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"Who-? Wha-? Why-! HEY! Who put that there!?"
— Huggy in a pitfall, Animal Crossing
Species Personality Gender
Koala Peppy Female
Initial phrase bear
Initial clothes Jade Check Print

Huggy (ダッコ, Dakko) is a peppy, koala villager from the Animal Crossing series. Her only appearance is in Animal Crossing for the GameCube. She gets her name from 'Huggy Bear,' a character that appeared on a late 20th century TV show, 'Starsky and Hutch'. Her initial phrase, "bear", comes from her species name, koala bear.



Huggy is a tan koala with a light brown nose, rosy cheeks and a cheery smile. She has large ears that have white inside them. She wears a jade check print shirt when she first moves into your town. She has white ears trimmed brown. In Doubutsu no Mori, Huggy's fur is orange instead of tan, and her nose is a much darker brown. Her rosy cheeks are also colored pink instead of red.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

As a peppy villager, Huggy will always appear to be in a good mood. She will get along with other villagers including the player, making it easy to befriend. She will enjoy the usual hobbies, and may ask the player for bugs or fish that she finds cute. She will easily get upset, but due to a short attention span she will forget ever having the conversation. Like all peppy villagers, she dreams of becoming famous in the future. She will get on well with normal, lazy, and other peppy villagers, but may annoy snooty and cranky villagers with her upbeat personality.


Huggy has K.K. March in her house and a few gyroids.




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