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The Winter Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (version 1.6.0) was an update released on November 19, 2020. The update brought two returning holidays: Turkey Day and Toy Day, alongside their respective hosts Franklin and Jingle. Additional improvements, including increased storage capacity and new hairstyles were also added. It was announced on November 17, 2020.[1] Players who downloaded this update would receive a yule log as a gift.

New features[edit]

Events and holidays[edit]

Turkey Day[edit]

Franklin getting ready to cook.

Harvest Festival has been renamed to Turkey Day in its return in 1.6.0, but the event is still hosted by Franklin as with New Leaf. During this event, Franklin will ask the player to collect various ingredients for four dishes in exchange for a Turkey Day rug, a Turkey Day wall, a Turkey Day flooring, and a cornucopia in order. If the player has difficulties getting a specific ingredient, villagers that are inside their house will exchange ingredients. Each dish also has a secret ingredient that, if given to Franklin, will give a Turkey Day Series furniture that can only be crafted. If the player manages to give Franklin a secret ingredient for every dish, he will give the player the Cozy Turkey Day DIY

For northern hemisphere players, Turkey Day is taken as a celebration of the fall harvest, while for Southern Hemisphere players it is taken as a celebration of spring. This is reflected by every furniture outside of Resident Services and the Turkey Day Series being customized for their respective hemispheres, and the change in ingredients that are required for each dish. If the player misses Turkey Day, from after Turkey Day until the end of November, Nook's Cranny will sell the Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack and Turkey Day furniture for  19,800 Bells.

This event is time-locked, and only unlocks on 1.6.xa.

Toy Day[edit]

The player giving a gift to Sherb.

Toy Day, and its host Jingle, return in 1.6.0. In the days preceding Toy Day, Nook's Cranny will sell a random toy and Able Sisters will sell Festive-related clothing. This portion is time-locked, and only occurs on 1.6.xb.

During Toy Day itself, Jingle will give the player a DIY recipe for the festive wrapping paper, and asks for them to craft three for him. Once completed, the player given a Toy Day stockings and Jingle gives the player the task to deliver gifts to every villager. If the player has a high friendship with a villager, when the player gives them their gift, the villager will give the player a toy item back. After completing the task, the player will earn the gift pile DIY. If the player hangs up their Toy Day Stockings on Toy Day, then from December 31 to January 1, the player can receive Jingle's photo. Toy Day itself is time-locked, and only unlocks on 1.6.xc.

In a first in the series, Toy Day has two variants of its composition. A festive, calming rendition for Toy Day in the northern hemisphere and an upbeat, vibrant rendition for Toy Day in the southern hemisphere.

Nook Shopping seasonal events[edit]

Three players holding up sparkling ciders.

New Nook Shopping seasonal events include the following events:

Island life improvements[edit]

The player sporting a hairstyle as part of the Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles collection.

Tom Nook can now offer the player to expand their storage for  500,000 Bells if they paid off all their home loan. This expansion moves the player up from 1600 storage slots to 2400. The player can also redeem Nook Miles for the Hip Reaction Collection to obtain nine new Reactions—Sit Down, Wave Goodbye, Take a Picture, Sniff Sniff, Work Out, Yoga, Here You Go, Excited, and Ta-da. Six new hairstyles have also been added and are obtainable from Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles.

Other features[edit]

Items added in 1.6.0[edit]

1.6.0 items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Item Image Type Buy price Sell price Available from
2021 celebratory arch 2021 celebratory arch Furniture  2,021 Bells  505 Bells  Nook Shopping
Berliner berliner Furniture  1,200 Bells  300 Bells  Nook Shopping
Cornucopia cornucopia Furniture Not for sale  2,500 Bells  Franklin
Dinosaur toy dinosaur toy Furniture  2,400 Bells  600 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Dollhouse dollhouse Furniture  4,000 Bells  1,000 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Festive wreath festive wreath Furniture  1,500 Bells  375 Bells  Any villager
Gift pile gift pile Furniture Not for sale  660 Bells  Crafting
Kadomatsu kadomatsu Furniture  2,580 Bells  645 Bells  Nook Shopping
Kagamimochi kagamimochi Furniture  1,800 Bells  450 Bells  Nook Shopping
Kids' tent kids' tent Furniture  4,500 Bells  1,125 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Mini circuit mini circuit Furniture  3,800 Bells  950 Bells  Nook's Cranny
New Year's noodles New Year's noodles Furniture  1,300 Bells  325 Bells  Nook Shopping
New Year's shimekazari New Year's shimekazari Furniture  2,000 Bells  500 Bells  Nook Shopping
Olivier salad Olivier salad Furniture  1,000 Bells  250 Bells  Nook Shopping
Pop-up book pop-up book Furniture  2,000 Bells  500 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Puppy plushie puppy plushie Furniture  2,400 Bells  600 Bells  Nook's Cranny
RC helicopter RC helicopter Furniture  3,600 Bells  900 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Set of stockings set of stockings Furniture  2,000 Bells  500 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Tin robot tin robot Furniture  3,500 Bells  875 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Toy Day sleigh Toy Day sleigh Furniture Not for sale  20,000 Bells  Jingle
Toy Day stockings Toy Day stockings Furniture Not for sale  500 Bells  Jingle
Turkey Day casserole Turkey Day casserole Furniture  7,000 Bells  1,750 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Turkey Day chair Turkey Day chair Furniture  2,200 Bells  550 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Turkey Day decorations Turkey Day decorations Furniture  2,000 Bells  500 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Turkey Day garden stand Turkey Day garden stand Furniture  3,600 Bells  900 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Turkey Day hearth Turkey Day hearth Furniture  13,000 Bells  3,250 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Turkey Day table Turkey Day table Furniture  4,500 Bells  1,125 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Turkey Day table setting Turkey Day table setting Furniture  4,000 Bells  1,000 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Turkey Day wheat decor Turkey Day wheat decor Furniture  800 Bells  200 Bells  Nook's Cranny
Twelve-grape dish twelve-grape dish Furniture  1,200 Bells  300 Bells  Nook Shopping
Yule log Yule log Furniture  1,200 Bells  300 Bells  Nook Shopping
Yut Nori Yut Nori Furniture  1,300 Bells  325 Bells  Nook Shopping
Zodiac ox figurine zodiac ox figurine Furniture  1,600 Bells  400 Bells  Nook Shopping
Reindeer costume reindeer costume Clothing  1,700 Bells  425 Bells  Able Sisters
Reindeer hat reindeer hat Clothing  1,120 Bells  280 Bells  Able Sisters
 Apparel shop
Santa beard Santa beard Clothing  1,480 Bells  370 Bells  Able Sisters
 Apparel shop
Santa coat Santa coat Clothing  2,600 Bells  650 Bells  Able Sisters
 Apparel shop
Santa hat Santa hat Clothing  2,000 Bells  500 Bells  Able Sisters
 Apparel shop
Santa pants Santa pants Clothing  2,150 Bells  537 Bells  Able Sisters
 Apparel shop
Aurora wall aurora wall Interior  7,000 Bells  1,750 Bells  Nook Shopping
Falling-snow wall falling-snow wall Interior Not for sale  2,700 Bells  Crafting
Festive rug festive rug Interior Not for sale  1,500 Bells  Crafting
Summer-shell rug summer-shell rug Interior Not for sale  7,200 Bells  Crafting
Sunflower rug sunflower rug Interior  1,500 Bells  375 Bells  Nook Shopping
Turkey Day flooring Turkey Day flooring Interior Not for sale  750 Bells  Franklin
Turkey Day rug Turkey Day rug Interior Not for sale  500 Bells  Franklin
Turkey Day wall Turkey Day wall Interior Not for sale  750 Bells  Franklin
Jingle's photo Jingle's photo Photo Not for sale  10 Bells  Toy Day stockings
Magic bag magic bag Tool Not for sale Cannot be sold  Jingle
Sparkling cider sparkling cider Tool  1,000 Bells  250 Bells  Nook Shopping
Cozy Turkey Day DIY Cozy Turkey Day DIY Others  19,800 Bells Cannot be sold  Nook's Cranny
Festive wrapping paper festive wrapping paper Others Not for sale  300 Bells  Crafting
Gift gift Others Not for sale Cannot be sold  Festive wrapping paper
Hip Reaction Collection Hip Reaction Collection Others  2,700 Nook Miles Cannot be sold  Nook Stop
Pocket Camp phone case Pocket Camp phone case Others  2,000 Bells  500 Bells  Nook Shopping
Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles Others  1,800 Nook Miles Cannot be sold  Nook Stop
Transfer kit transfer kit Others Not for sale Cannot be sold  Tom Nook
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Changed features[edit]

  • The availability of the sunflower crown and midwinter sweater were changed. Previously, the items were available in both hemispheres around June 6 to July 7. In 1.6.0, this was changed in that the items associated with their respective season would only appear on the hemispheres that were experiencing those seasons. In this instance for December, the midwinter sweater was only available for northern hemisphere players for the Winter Solstice, and the sunflower crown was only available for southern hemisphere players for the Summer Solstice.
  • Leif now sells pumpkin starts year-round instead of limited to just October.
  • The names of the following items were changed:

Bug fixes[edit]

  • Any tables created to duplicate miscellaneous furniture items on 1.2.0 prior to the 1.2.1 patch will no longer work.

Promotional images[edit]

Related updates[edit]

  • The NookLink mobile app now allows players to view their catalog. This update was announced alongside the 1.6.0 update and was released on November 29, 2020.[2]


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