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Type of Mouse villager Candi mus08
Artwork of Candi the Mouse
Species Personality Gender
Mouse Emotion Encouraging NH Icon cropped.png Peppy Female
Birthday April 13th Aries
Favorite saying "The players may change, but the music stays the same."
Catchphrase "sweetie"
Clothing Ancient Knit[nb 1]
Deer Shirt[nb 2]
Bohemian Tunic Dress (Navy Blue)[nb 3]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages
Phrase in other languages

Candi is a peppy mouse villager in the Animal Crossing series. She first appeared in Doubutsu no Mori and after her appearance in Doubutsu no Mori e+, she remained absent from the series until Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo. She shares her catchphrase with Violet, a snooty gorilla villager.

In New Horizons, Candi has the play hobby and can run around with her arms extended at any time, rather than only outside Resident Services during a scripted activity with a group of villagers.


Artwork of Candi from Animal Crossing.


Candi is a pink mouse with large, puffed cheeks and a half smile, bearing a resemblance to Dora, another mouse villager. The inside of her ears are blue.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

Candi is a peppy villager, appearing very energetic and cheerful. Because of this attitude, she is fairly easy to befriend. Candi will get along well with Normal and big sister (Uchi) villagers, talking about normal "Girly" stuff, as well as Jock villagers, due to having similar levels of energy. She does not get along well with cranky or snooty villagers, due to them conflicting with her upbeat personality. When talking to them, she may often say "You know you're always rude!" or other cheeky quotes, like calling them "old" or "boring".

Villager information[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

Species Personality Catchphrase
Mouse Peppy sweetie
Default clothing Ancient Knit PG Model.png Ancient Knit
Default umbrella Petal Parasol PG Model.png Petal Parasol
Star sign (DnMe+) Aries Aries
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style (DnMe+) Cool
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style (DnMe+) Subtle
Live song gift (DnMe+) K.K. Calypso

In Welcome amiibo[edit]

The players may change, but the music stays the same.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
April 13 Aries Peppy sweetie
Default clothing Deer Shirt HHD Icon.png Deer Shirt
Default umbrella Maple Umbrella HHD Icon.png Maple Umbrella
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style Historical
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style Rock 'n' Roll
Favorite color
Siblings Eldest of 7 kids
Skill Home repair
Goal Judge
Halloween fear Monster Mask HHD Icon.png Monster Mask
Coffee preferences
Type of beans Kilimanjaro
Amount of milk Lots
Amount of sugar Three spoonfuls

In New Horizons[edit]

The players may change, but the music stays the same.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
April 13 Aries Peppy (A) sweetie
Default clothing Bohemian Tunic Dress (Navy Blue) NH Icon.png Bohemian Tunic Dress (Navy Blue)
Default umbrella Blue Shiny-Bows Parasol NH Icon.png Blue Shiny-Bows Parasol
Favorite styles Simple and Cute
Favorite colors
Hobby Play
Carried bag Veggie
Book Comic
Food Donut
Drink Tea can or yellow mug
Popsicle Orange
Ideal clothing for Candi – Aqua / Yellow Simple and Cute clothing
Villagers prefer clothing that matches any one of their favorite colors or styles.
For brevity, the following list only shows clothing that matches both favorite colors and one favorite style.
Name Image Price Available from
Dotted Raincoat (Turquoise) Dotted Raincoat (Turquoise) NH Icon.png  1,600 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Energetic Sweater (Yellow) Energetic Sweater (Yellow) NH Icon.png  960 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Kids' Smock (Chick) Kids' Smock (Chick) NH Icon.png  1,500 Bells  Able Sisters
Long Denim Cardigan (Yellow) Long Denim Cardigan (Yellow) NH Icon.png  2,000 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Morning-Glory Yukata (Aqua) Morning-Glory Yukata (Aqua) NH Icon.png  2,280 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
More Aqua Items
More Yellow Items
More Simple Items
More Cute Items


In Animal Crossing[edit]

In Welcome amiibo[edit]


Exterior of Candi's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Interior of Candi's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
 Merchandise Table  Ice-Cream Case
 Waiting-Room Bench  Meeting-Room Table
 Basic Display Stand (x2)  Shopping Cart
 Store Shelf  Cans
 Shopping Bag  Modern Cash Register
 Cash Tray  Wall-Mounted Speaker
 LED Display
Wall:  Neutral Wall
Floor:  Kitschy Tile
Music:  K.K. Ragtime [nb 4]


NLWa RV Exterior Yellow.png
RV of Candi NLWa.png
Description: Candi's camper has a little something for everyone. She wishes she had everything for everyone, but nobody could make a camper that big.
Basic Display Stand NLWa Model.png Basic Display Stand (x2) Cans NLWa Model.png Cans
Cypress Plant NLWa Model.png Cypress Plant Merchandise Table NLWa Model.png Merchandise Table
Modern Cash Register NLWa Model.png Modern Cash Register Shopping Bag NLWa Model.png Shopping Bag
Shopping Cart NL Model.png Shopping Cart Stacked Magazines NLWa Model.png Stacked Magazines
Store Shelf NLWa Model.png Store Shelf
Wallpaper: Neutral Wall NL.png Neutral Wall
Floor: Kitschy Tile NL.png Kitschy Tile
Music: K.K. Ragtime (Album Cover) HHD Icon.png K.K. Ragtime

In New Horizons[edit]

In New Horizons, if Candi is one of the villagers who moved in during the main storyline after the villager house development quest, her house will have a combination of non-craftable furniture, plus items crafted by players during the island development storyline, primarily from the Wooden Block Series.

Other appearances[edit]

In Pocket Camp[edit]

"What sorts of adventures have you been on lately, sweetie?"
— Introduction from character announcement, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Candi was added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on November 24, 2020.[1]

The players may change, but the music stays the same.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
April 13 Aries Peppy sweetie
Default clothing Deer Shirt PC Icon.png Deer Shirt
Description Ever since she was little, Candi's been a big fan of all things music. Now she's about to take the next step and make music of her very own.
Preferred theme PC Banner - Historical.png
Primary reward Cotton PC Icon.png Cotton
Version added 4.0.0
Date unlocked November 24, 2020
How to invite Blathers PC Character Icon.png Blathers's Treasure Trek
Friendship rewards
Level 7 Deer Shirt PC Icon.png Deer Shirt
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
Level 9 Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
Level 15 Crafting request: Sanshin PC Icon.pngSanshin
Level 20 Candi's Pic PC Icon.png Candi‎‎'s Pic
Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
Level 25 - 50 Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
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Scrapbook Memories appearances
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Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing e-Reader card[edit]

Animal Crossing-e 3-186 (Candi).jpg

Card back

Animal Crossing-e 3-186 (Candi - Back).jpg

#186 Candi - Series 3
Gender: Female
Clothes: Ancient Knit
Sign: Aries
Phrase: sweetie
Profile: When Candi gets a song in her head, it tends to set up camp in there and stay awhile. She'll lie in bed at night and hum to herself, dreaming of becoming a rock star. By morning, though, she forgets all about it.
Password: L3kk&OVnP&b9nt

Welcome amiibo card[edit]

036 Candi NL amiibo card NA.png

Card back

WAmiibo card back.png

#36 Candi
RV items
Neutral Wall HHD Icon.png
Neutral Wall
Kitschy Tile HHD Icon.png
Kitschy Tile
Basic Display Stand NLWa Model.png
Basic Display Stand
Cans NLWa Model.png
Cypress Plant NLWa Model.png
Cypress Plant
Merchandise Table NLWa Model.png
Merchandise Table
Modern Cash Register NLWa Model.png
Modern Cash Register
Shopping Bag NLWa Model.png
Shopping Bag
Shopping Cart NL Model.png
Shopping Cart

Store Shelf NLWa Model.png
Store Shelf


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese かんゆ

Korean 사탕

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
甘油 / 甘油

Russian Кэнди
Same as English name

Dutch Candi -

German Renate -

European Spanish Chuchi -

European French Sucrette Sweetie

Italian Mella From caramella, candy.

See also[edit]


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  2. Welcome amiibo
  3. New Horizons
  4. Does not contain a stereo initially


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