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Phyllis NL.png
Domain Eukarya
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Pelecaniformes
Family Pelecanidae
Genus Pelecanus
No. of islanders 0
No. of special characters 3

Pelicans are a species of bird character in the Animal Crossing series, all of whom work at the Post Office. So far, all pelicans are workers in the Town Hall. All the pelicans up to Animal Crossing: City Folk are special characters.



Main article: Pelly

Pelly is a white pelican who works daytime shift in the Town Hall. In Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: Wild World, she has a crush on Pete.


Main article: Pete

Pete is a white pelican who is the postman. In Wild World, he can be shot down with a slingshot. He has a crush on Phyllis in Wild World, even though Pelly likes him. In City Folk, he has a crush on Phyllis again. Villagers in City Folk will mention this when he is in town.


Main article: Phyllis

Phyllis is a purple pelican that works nights at the Town Hall. She constantly mutters under her breath, shown in game as a lighter colored text. Pete has a crush on her in City Folk.


Pete in City Folk
  • When the player first meets Tortimer in City Folk, he asks the player what his or her favorite character so far is. He mentions the only four characters that the players are supposed to meet so far: Cat (Rover), Turtle (Tortimer), Racoon (Tom Nook), and Pelican (Pelly or Phyllis). If the player says pelican, Pelly/Phyllis will look surprised.

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