Hip Reaction Collection (New Horizons)

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Type of other item Hip Reaction Collection Special Card NH Inv Icon.png
No image available
Buy Price Sell Price
Nook Miles NH Icon Cropped.png 2700 Miles Cannot be sold
Stack 1
Obtain via Nook Miles NH Icon Cropped.png Nook Miles Redemption
Name in other languages

Japanese ナウい!リアクションずかん
Simplified Chinese 时下最潮!反应图鉴
French Mimiques sans micmacs
Spanish Emociones y actividades
Italian Collezione Gran Emozione
Russian Реакции в тренде

Korean 최신 유행! 리액션 도감
Traditional Chinese 時下最熱門!表情圖鑑
Quebec French Fanatique des mimiques
Latin American Spanish Emociones y actividades
German Hippe Emotionen
Dutch Gevoel voor emoties

The Hip Reaction Collection is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.6.0 Free Winter Update. It can be obtained from Nook Stop for Nook Miles NH Icon Cropped.png 2,700 Nook Miles. This item cannot be placed in the player's storage.

When used it teaches the player the following reactions: