List of characters in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

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The following is a list of special characters and villagers (including islanders) in every first-generation Animal Crossing game.

Special characters[edit]

For a schedule of when special visitors appear in Animal Crossing, see Special character § First-generation Animal Crossing.
Image Name Appearances Species Gender Location(s) Role
Blanca Blanca Cat Female[nb 1]
  • Train
  • Random acre in town
Appears rarely in place of Rover on the train to another town, and asks the player to draw her face. She then appears in the visited town the next day with the face drawn by the visitor on her.
Blathers Blathers Owl Male Curator of the museum. He accepts donations of bugs, fish, fossils, and paintings from the player.
Booker Booker Dog Male Police officer who manages the lost and found inside the police station.
Chip Chip Beaver Male Host of the Fishing Tourney. He sets up a stall by the lake and gives the player a random furniture item if they give him a record-breaking bass.
Copper Copper Dog Male
  • Police station
Police officer who stands outside the police station. He tells the player about the town's visitors.
Don Don Mole Male Appears one time in place of his brother to lecture the player after a reset. He can also appear in the Reset Surveillance Center in Doubutsu no Mori e+.
Farley Farley Unknown Male Appears at the wishing well if the town has had a perfect Field Rank for 15 consecutive days, and gives the player the golden axe. He only appears once per player.
Franklin Franklin Turkey Male
  • Hiding behind buildings and trees
Appears as a guest during the Harvest Festival. Scared of being eaten, he hides and gives the player items in the Harvest Series in exchange for knife and fork sets from the dinner table.
Gracie Gracie Giraffe Female[nb 1]
  • In place of a random signpost
Can visit town every 2–7 days. She asks the player to wash her car. If the player washes it well enough, she gives them a unique clothing item; if not, she gives them a regular clothing item.
Gulliver Gulliver Seagull Male
  • Beach
Washes up on the beach once a week. If woken up, he gives the player an exclusive furniture item.[nb 2]
Gyroid Gyroid Gyroid Male Allows the player to save the game, store items to be sold or given away to other players, and change the design on their door.
Jack Jack Unknown Male
  • Random acre in town
Visitor on Halloween. He gives the player items from the Spooky Series in exchange for candy, and he tricks them if not given candy.
Jingle Jingle Reindeer Male
  • Random acre in town
Appears on December 24 and gives items from the Jingle Series, as well as the Jingle shirt, to the player.
K.K. K.K. Dog Male
  • Train station
  • Intro screen (new file/save data error)
Appears at the train station every Saturday night to play songs. He gives an aircheck of the first song he plays for the night to the player. He also greets the player at the intro screen when first creating their save file, and when an error prevents the save data from being loaded.
Kapp'n Kapp'n Turtle[nb 3] Male Appears in his boat when a Game Boy Advance is connected (or when the island is unlocked in Doubutsu no Mori e+) and takes the player to and from Animal Island.
Katrina Katrina Panther Female Can visit town every 2–7 days in the Fortune Shop, where she tells the players fortune, determining their luck for the day. She also appears at the wishing well on New Year's Day to tell fortunes.
Joan Joan Boar Female
  • Random acre in town
  • Train
Visits town every Sunday morning to sell turnips. She also appears on the train, sleeping.
Mabel Mabel Hedgehog Female Works at the Able Sisters. She allows the player to edit designs.
Pelly Pelly Pelican Female Operates the post office during the day.
Pete Pete Pelican Male
  • Outside the player's house
The town's mail carrier. He appears in the player house acre to deliver mail each day at 9 AM and 5 PM.
Phyllis Phyllis Pelican Female
  • Post office
Operates the post office at night.
Porter Porter Monkey Male Operator of the train station. He allows the player to board the train to and from other towns.
Redd Redd Fox Male Can visit town every 2–7 days in Crazy Redd's Furniture Emporium, a shop that sells furniture (some of which is exclusive) at marked up prices. Redd is guaranteed to appear in his shop on Sale Day, and he operates a stand at the lake during the Fireworks Festival where he sells balloons, pinwheels, and fans.
Resetti Resetti Mole Male Scolds the player after a reset. He also appears during Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+, and he can appear in the Reset Surveillance Center in Doubutsu no Mori e+.
Rover Rover Cat Male
  • Train
Meets the player on the train when moving in and asks them the questions that determine their appearance. He also appears when taking the train to other towns.
Sable Sable Hedgehog Female
  • Able Sisters
Seamstress at the Able Sisters. She is initially shy, but she opens up to the player after each day she is spoken to.
Saharah Saharah Camel Female[nb 1]
  • Random acre in town
Can visit town every 2–7 days to sell exclusive carpets.
Snowman Snowman Snowfolk Male
  • Anywhere in town
Built by the player by rolling two snowballs together. If one is built perfectly, it will mail the player an item from the Snowman Series.
Timmy and Tommy Timmy and Tommy Raccoon[nb 4] Male Twins that operate the second floor of Nookington's.
Tom Nook Tom Nook Raccoon[nb 4] Male
  • Tom Nook's store
  • Train station/Player house (intro)
Operates the town's shop and sells homes to the players.
Tortimer Tortimer Tortoise Male
  • Wishing well
  • Various
The mayor of the town. He appears at the wishing well during most events to give the player an exclusive item, and he has several other roles.
Wendell Wendell Walrus Male
  • Random acre in town
Can visit town every 2–7 days. He asks for food, and if the player gives him a fish, he gives an exclusive wallpaper in return.
Wisp Wisp Ghost Male
  • Random acre in town
Can appear from 12 AM – 4 AM under certain conditions. He asks the player to catch and return the five pieces of his spirit, and in return he offers either to remove all weeds from the town, paint the player's roof, or give them a random item not already in their catalog.


Image Name Appearances Species Gender Personality Star sign Catchphrase
Ace PG Model.png Ace Bird Male Jock Pisces ace
Admiral PG Model.png Admiral Bird Male Cranky Aquarius aye aye
Agent S DnMe+ Model.png 2ごう (Agent S) Squirrel Female Peppy Scorpio せいやっ
Aisle DnMe+ Model.png アイル (Aisle) Bear cub Male Lazy Capricorn あーあ
Alfonso PG Model.png Alfonso Alligator Male Lazy Gemini it's a me
Alice DnMe+ Model.png メルボルン (Alice) Koala Female Normal Leo キラリ
Alli PG Model.png Alli Alligator Female Snooty Scorpio graaagh
Amelia PG Model.png Amelia Eagle Female Snooty Scorpio eaglet
Analog DnMe+ Model.png アナログ (Analog) Penguin Male Jock Aquarius だもんで
Anchovy PG Model.png Anchovy Bird Male Lazy Pisces chuuurp
Angus DnMe+ Model.png セルバンテス (Angus) Bull Male Cranky Taurus ふふ
Anicotti PG Model.png Anicotti Mouse Female Peppy Pisces cannoli
Ankha PG Model.png Ankha This villager is an islander Cat Female Snooty Virgo me meow
Annalise PG Model.png Annalise This villager is an islander Horse Female Snooty Sagittarius nipper
Antonio DnMe+ Model.png マコト (Antonio) Anteater Male Jock Libra ホントに
Apollo PG Model.png Apollo Eagle Male Cranky Cancer pah
Astrid PG Model.png Astrid Kangaroo Female Snooty Virgo my pet
Aurora PG Model.png Aurora Penguin Female Normal Aquarius b-b-baby
Ava PG Model.png Ava Chicken Female Normal Taurus beaker
Avery DnMe+ Model.png クスケチャ (Avery) Eagle Male Cranky Pisces アリョイ
Axel PG Model.png Axel Elephant Male Jock Aries WHONK
Azalea DnMe+ Model.png ペチュニア (Azalea) Rhinoceros Female Snooty Sagittarius メルシィ
Aziz PG Model.png Aziz Lion Male Jock Pisces RAWR
Baabara PG Model.png Baabara Sheep Female Snooty Aries daahling
Bangle PG Model.png Bangle Tiger Female Peppy Virgo growf
Bea PG Model.png Bea Dog Female Normal Libra bingo
Becky DnMe+ Model.png アリア (Becky) Chicken Female Snooty Sagittarius ハレルヤ
Bella DnMe+ Model.png イザベラ (Bella) Mouse Female Peppy Capricorn ギャハッ
Belle PG Model.png Belle Cow Female Peppy Cancer cuddles
Benedict DnMe+ Model.png ぺしみち (Benedict) Chicken Male Lazy Libra ウヒョー
Bertha PG Model.png Bertha Hippo Female Normal Taurus bloop
Bessie PG Model.png Bessie Cow Female Normal Taurus buttercup
Betty PG Model.png Betty Chicken Female Normal Gemini cluckling
Biff PG Model.png Biff Hippo Male Jock Aries squirt
Big Top DnMe+ Model.png 3ごう (Big Top) Elephant Male Lazy Libra うりゃー
Bill PG Model.png Bill Duck Male Jock Aquarius quacko
Billy PG Model.png Billy Goat Male Jock Aries dagnaabit
Biskit PG Model.png Biskit Dog Male Lazy Taurus dawg
Bitty PG Model.png Bitty Hippo Female Snooty Libra my dear
Blaire PG Model.png Blaire Squirrel Female Snooty Cancer nutlet
Bluebear PG Model.png Bluebear Bear cub Female Peppy Cancer peach
Bob PG Model.png Bob Cat Male Lazy Capricorn pthhpth
Bones PG Model.png Bones Dog Male Lazy Leo yip yip
Boomer PG Model.png Boomer This villager is an islander Penguin Male Lazy Capricorn human
Boots PG Model.png Boots Alligator Male Jock Leo munchie
Boris PG Model.png Boris Pig Male Cranky Scorpio schnort
Bow DnMe+ Model.png バウ (Bow) Dog Male Lazy Leo バウ
Boyd DnMe+ Model.png ボイド (Boyd) Gorilla Male Cranky Libra おうおう
Bree DnMe+ Model.png サラ (Bree) Mouse Female Snooty Cancer なんてね
Broccolo DnMe+ Model.png ブロッコリー (Broccolo) Mouse Male Lazy Cancer ピコ
Bubbles PG Model.png Bubbles Hippo Female Peppy Virgo hipster
Buck PG Model.png Buck Horse Male Jock Aries pardner
Bud PG Model.png Bud This villager is an islander Lion Male Jock Leo dood
Bunnie PG Model.png Bunnie Rabbit Female Peppy Taurus tee-hee
Butch PG Model.png Butch Dog Male Cranky Scorpio ROOOOOWF
Buzz PG Model.png Buzz Eagle Male Cranky Sagittarius captain
Sally PG Model.png Sally (Cally) Squirrel Female Normal Virgo WHEE
Camofrog PG Model.png Camofrog Frog Male Cranky Gemini ten-hut
Candi PG Model.png Candi Mouse Female Peppy Aries sweetie
Carmen PG Model.png Carmen Mouse Female Snooty Aries bumpkin
Bliss PG Model.png Bliss (Caroline) This villager is an islander Squirrel Female Normal Cancer hulaaaa
Carrie PG Model.png Carrie Kangaroo Female Normal Sagittarius little one
Carrot DnMe+ Model.png キャロット (Carrot) Cow Female Normal Gemini きゃはっ
Cashmere PG Model.png Cashmere Sheep Female Snooty Aries baaaby
Cesar PG Model.png Cesar Gorilla Male Cranky Virgo highness
Chabwick DnMe+ Model.png のぶお (Chabwick) Penguin Male Lazy Pisces ブツブツ
Charlise DnMe+ Model.png チャーミー (Charlise) This villager is an islander Bear Female Peppy Aries よいしょ
Cheri PG Model.png Cheri Bear cub Female Peppy Pisces tralala
Chevre PG Model.png Chevre Goat Female Normal Pisces la baa
Chico PG Model.png Chico Mouse Male Lazy Capricorn cheeeese
Chief PG Model.png Chief Wolf Male Cranky Sagittarius harrumph
Chow PG Model.png Chow Bear Male Cranky Leo aiya
Chrissy DnMe+ Model.png クリスチーヌ (Chrissy) Rabbit Female Peppy Virgo リララ
Chuck PG Model.png Chuck Bull Male Cranky Taurus jerky
Clara DnMe+ Model.png クララ (Clara) Hippo Female Normal Pisces うふふ
Claude PG Model.png Claude Rabbit Male Lazy Sagittarius hopalong
Cleo PG Model.png Cleo Horse Female Snooty Aquarius sugar
Cobb PG Model.png Cobb Pig Male Jock Libra hot dog
Coco PG Model.png Coco Rabbit Female Normal Pisces doyoing
Cookie PG Model.png Cookie Dog Female Peppy Gemini arfer
Cousteau PG Model.png Cousteau Frog Male Jock Sagittarius oui oui
Cube PG Model.png Cube Penguin Male Lazy Aquarius d-d-dude
Cupcake PG Model.png Cupcake Bear cub Female Snooty Gemini sugar pie
Curlos DnMe+ Model.png カルロス (Curlos) This villager is an islander Sheep Male Cranky Taurus ベイビー
Curly PG Model.png Curly Pig Male Jock Leo nyoink
Curt DnMe+ Model.png ガンテツ (Curt) Bear Male Cranky Cancer ウム
Cyrano PG Model.png Cyrano Anteater Male Cranky Pisces ah-CHOO
Daisy PG Model.png Daisy Dog Female Normal Scorpio bow WOW
Deena PG Model.png Deena Duck Female Normal Cancer sugarbill
Del DnMe+ Model.png ヤマト (Del) Alligator Male Cranky Gemini プシュー
Derwin PG Model.png Derwin Duck Male Lazy Gemini derrrr
Dizzy PG Model.png Dizzy Elephant Male Lazy Cancer woo-oo
Dobie PG Model.png Dobie This villager is an islander Wolf Male Lazy Aquarius ohmmm...
Doc PG Model.png Doc Rabbit Male Lazy Pisces old bunny
Dora PG Model.png Dora Mouse Female Normal Aquarius squeaky
Dotty PG Model.png Dotty Rabbit Female Peppy Pisces wee one
Dozer PG Model.png Dozer Bear Male Lazy Pisces zzzzzz
Drift PG Model.png Drift This villager is an islander Frog Male Jock Libra brah
Ed PG Model.png Ed Horse Male Jock Virgo greenhorn
Egbert PG Model.png Egbert Chicken Male Lazy Libra doodle-duh
Elina PG Model.png Elina This villager is an islander Elephant Female Peppy Cancer shrimp
Ellie PG Model.png Ellie Elephant Female Normal Taurus wee one
Elmer PG Model.png Elmer Horse Male Lazy Libra tenderfoot
Eloise PG Model.png Eloise Elephant Female Snooty Sagittarius tooooot
Emerald PG Model.png Emerald Frog Female Normal Cancer sproing
Eunice PG Model.png Eunice Sheep Female Normal Aries lambchop
Faith PG Model.png Faith This villager is an islander Koala Female Normal Aries aloha
Fang PG Model.png Fang Wolf Male Cranky Sagittarius cha-chomp
x48px みかっち (Felicity) Cat Female Peppy Aries
Filbert PG Model.png Filbert Squirrel Male Lazy Gemini bucko
Flash PG Model.png Flash This villager is an islander Bird Male Cranky Gemini babe
Flossie PG Model.png Flossie This villager is an islander Mouse Female Peppy Libra squeaker
Francine DnMe+ Model.png フランソワ (Francine) Rabbit Female Snooty Aquarius ルララ
Frank DnMe+ Model.png ハルク (Frank) This villager is an islander Eagle Male Cranky Leo ダンケ
Freckles PG Model.png Freckles Duck Female Peppy Pisces ducky
Frett DnMe+ Model.png シャンペン (Frett) Dog Male Cranky Capricorn ったく
Freya PG Model.png Freya Wolf Female Snooty Sagittarius uff da
Friga PG Model.png Friga Penguin Female Snooty Libra brrrmph
Frobert DnMe+ Model.png コージィ (Frobert) Frog Male Jock Aquarius クルリ
Fruity DnMe+ Model.png フルーティー (Fruity) This villager is an islander Duck Male Jock Sagittarius グァバ
Gabi PG Model.png Gabi Rabbit Female Peppy Sagittarius honeybun
Gaston PG Model.png Gaston Rabbit Male Cranky Scorpio mon chou
Gen DnMe+ Model.png ゲン (Gen) Sheep Male Jock Aries っしゃあ
Genji PG Model.png Genji Rabbit Male Jock Aquarius otaku
Gladys DnMe+ Model.png ちとせ (Gladys) Ostrich Female Normal Capricorn ですの
Goldie PG Model.png Goldie Dog Female Normal Capricorn woof
Gonzo PG Model.png Gonzo Koala Male Cranky Libra mate
Goose PG Model.png Goose Chicken Male Jock Libra buh-kay
Grizzly PG Model.png Grizzly Bear Male Cranky Leo grrr
Groucho PG Model.png Groucho Bear Male Cranky Libra grumble
Gruff PG Model.png Gruff Goat Male Cranky Virgo bleh eh eh
Gwen PG Model.png Gwen Penguin Female Snooty Aquarius h-h-h-hon
Hambo PG Model.png Hambo Pig Male Jock Virgo yo
Hank PG Model.png Hank Chicken Male Jock Libra buhk buhk
Harry DnMe+ Model.png オリバー (Harry) This villager is an islander Hippo Male Jock Capricorn でっせ
Hector PG Model.png Hector Chicken Male Jock Aries coo-HAH
Hopkins DnMe+ Model.png プースケ (Hopkins) Rabbit Male Lazy Pisces ぷぅ
Hopper PG Model.png Hopper Penguin Male Cranky Aries slushie
Hornsby PG Model.png Hornsby Rhinoceros Male Lazy Pisces schnozzle
Huck PG Model.png Huck Frog Male Lazy Cancer hopper
Huggy PG Model.png Huggy Koala Female Peppy Pisces bear
Hugh PG Model.png Hugh Pig Male Lazy Capricorn snortle
Iggy PG Model.png Iggy Goat Male Jock Capricorn paaally
Ike DnMe+ Model.png ダイク (Ike) Bear Male Cranky Taurus ボウズ
Jacob DnMe+ Model.png ジャコテン (Jacob) Bird Male Lazy Virgo っつーの
Jambette PG Model.png Jambette Frog Female Normal Scorpio croak-kay
Jane PG Model.png Jane Gorilla Female Snooty Sagittarius chimp
Jay PG Model.png Jay Bird Male Jock Cancer heeeeeyy
Jeremiah PG Model.png Jeremiah Frog Male Lazy Cancer nee-deep
Joe DnMe+ Model.png ジョー (Joe) Bird Male Cranky Cancer やれやれ
Joey PG Model.png Joey Duck Male Lazy Capricorn bleeeeeck
Jūbei DnMe+ Model.png ジュウベエ (Jūbei) Lion Male Cranky Sagittarius いかにも
Julia DnMe+ Model.png ジュリア (Julia) This villager is an islander Ostrich Female Snooty Leo やだわ
June PG Model.png June This villager is an islander Bear cub Female Normal Gemini rainbow
Kabuki PG Model.png Kabuki Cat Male Cranky Sagittarius meooo-OH
Ketchup DnMe+ Model.png ケチャップ (Ketchup) Duck Female Peppy Leo プチ
Kid Cat DnMe+ Model.png 1ごう (Kid Cat) Cat Male Jock Leo とぉっ
Kidd DnMe+ Model.png やさお (Kidd) This villager is an islander Goat Male Lazy Cancer はぁ
Kiki PG Model.png Kiki Cat Female Normal Libra kittycat
Kit DnMe+ Model.png キット (Kit) Squirrel Male Jock Libra だキョ
Kitt PG Model.png Kitt Kangaroo Female Normal Libra child
Kitty PG Model.png Kitty Cat Female Snooty Aquarius mrowrr
Kody PG Model.png Kody Bear cub Male Jock Libra okey-dokey
Koharu DnMe+ Model.png こはる (Koharu) This villager is an islander Kangaroo Female Peppy Libra ちょいと
Leigh PG Model.png Leigh Chicken Female Peppy Sagittarius cutie
Leonardo DnMe+ Model.png ヒョウタ (Leonardo) Tiger Male Jock Taurus じゃが
Leopold PG Model.png Leopold Lion Male Jock Leo lion cub
Lily PG Model.png Lily Frog Female Normal Aquarius toady
Limberg PG Model.png Limberg Mouse Male Cranky Libra squinky
Liz PG Model.png Liz Alligator Female Normal Virgo groonch
Lobo PG Model.png Lobo Wolf Male Cranky Scorpio ah-rooooo
Lolly DnMe+ Model.png ラムネ (Lolly) Cat Female Normal Aries あのね
Louie PG Model.png Louie Gorilla Male Jock Aries toots
Lucky PG Model.png Lucky Dog Male Lazy Scorpio rrr-owch
Lucy PG Model.png Lucy Pig Female Normal Gemini snoooink
Lulu PG Model.png Lulu Hippo Female Peppy Sagittarius yaaaawl
Lulu DnMe+ Model.png ルル (Lulu) This villager is an islander Anteater Female Snooty Pisces あらあら
Madam Rosa DnMe+ Model.png マダムローザ (Madam Rosa) This villager is an islander Bird Female Snooty Scorpio ほほほ
Maddie PG Model.png Maddie Dog Female Peppy Capricorn yippee
Maelle PG Model.png Maelle This villager is an islander Duck Female Snooty Aries duckling
Maggie DnMe+ Model.png マーガレット (Maggie) Pig Female Normal Virgo うん
Mallary PG Model.png Mallary Duck Female Snooty Scorpio quackpth
Maple PG Model.png Maple Bear cub Female Normal Gemini honey
Marcy PG Model.png Marcy Kangaroo Female Peppy Cancer young 'un
Margie DnMe+ Model.png サリー (Margie) Elephant Female Normal Aquarius シャララ
Marina DnMe+ Model.png タコリーナ (Marina) This villager is an islander Octopus Female Normal Gemini きゃ
Masa DnMe+ Model.png マサ (Masa) This villager is an islander Dog Male Jock Pisces てもんだ
Mathilda PG Model.png Mathilda Kangaroo Female Snooty Scorpio wee baby
Megumi DnMe+ Model.png メグミ (Megumi) Dog Female Peppy Aries きゅん
Meow DnMe+ Model.png ミャウ (Meow) Cat Female Peppy Virgo ミャウ
Merry DnMe+ Model.png さっち (Merry) Cat Female Peppy Cancer にゃん
Midge PG Model.png Midge Bird Female Normal Pisces tweedledee
Mint PG Model.png Mint Squirrel Female Snooty Taurus ahhhhhh
Miranda DnMe+ Model.png ミランダ (Miranda) Duck Female Snooty Taurus なにさ
Mitzi PG Model.png Mitzi Cat Female Normal Libra mew
Moe DnMe+ Model.png ジンペイ (Moe) Cat Male Lazy Capricorn
Monique PG Model.png Monique Cat Female Snooty Libra pffffft
Murphy PG Model.png Murphy Bear cub Male Cranky Capricorn laddie
Nan DnMe+ Model.png スミ (Nan) Goat Female Normal Virgo っしょ
Nate PG Model.png Nate Bear Male Lazy Leo yawwwn
Nibbles PG Model.png Nibbles Squirrel Female Peppy Cancer niblet
Nindori DnMe+ Model.png ニンドリ (Nindori) Ostrich Male Jock Virgo ドクソウ
Norma DnMe+ Model.png いさこ (Norma) This villager is an islander Cow Female Normal Virgo うふ
Nosegay PG Model.png Nosegay Anteater Female Normal Aquarius hoooonk
O'Hare PG Model.png O'Hare This villager is an islander Rabbit Male Cranky Virgo amigo
Octavian PG Model.png Octavian Octopus Male Cranky Virgo sucker
Olive PG Model.png Olive Bear cub Female Normal Cancer sweet pea
Olivia PG Model.png Olivia Cat Female Snooty Aquarius purrr
Opal PG Model.png Opal Elephant Female Snooty Aquarius snoot
Otis PG Model.png Otis Bird Male Lazy Capricorn I s'pose
Oxford PG Model.png Oxford Bull Male Cranky Taurus bully, eh
Ozzie PG Model.png Ozzie Koala Male Lazy Taurus ol' bear
Pango PG Model.png Pango Anteater Female Peppy Scorpio snooooof
Paolo PG Model.png Paolo Elephant Male Lazy Taurus pal
Pate PG Model.png Pate Duck Female Peppy Pisces quackle
Patricia DnMe+ Model.png パトリシア (Patricia) This villager is an islander Rhinoceros Female Normal Virgo えへっ
Patty PG Model.png Patty Cow Female Peppy Taurus how now
Paula DnMe+ Model.png レイチェル (Paula) Bear Female Peppy Aries ヤッホー
Peaches PG Model.png Peaches Horse Female Normal Sagittarius neighbor
Peanut PG Model.png Peanut Squirrel Female Peppy Gemini slacker
Pecan PG Model.png Pecan Squirrel Female Snooty Virgo chipmunk
Peewee PG Model.png Peewee Gorilla Male Cranky Virgo li'l dude
Peggy DnMe+ Model.png ちえり (Peggy) Pig Female Peppy Gemini ぷるる
Penny PG Model.png Penny Mouse Female Peppy Cancer ska-WEAK
Petunia PG Model.png Petunia Cow Female Snooty Taurus moo la la
Pierce PG Model.png Pierce Eagle Male Jock Capricorn winger
Pierre DnMe+ Model.png ピエール (Pierre) Cat Male Jock Sagittarius ってね
Pigleg PG Model.png Pigleg This villager is an islander Pig Male Jock Leo arrrn
Pinky PG Model.png Pinky Bear Female Peppy Virgo cubbie
Piper PG Model.png Piper Bird Female Peppy Aries chickadee
Pippy PG Model.png Pippy Rabbit Female Peppy Gemini li'l hare
Plucky PG Model.png Plucky This villager is an islander Chicken Female Peppy Libra chicky poo
Poko DnMe+ Model.png ポコ (Poko) Bear cub Male Jock Aries へへ
Pompom PG Model.png Pompom Duck Female Peppy Aquarius rah rah
Poncho PG Model.png Poncho Bear cub Male Jock Capricorn li'l bear
Portia PG Model.png Portia Dog Female Snooty Scorpio ruffian
Prince PG Model.png Prince Frog Male Lazy Cancer burrup
Puck PG Model.png Puck Penguin Male Lazy Pisces brrrrrrrrr
Puddles PG Model.png Puddles Frog Female Peppy Capricorn splish
Pudge PG Model.png Pudge Bear cub Male Lazy Gemini pudgy
Punchy PG Model.png Punchy Cat Male Lazy Aries mrmpht
Purrl PG Model.png Purrl Cat Female Snooty Gemini kitten
Queenie PG Model.png Queenie Ostrich Female Snooty Scorpio chicken
Quetzal PG Model.png Quetzal Eagle Male Jock Virgo SKREEE
Raddle DnMe+ Model.png カックン (Raddle) This villager is an islander Frog Male Lazy Gemini へくしっ
Rasher PG Model.png Rasher Pig Male Cranky Aries swine
Rex PG Model.png Rex Lion Male Lazy Leo cool cat
Rhoda PG Model.png Rhoda Chicken Female Snooty Aries clucky
Ribbot PG Model.png Ribbot Frog Male Jock Aquarius zzrrbbitt
Ricky PG Model.png Ricky Squirrel Male Cranky Virgo nutcase
Rio PG Model.png Rio Ostrich Female Peppy Virgo li'l chick
Rizzo PG Model.png Rizzo Mouse Male Cranky Capricorn squee
Roald PG Model.png Roald Penguin Male Jock Capricorn b-b-buddy
Robin PG Model.png Robin Bird Female Snooty Sagittarius la-di-da
Rocco PG Model.png Rocco Hippo Male Cranky Leo hippie
Rod DnMe+ Model.png ジャン (Rod) Mouse Male Jock Leo すっげぇ
Rolf PG Model.png Rolf Tiger Male Cranky Leo grrrolf
Rollo PG Model.png Rollo Hippo Male Lazy Leo beaulch
Roscoe DnMe+ Model.png シュバルツ (Roscoe) Horse Male Cranky Gemini ブルル
Rosie PG Model.png Rosie Cat Female Peppy Pisces silly
Roswell DnMe+ Model.png ピロンコン (Roswell) This villager is an islander Alligator Male Lazy Sagittarius パヨマケ
Rowan PG Model.png Rowan This villager is an islander Tiger Male Cranky Virgo mango
Hazel PG Model.png Hazel (Sally) Squirrel Female Normal Gemini nutmeg
Samson PG Model.png Samson Mouse Male Jock Cancer pipsqueak
Sandy PG Model.png Sandy Ostrich Female Normal Libra speedy
Savannah PG Model.png Savannah Horse Female Normal Aquarius y'all
Scoot PG Model.png Scoot Duck Male Jock Gemini zip zoom
Shinabiru DnMe+ Model.png シナビル (Shinabiru) Duck Male Jock Cancer シナ
Shoukichi DnMe+ Model.png しょうきち (Shoukichi) Bird Male Jock Capricorn ズン
Snake PG Model.png Snake Rabbit Male Jock Scorpio bunyip
Snooty PG Model.png Snooty Anteater Female Snooty Scorpio sniffff
Spike PG Model.png Spike Rhinoceros Male Cranky Cancer punk
Spork PG Model.png Spork Pig Male Lazy Virgo snork
Sprocket PG Model.png Sprocket Ostrich Male Jock Sagittarius zort
Static PG Model.png Static Squirrel Male Cranky Cancer krzzt
Stella PG Model.png Stella Sheep Female Normal Aries baa-dabing
Stinky PG Model.png Stinky Cat Male Jock Leo GAAHHH
Stu PG Model.png Stu Bull Male Lazy Taurus moo-dude
Sue E PG Model.png Sue E Pig Female Snooty Libra snort
Sunny DnMe+ Model.png サニー (Sunny) Frog Female Normal Sagittarius でちょ
Sven PG Model.png Sven Goat Male Lazy Capricorn buh-uh-ud
Sydney PG Model.png Sydney Koala Female Normal Gemini sunshine
Sylvana DnMe+ Model.png もんぺ (Sylvana) Squirrel Female Normal Libra ひゅん
Sylvia DnMe+ Model.png シルビア (Sylvia) Kangaroo Female Snooty Taurus よねー
T-Bone PG Model.png T-Bone Bull Male Lazy Taurus moocher
Tabby PG Model.png Tabby Cat Female Peppy Leo me-WOW
Tad PG Model.png Tad Frog Male Jock Leo sluuuurp
Tangy PG Model.png Tangy Cat Female Peppy Gemini reeeeOWR
Tank PG Model.png Tank Rhinoceros Male Jock Taurus kerPOW
Tarou DnMe+ Model.png タロウ (Tarou) Wolf Male Jock Gemini ワオーン
Tasha DnMe+ Model.png ナターシャ (Tasha) Squirrel Female Snooty Sagittarius やるわね
Teddy PG Model.png Teddy Bear Male Jock Libra grooof
Tiara PG Model.png Tiara Rhinoceros Female Snooty Scorpio lovey
Tiffany DnMe+ Model.png バズレー (Tiffany) Rabbit Female Snooty Capricorn ってさ
Tom PG Model.png Tom Cat Male Cranky Sagittarius me-YOWZA
Truffles PG Model.png Truffles Pig Female Peppy Leo snouty
Tutu PG Model.png Tutu Bear Female Peppy Virgo twinkles
Twiggy PG Model.png Twiggy Bird Female Peppy Cancer cheepers
Twirp PG Model.png Twirp Bird Male Cranky Leo CHIRP
Tybalt PG Model.png Tybalt Tiger Male Jock Leo grrrRAH
Ursala PG Model.png Ursala Bear Female Snooty Capricorn grooomph
Valise PG Model.png Valise Kangaroo Female Snooty Sagittarius tadder
Velma PG Model.png Velma Goat Female Snooty Capricorn blih
Vesta PG Model.png Vesta Sheep Female Normal Aries baaaffo
Victoria DnMe+ Model.png セントアロー (Victoria) Horse Female Peppy Scorpio いくわよ
Violet DnMe+ Model.png ウズメ (Violet) This villager is an islander Gorilla Female Peppy Virgo アイヤ
Vivian DnMe+ Model.png ヴァネッサ (Vivian) Wolf Female Snooty Aquarius だわよ
Vladimir PG Model.png Vladimir Bear cub Male Cranky Leo nyet
Wade DnMe+ Model.png カマボコ (Wade) Penguin Male Lazy Scorpio だからね
Walker DnMe+ Model.png ベン (Walker) Dog Male Lazy Gemini バウ
Wart Jr PG Model.png Wart Jr (Wart Jr.) Frog Male Cranky Leo grr-ribbit
Weber PG Model.png Weber Duck Male Lazy Cancer quaa
Weldon DnMe+ Model.png ウェルダン (Weldon) This villager is an islander Bull Male Cranky Aquarius ムーチョ
Willow DnMe+ Model.png マリー (Willow) Sheep Female Snooty Sagittarius ですのよ
Winnie PG Model.png Winnie Horse Female Peppy Aquarius hay-OK
Wolfgang PG Model.png Wolfgang Wolf Male Cranky Sagittarius snarrrl
Woolio PG Model.png Woolio Sheep Male Jock Aries biz-aaa
Yodel PG Model.png Yodel This villager is an islander Gorilla Male Lazy Sagittarius odelay
Yuka PG Model.png Yuka Koala Female Snooty Cancer tsk tsk
Zoe PG Model.png Zoe Anteater Female Normal Aquarius whiiifff
  • Animal Island PG Icon.png = Indicates the villager is an islander.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Blanca, Gracie, and Saharah are male in all the Japanese games and Dòngwù Sēnlín.
  2. In Doubutsu no Mori, Gulliver instead gives a random regular furniture item.
  3. Kapp'n is a kappa in all the Japanese games and Dòngwù Sēnlín.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook are tanuki in all the Japanese games and Dòngwù Sēnlín.