to the player's town, she will then open up a franchise shop, the House of Fortune, on Main Street as a public works project.

After Katrina's franchise shop opens, she continues to give very clear reports of which of the 5 Daily Luck programs are influencing in-game experiences, specifying level (Good or Bad) as well as topic (Health, Wealth, Friendship, Love and Items). If a player should happen to visit on a day when they have a Daily Luck program set to the Bad level, Katrina offers to sell that player one of the two most important hats in all of Welcome amiibo.

These special hats can be purchased for 10,000 bells on days when the player has a Daily Luck program set at the Bad level. The most visible indication of a Bad Luck program day is a Physical Luck program day, when the player trips when running. Bad Luck programs have many other negative in-game events, including favorite villagers moving away, turnip prices dropping, low-price fish and bugs being caught, as well as animal villagers attempting to take financial advantage of the player with the bad luck program day.

The Katrina hats are sold for 10,000 bells by Katrina on bad luck days after she has opened her shop on Main Street. These hats allow players to avoid the many negative in-game experiences that occur on the 5 different Daily Luck programs that they might be having on their bad luck level day.

  • Celebration Hat (Japanese cultural item) In Japanese culture, people celebrate their kanreki when turning 60, and wear this type of red hat and a matching vest (which is called the Red Riding Hoodie in AC:NL-WA) to begin their second childhood. Nintendo implies that only very wise, yet youthful at heart, players might someday discover the powers of this hat.
  • Tingle Hood (Legend of Zelda item) Nintendo pokes fun at their fans with this item. In The Legend of Zelda universe, Tingle is an older character that desperately wants to be Link, including dressing like him in fanboy style. Nintendo implies that only players "that have no life of their own" would be the ones to discover and know about the powers of this hat.

The two Katrina hats are not only for wearing on Bad Luck program days. The Katrina hats also unlock the highest possible programming, each day, for all players. The two Katrina hats are equal to every Daily Lucky Item that Katrina and the Lovely Phone tell players to wear. They will turn a Bad Luck program day into Middle Luck. The Katrina hats will ensure that all the benefits of a Good Luck day program will be fully experienced in-game.


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