Security-monitors wall (New Horizons)

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Security-monitors wall
Buy price Sell price
 3,000 Bells  750 Bells
Obtain via  Saharah
HHA themes Facility / Sci-fi
HHA points 451
Names in other languages
 모니터 룸 벽
 mur vidéosurveillance
 mur vidéosurveillance
 pared sala de seguridad
 pared sala de seguridad
 muro monitor di sicurezza
 стена с мониторами

The security-monitors wall is a wallpaper item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The security-monitors wall can be obtained from Saharah for  3,000 Bells or  5 Saharah Tickets. Saharah can also sell this item at her Co-Op on Harv's Island for  3,600 Bells. This item cannot be ordered from Nook Shopping.

This item appears in the homes of Barold as the default wallpaper.

In Happy Home Paradise, this item is unlocked for use in designing when doing a vacation home request for Chevre, Kevin, Kid Cat, and Prince.


The security-monitors wall applied to a room in New Horizons

The security-monitors wall is a monochromatic wall with various screen monitors depicting several scenes.

Among these scenes from top to bottom, left to right, include:

  • A field growing orange pumpkins
  • Television static
  • A waterfall
  • A test card
  • A staircase in the museum
  • A rocky steepe
  • Portions of a suspension bridge
  • A river featuring portions of a stone bridge
  • The Airport lobby
  • The Airport's entrance
  • Portions of a cedar tree forest
  • Another set of staircases in the museum
  • The sky featuring a balloon
  • The beach, with footprints left behind
  • The second floor of the museum
  • A house with arched brick paths
  • An apple tree
  • A closeup of a plant featuring a ladybug
  • A river underneath a stone bridge
  • Another viewpoint of the Airport's entrance

When placed in a dark setting, the monitors on the wallpaper will glow.