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Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 2.0 is an update released on November 4, 2021.[nb 1] The update was teased on September 23, 2021, with a full announcement coming on October 15, 2021.[2] It was the final major update for the game and was released alongside the Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise paid DLC.

New features[edit]

Additional villagers[edit]

The update introduces 16 additional villagers, eight of which are brand new to the series, and eight which are returning from previous games.



Eight villagers return from Doubutsu no Mori, Animal Crossing, and the Japan-exclusive Doubutsu no Mori e+. Four villagers (marked E+ logo.png below) initially only appeared in the latter game and have now received localized names for the first time.

The Roost[edit]

Brewster asking the player if they want a cup of coffee.

The Roost café, manned by Brewster, returns as an expanded wing of the museum. Special characters may visit periodically to purchase coffee. An amiibo phone allows amiibo to be scanned to invite characters to The Roost. Occasionally, they may bring other characters with them for their visit. If the player invites a villager who used to live on their island, the villager will remember the player and their island.

Boat tours[edit]

The player exploring an island after riding with Kapp'n.

Kapp'n appears in his boat at the island's pier and will take the player on boat tours for  1,000 Nook Miles once per day letting the player discover several new islands, differing from the original suite of islands that could be visited.

Many of these island feature a Gyroid Fragment for the player to dig up and replant on their island. Some islands have distinct floras, with one set of islands featuring Vines and Glowing Mosses. Many of these island also experience a different season or time of day to the player's own island, allowing the player to obtain items and DIY recipes out of season.

Harv's Island changes[edit]

Harv's Island, with Harriet, Kicks, Redd, and Leif set up.

Harv's Island has been expanded to the north to include a new shopping area, styled as a commune. 100,000 Bells must be raised for each plot to invite special characters to set up a permanent shop:

Additionally, all special characters who have an amiibo can now be invited to Photopia.

Home and player improvements[edit]

The player's house using two walls adjacent to each other.

Three new storage upgrades are available, beyond the upgrade to 2,400 items offered in the Ver. 1.6.0 update. The player's total storage capacity can now be subsequently upgraded to 3,200, 4,000, and then finally, 5,000 items. Recipes can now also be placed into storage.

The exterior shape of the player's house can now be customized between 4 different styles, similar to a feature present in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. These styles include the default wood and stone appearance, a log cabin, a rounded stucco design, and a Japanese castle aesthetic. These all match the various stylings of the villager houses present in the game. The costs for customizing and moving houses have also been reduced.

11 new furniture series and furntiure sets were added in the game.

Players can now move within the gaps between tightly spaced furniture, allowing for access to places that were previously blocked with this density of furniture placement. A Pro Decorating License can be purchased from the Nook Stop, allowing the player to place new ceiling-mounted objects and to create accent walls by selectively applying wallpaper on individual walls. Custom Designs Patterns+ can be purchased with Nook Miles, allowing Sable's themed designs to be worn as clothing or used as patterns for wallpaper and flooring.

Top 4 Fab Hairstyles can be purchased with Nook Miles to unlock 4 new hairstyles. Harriet will unlock a further 7 hairstyles, making for a total of 11 new hairstyle options introduced with the update.

Home improvements not listed here are options available to players who own the Happy Home Paradise DLC, which can eventually be integrated into the player's home once a certain threshold is met. These include partition walls, pillars, polishing, soundscapes, and lighting adjustments.

Island exterior improvements[edit]

The player's island using placed ladders to get up and down cliffs.

After building eight bridge and incline, the Island Representative can redeem the Pro Construction License to increase the limit for building bridges and inclines from eight to ten.

Nine new fences are added and can be crafted, and both new and original fences can now be customized with a range of different colors.

The fences that can be customized include:

A new Storage Shed item allows the player to access their home storage when placed outside, while the ABD allows Bells to be deposited and withdrawn from wherever the item is placed. Plumeria bushes, in pink or white, were also added in the game, and can be obtained from Leif, on one of Kapp'n's boat tours, or from the teacher at the School in Happy Home Paradise. They bloom from June 1 - September 20 (Northern Hemisphere) and December 1 - March 20 (Southern Hemisphere).

Ladder Set-Up Kits can be crafted, allowing ladders to be permanently placed for convenient access between different elevations of the island. They come in different styles, such as wooden, iron, vine, and golden. The Wooden Ladder Set-Up Kit DIY recipe can be purchased from Nook's Cranny for  2,000 Bells, while the Vine Ladder Set-Up Kit DIY recipe can be found on message bottles on Kapp'n's boat tours or on the main archipelago island in Happy Home Paradise, and the DIY recipes for the other Ladder Set-Up Kits from any villagers.


An array of food created by the player.

The Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+ upgrade can be purchased from the Nook Stop to unlock the ability to cooking and various cooking recipes. Edible food can be crafted with a kitchenware by combining both the new and existing ingredients together. New ingredients include a variety of new harvestable flora that can be grown, such as Tomatoes, Potatoes, Carrots, Wheat, and Sugarcane. Their produce starts are obtainable from Leif.

Cooking recipes can be found in the same ways that crafting recipes are found. Occasionally, villagers can now be found cooking in their houses instead of crafting, and will give the player a cooking recipe when spoken to. Additionally, only in Happy Home Paradise can the player also receive daily cooking recipes from the chef at the Restaurant.

Island life additions[edit]

The player asking Isabelle to enact an ordinance.

Island Life 101 Service is a new service that offers regular tips and guidance about life on the island, both via the app on the NookPhone and on the loading screen. The service can be redeemed for  400 Nook Miles.

Ordinances, previously featured in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, return and can be enacted to passively affect various things on the island. As in New Leaf, these include Beautiful Island, Early Bird, Night Owl, and Bell Boom.

Group stretching, previously known as morning aerobics, return from Animal Crossing. They can occur outside Resident Services, where the player can participate in aerobic exercises using either button controls or motion controls.

Villagers can now periodically invite the player to visit their house, or may randomly visit the player's house while they are inside of it. When visiting, they may ask to play a new high-low minigame with the player. The villager will pick a card, and the player must guess if the number on the second card will be higher or lower than the first card.

Multiple new activities have been added to the Nook Mileage/Nook Miles+ program. New Nook Miles activities are "Writing a Cookbook?", "Mmm-Mmm-Miles!", "Nice to Meet You, Gyroid!", "Gyroid Getter", "Sprout Out Loud", "Executive Producer", "Set Sail for Adventure", "Come Home to the Roost", and "Stretch to Refresh!". New Nook Miles+ activities are "Plant Produce", "Water your Produce", "Cook up a Storm", "Refresh With a Group-Stretching Session" and "Visit the Roost for a Coffee Break".

The Pro Camera App can be purchased with Nook Miles, allowing the player to walk around with a handheld camera. Other characters will react and pose for pictures. Multiple new reactions have also been added, and can be obtained via New Reactions Notebook, or by completing 50 group stretching sessions:

  • Posture Warm-Up
  • Arm Circles
  • Side Bends
  • Body Twists
  • Wide Arm Stretch
  • Upper-Body Circles
  • Jump
  • Double Wave
  • Stretch
  • Jammin'
  • Listening Ears
  • Say Cheese
  • Behold
  • Eager
  • Flex
  • Work It
  • Act Natural
  • Hula

Other new reactions not listed here are exclusive to the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Event and holidays[edit]

Nook Friday[edit]

Nook's Cranny's exterior during Nook Friday.

A new event, Nook Friday, has been added occurring at the end of November. Nook's Cranny has a 30% off sale on everything in the shop. Due to the event occurring after Turkey Day, two items, the Cozy Turkey Day DIY and Turkey Day Recipes, cannot be obtained under their standard prices.

Nook Shopping seasonal events[edit]

New Nook Shopping seasonal events include the following events:

Other features[edit]

The player digging up a Squeezoid.

Many new items have been added, with some obtainable from Nook's Cranny and Able Sisters, and others that can be exclusively obtained from the Nook Stop.

Gyroids return from previous games, featuring a smaller design than seen before and the ability to be customized. Gyroid Fragments can be found and buried underground, and when watered they will turn into a gyroid which can be retrieved the next day. As in previous games, gyroids will sync their sound effects in time to any music playing nearby. As in previous games, fully-formed gyroids can be unearthed following rain on the player's island, or on mysterious islands that are experiencing rain.

Posters featuring illustrations of the items in each exhibit from the museum are received from Blathers after their respective exhibit is completed. The posters can be purchased from Blathers after they are first obtained.

Celeste now has two new DIY recipes for the player to receive—the Starry-Skies Rug and Yellow Star Rug.

Leif now offers a weeding service. For  100,000 Bells Leif will remove all weeds on the player's island and store them in the recycle box in Resident Services.

12 new K.K. Slider songs are added which K.K. can perform during his live show at the weekend. The Music Box item returns from Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a DIY, which allows for gentle variations of K.K. Slider songs to be played from it. The newly added songs include the following:

All special characters from New Leaf that were initially absent from New Horizons return and can be invited to Photopia or The Roost. The following list contains those that have not been mentioned above.

In addition, two new special NPCs were added in version 2.0 and can be invited over to Photopia or the Roost. Besides those two appearances, they are only available to the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Items added in 2.0[edit]

Main article: List of items added in New Horizons version 2.0

Changed features[edit]

Furniture changes[edit]

Food items[edit]

Dishes NH Inv Icon.png
Icon for Dishes (furniture items with five energy points)
Drinks NH Inv Icon.png
Icon for Drinks (furniture items with two energy points)

Various miscellaneous furniture items were made edible, granting the player energy points to be able to relocate trees and break rocks. Their edibility can be indicated by the icon that these food items will now display.


The names of the following items were changed:

Variation/pattern name changes[edit]

Several variation/pattern names for furniture items have been modified.

HHA theme changes[edit]

The following furniture and interior items have received a new HHA theme:

The following furniture and interior items have received changes to their HHA themes.

Furniture categorization changes[edit]

The following furniture items have changed from Miscellaneous to Housewares. However, they can still be placed on surfaces.

The following furniture items have changed from Housewares to Miscellaneous and can now be placed on surfaces.

Furniture selection[edit]

A new feature has been added to make it easier to search for stored items when using "Sort: Type" in Decorating Mode while in the player's home or other locations. As part of this change, adjustments have also been made to the order in which items are sorted. Additionally, when using the catalog at Photopia, it is now possible to select different variations of an item by using the X Button if the player has obtained different variations of the same item.

Wisp changes[edit]

Wisp's item gifts chances have changed. Prior to this update, the chances of getting a furniture item were significantly lower, the pricing range was much lower, and when selecting "Something expensive", Wisp would pull from two different Tables, with the second Table having a 10% of being used. In this update, Wisp's two Table setup has been removed, and now when selecting "Something expensive", Wisp will instead determine the item within the pricing range based on the status of Nook's Cranny. The pricing ranges and chance percentages have also been modified.[3]

Chance rates

Category Tent House
Furniture 75% 75%
Wallpaper 0% 5%
Flooring 0% 5%
Clothing 25% 15%

"Something new"

Category Min Max
Furniture  0 Bells  10,000 Bells
Wallpaper  0 Bells  9,999 Bells
Flooring  0 Bells  9,999 Bells
Clothing  0 Bells  9,999 Bells

"Something expensive"

Category Min Max
Nook's Cranny (not upgraded)
Furniture  3,500 Bells  15,000 Bells
Wallpaper  2,000 Bells  9,999 Bells
Flooring  2,000 Bells  9,999 Bells
Clothing  2,000 Bells  9,999 Bells
Nook's Cranny (upgraded)
Furniture  6,600 Bells  100,000 Bells
Wallpaper  2,000 Bells  9,999 Bells
Flooring  2,000 Bells  9,999 Bells
Clothing  3,500 Bells  9,999 Bells

Event changes[edit]

Seasonal events (including Nook Shopping events) can now occur every year instead of requiring an update to be able to experience them in the current year. Items only obtainable via Nook Shopping events are now available to view through the catalog and are labelled under "Seasonal".

Turkey Day changes[edit]

After completing all four fishes, Franklin will now give the player the Turkey Day Recipes, a recipe pack that includes the four dishes that were created on Turkey Day.

Nook Shopping event changes[edit]

  • Ōmisoka, Silvester, Nochevieja, and the New Year's Eve Nook Shopping seasonal event now start at December 22 instead of December 26.
  • Shōgatsu and the New Year's Day Nook Shopping seasonal events now occur from December 22 to January 5.
  • Hinamatsuri now occurs from February 22 to March 3.
  • Marine Day now occurs from July 9 to July 18.

Other changes[edit]

  • Two previously unavailable stationeries—the Fireworks Card and Dawning-Year Card—were made available with a proper name.
  • DIY recipes can now be stored in the player's storage.
  • Isabelle will now announce which special character is appearing on the player's island in her daily broadcast.
  • Villagers now contribute more Bells to public works than before.
  • Villagers now have more variation in their spoken dialogue.
  • Villagers can now wear custom designs at Photopia, even if they were not initially wearing them when brought there. However, they cannot wear designs that were transferred from New Leaf or Happy Home Designer.
  • The maximum number of designs that can be uploaded to the Custom Designs Portal has been increased to 200.
  • When dreaming, it is now possible to search for a destination by island name.
  • Orville will now prevent the player from flying if the player's island hasn't progressed their island to the next day (i.e. the day progresses to 5 AM on the player's island but the player is not outside their island or is on a different island for the day to properly roll-over and allow Isabelle to do her daily announcement). The player is required to leave the airport to enable Isabelle's announcements and allow the island to progress to the next day.

Bug fixes[edit]

In 2.0[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where only trash or stones could be obtained from created water features with a certain shape.

In 2.0.1[edit]

Flwoing-River Flooring in version 2.0
  • Fixed an issue where the Kiki & Lala Wand was mistakenly appearing in Nook Shopping as "Not for sale."
  • Fixed an issue where the Coconut Juice and Frozen-Treat Set would not appear under the Miscellaneous tab for DIY recipes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flowing-River Flooring would not display properly in Photopia or expanded player homes when placed horizontally.
  • Fixed an issue where some villagers would try to cook using something other than a kitchen item in their home.
  • Fixed an issue where villagers visiting a player's home would talk as if they were in The Roost.
  • Fixed an issue where Portia may go out of bound, when the player visit her house.

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

  • Fixed an issue that could occur if a player asks to remodel a villager's home while the airport gate is open.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to proceed with the game without designing the school when normally the school would need to be designed.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error to occur when using amiibo to change members at a facility.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could obtain turnips countless times from Joan in the hospital.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ripe Sugarcane Plant would unlock by obtaining Tomatoes.

In 2.0.2[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where Brewster could overlap with the player and prevent them from moving during the boat tour.
  • Fixed an issue where Kapp'n's song could stop playing and prevent the game from proceeding.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the “How does this work?” option when starting a group stretching session during a multiplayer session could prevent the game from proceeding.
  • Fixed an issue where Orville's Poster and Wilbur's Poster could be obtained after inviting Wilbur and Orville respectively.
  • Fixed an issue where placing certain furniture items on the pier could prevent the player from being able to speak with Kapp'n.
  • Fixed an issue where the warp function of the Pipe would stop working after the player discussed buying furniture from a villager inside their home.
  • Fixed an issue where the music for group stretching sometimes wouldn’t play if an audio device close to the plaza was playing music.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nook Miles+ activity “Visit the Roost for a Coffee Break” could appear multiple times in the same day.

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where the software would close when the player tried to lead Leif to the school and the placement of the furniture items in the school met certain requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where using amiibo multiple times to change the members used in a facility could cause the software to close.
  • Fixed an issue where the software could close when the player repeatedly used amiibo at a finished vacation home to add or remove guests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Y Button could stop removing guests when the player repeatedly used amiibo to add a guest and then remove the guest using the Y Button.
  • Fixed an issue where a design portfolio photo could continue to display in the upper-left of the screen after speaking to a client on the north beach while the player working.
  • Fixed an issue where Bells would be spent in addition to Poki when the player ordered a present for another resident through Wardell.
  • Fixed an issue where the message card regarding refunding Miles for the Pro Decorating License could be sent multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the roommates would not appear in a follow-up scene if their shared vacation home situation was ended while in the yard of their vacation home.

In 2.0.3[edit]

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

  • A duping bug involving wall-mounted items being stored in the player's storage when using the Room Sketch app was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where a villager could appear twice on the main island archipelago.

Promotional images[edit]

Related updates[edit]

  • The NookLink app was updated on November 4, 2021 with a Your Island Newspaper section, which will detail news from the player's island.
  • Series 5 of Animal Crossing amiibo cards were released on November 5, 2021.


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  1. While it was scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021, the update released 24 hours earlier.[1]


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