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NL T.I.Y. Exterior.jpg
The exterior of T.I.Y.
Music (New Leaf)
Staff Timmy and Tommy
Opening Hours 10 AM – 11 PM[nb 1]
Number of items available 20
Expenditure for upgrade 100,000 Bells spent at T.I.Y, passed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks
Days passed before upgrade 30
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Brico Mélimélo
 Brico T&N
 Brico Marco e Mirco
 콩돌밤돌 마트
 Brico Mélimélo
 Brico T&N
 Nook & Nooks Heim- und Gartenbedarf

T.I.Y. (formatted as T.I.Y in its logo) is a store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf owned by Timmy and Tommy. It is the fourth incarnation of the Nooklings' store, and it appears on Main Street. The store features more items than its previous incarnation, Super T&T, and it features an entrance to the Garden Shop from within the store.

T.I.Y. is upgraded from Super T&T after the player spends at least 50,000 Bells at the latter and has had Super T&T open for at least twenty-one days. After the player has spent at least 100,000 Bells at the store, the store has been open for at least thirty days, and the player has completed four successful Gracie fashion checks, T.I.Y. will close for one day and upgrade to T&T Emporium.


The inside of T.I.Y.

T.I.Y. sells twenty items each day, including five furniture items (one of which is always wall-mounted), three tools, two Fortune Cookies, two wallpapers, two flooring, two sets of stationery, one Wrapping Paper, one Melody Paper, and one K.K. Slider song. Additionally, one of the furniture items may be replaced with a spotlight item on certain days. During certain events the Fortune Cookies will be replaced with event-themed items, such as Fireworks Fountains or Candy.


Timmy and Tommy alternate running the shop throughout the week; Timmy works from Friday to Sunday and Tommy works from Monday to Thursday.



T.I.Y.'s music continues Timmy and Tommy's leitmotif in a fast-paced guitar theme. Since the Garden Shop is in the same building, a new rearrangement of its original music matches on top of it. These are usually never heard at the same time, but seamlessly change when going in between rooms.

T.I.Y. audio tracks

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ホームセンターまめつぶ
Hōmusentā Mametsubu
Home Center Mametsubu

Korean 콩돌밤돌 마트
Kongdolbamdol Mateu
Kongdol Bamdol Mart

German Nook & Nooks Heim- und Gartenbedarf Nook & Nooks Home and Garden Supplies

European Spanish Brico T&N T&N DIY

European French Brico Mélimélo Mélimélo DIY

Italian Brico Marco e Mirco A portmanteau of "Marco and Mirco" and "DIY"


  1. 6 AM – 11 PM with the Early Bird ordinance, 10 AM – 3 AM with the Night Owl ordinance