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Ungifted House Intricacies (New Horizons)



As explained in the "Seasonality" section of Stoney's replacement guide, certain "seasonal" surface furniture will not be displayed unless it's the correct season. (For the purposes of observing an ungifted villager, floor furniture and wall-mounted furniture are exempt, only surface furniture is affected.) This is important as it affects the quality of the house screenshots for certain villagers who happen to own "seasonal" furniture located on a surface, in their default house. Here is a list of affected villagers.




Ideally, the aforementioned villagers should have screenshots of their houses taken during the appropriate season.

Surface Furniture

Ungifted villagers will not always display all of their surface furniture. At the beginning of each day, they may randomly select surface furniture to temporarily hide. The surface furniture is still in their inventory, just not on display. All of a villager's datamined furniture can be seen in SuperSpazzy's Room Viewer website. In the datamined lists of furniture for each villager, the surface furniture at the bottom/end of the list is prioritized to be displayed first. Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples. (Note: This is purely for ungifted villagers.)



  • Datamined Surface Furniture List: Cute Music Player, Mug
  • Removal Observations: Phoebe sometimes temporarily hides her Cute Music Player. She will never remove her Mug.



  • Datamined Surface Furniture List: Magazine, Rattan Towel Basket, Rattan Table Lamp
  • Removal Observations: Reneigh sometimes temporarily hides her Magazine. Extremely rarely, she temporarily hides her Rattan Towel Basket. She will never remove her Rattan Table Lamp.

Again, this is a non-exhaustive list. Temporarily hidden surface furniture affects many different villagers. Characters with many pieces of surface furniture, such as Bea, Henry, Iggly, and Marshal, have so much surface furniture that it's an extremely rare (but possible) event to see all pieces of surface furniture displayed at once. Ideally, a person who owns a villager with lots of surface furniture should wait for the opportune day when the stars align and all surface furniture is displayed, for a nice-looking screenshot of their house.

Impossible Wall-Mounted Furniture (Version 1.5 and earlier)

NOTE: Patched with Version 1.6 on November 18, 2020. Only screenshots and footage before the Version 1.6 update are affected by this bug.

Before the Version 1.6 update, certain pieces of wall-mounted furniture were unable to be properly displayed within the actual game itself, despite existing within a villager's datamined list of furniture. For example, Bea should have been able to display a Pot Rack in her house, as it is in her datamined list of furniture, but in-game, she did not display a Pot Rack, even if she was ungifted. It was hypothesized that conflicting nearby furniture prevented certain wall-mounted furniture from being properly displayed. However, even before the Version 1.6 update fixed all impossible wall-mounted furniture, the official Animal Crossing Instagram displayed the proper furniture layouts, including wall-mounted furniture that should have been impossible to see through natural gameplay. This made the official Animal Crossing Instagram a useful resource, until the Version 1.6 update ultimately fixed all of the broken furniture. Here is a list of villagers that were affected by this bug.

Ideally, the aforementioned villagers should have screenshots of their house retaken after downloading the Version 1.6 update, to reflect the previously-missing wall-mounted furniture.
*Cesar's Pot Rack was completely removed from the game after the Version 1.6 update. An ideal version of his house containing the Pot Rack is displayed on the official Instagram,[1] which is interesting since the final game was never able to display it.

Even though Gwen's house properly displayed her Bathroom Towel Rack (and Bathrobe) prior to the Version 1.6 update, they were were completely removed from the game after the update. The official Instagram posted her house after the Version 1.6 update, on January 22, 2021, and does not include these removed items.[2]


Randomly, a villager may be selected to craft an item, which means they'll be at their DIY table. Some villagers have a designated DIY table already on display in their house, while others need to pull a DIY table from the void in order to craft. Those that pull a DIY table from the void will temporarily hide any displayed furniture that happens to overlap with the DIY table. Prior to at least the Version 1.4 update, characters like Maddie and Moose would even temporarily hide their rugs if there was overlap. Once the DIY table is on display, it will remain on display for the remainder of the day, making it inconvenient to grab a clean screenshot of a villager's house. Ideally, optional DIY tables should not be displayed.

Note that this is a simplified explanation of it, as even villagers that have a designated DIY table already on display in their house will replace it with an identical DIY table that they pull from the void. This DIY table is listed at the bottom of each villager's datamined list of furniture. In the case of Frobert prior to the Version 1.4 update, his Simple Medium Avocado Mat disappeared, even though he crafted at a DIY table that already existed in his house. In the case of Claude prior the Version 1.4 update, the developers failed to properly overlay Claude's DIY tables on top of each other, and the already-existing DIY table would clip into the newly-placed DIY table.[3]

Oddities Involving the Official Instagram

Clean Gifts Guide (New Horizons)

About Clean Gifts

When you give gifts to your villagers, they sometimes like to store the gift in their house. However, certain players may be concerned about keeping a villager's house in pristine "ungifted" condition so that the house looks nice. This guide will explain which gifts affect a villager's house.

Potential Gifts

Not Safe

Furniture, clothing (tops/bottoms/dress-up/headwear/accessories/socks/shoes/bags), certain tools (nets/fishing rods/watering cans/umbrellas/sparklers), insects, fish, sea critters, art, music, plucked flowers.

  • Note: Even wall-mounted furniture is not safe even though it's not visibly displayed, because enough of it will overload a villager's inventory to the point where they will start removing wall-mounted furniture and surface furniture.

Kinda Safe

Certain tools (shovels/party poppers/ocarinas/tambourines/pan flutes/uchiwa fans/balloons/bubble blowers/pinwheels/tweeters/sparkling cider), rugs.

  • Note 1: They will put these in their house if you give on their birthday or mail it. Only hand-gift these.
  • Note 2: Birthday-gifted/mailed rugs don't get physically placed but are stored in their inventory.


Certain furniture (insect models/fish models), certain clothing (wet suits), certain tools (axes/slingshots/wands), identified fossils, wallpaper, flooring. All materials that don't have the "Place Item" feature, including clumps of weeds, tree branches, wood, hardwood, softwood, clay, stones, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, pearls, bamboo pieces, bamboo shoots, young spring bamboo, all sea shells, summer shells, Bunny Day eggs, heart crystals, acorns, pine cones, candy, pumpkins, mushrooms, unidentified fossils, wasp nests, pitfall seeds, fish bait, medicine, customization kits, customizable phone case kits, timers, birthday cupcakes, all fruit, turnips, flower seed bags, saplings, starts, and trees.

Safe but Rejected

Boots, empty cans, old tires, spoiled turnips, used fountain fireworks, bells.

Can't Gift

Wrapping paper, vaulting pole, ladder, villager photos, posters, flower plants, bushes, star fragments, Zodiac fragments, cherry-blossom petals, maple leaves, snowflakes, ornaments, fences, Nook Miles Tickets, Saharah Tickets, Tailors tickets, Bell vouchers, Dream Bell exchange tickets, DIY’s, message bottles, what was this again? (expired lost item), Wisp spirit pieces, rusted parts, communicator parts, communicator, Manila clam.

  • Note: Although you can't hand-gift vaulting pole, ladder, villager photos, or posters, mailing these will actually cause them to get added to their inventory.

Villager Photos

Villagers may give you their photo either if you give them a gift that sells for 750+ bells, give them a gift on their birthday, or fulfill a friendship sidequest (with a chance of a "good" reward). Stuff that costs 3,000 bells sells for 750 bells. Here is a convenient non-comprehensive list of some "safe" and non-expensive 750+ selling price gifts. (You have to gift-wrap stacks of items, otherwise villagers will only take one item from the stack.)

Safe 750+

  • Giant clam
  • Gold nugget
  • Pearl
  • Bamboo tree

Safe Wrapped 750+

  • 8 native fruit
  • 2 foreign fruit
  • 3 coconuts
  • 3 pumpkins
  • 3 bamboo shoots
  • 10 bamboo pieces
  • 10 stones
  • 8 clay
  • 2 iron nuggets
  • 13 wood/softwood/hardwood
  • 75 weeds
  • 3 wasp nests
  • 2 conches / 2 corals / 3 Venus combs / 5 sea snails / 7 sand dollars
  • 6 pitfall seeds (24 weeds and 36 branches)
  • 4 fish bait
  • 8 medicine
  • 5 saplings
  • 5 customization kits

Version Changes

Version 1.3 and earlier

  • The wrapped bells trick (entailed on the left here) works.
  • The threshold for gifts with a return photo chance is 2,500+ bells selling price.
  • Stacks of items that are gift-wrapped and given to a villager will only calculate the price of 1 singular item within the stack. Gift-wrapping 3 native fruits is calculated as a sell price of 100 even though together they sell for 300.
  • Villagers can give you furniture or clothing as the return gift.
  • Gifting art will be completely discarded and not stored in a villager's inventory.
  • Birthday-gifting or mailing wet suits/axes/slingshots/wands/fish models/insect models/identified fossils will store the item in a villager's inventory.

Version 1.4 and later

  • The wrapped bells trick (entailed on the left here) was patched out.
  • The threshold for gifts with a return photo chance is 750+ bells selling price.
  • Stacks of items that are gift-wrapped and given to a villager have their sell prices properly calculated. Gift-wrapping 3 native fruits is calculated as a sell price of 300, unlike previous patches when it used to be improperly calculated as 100.
  • Villagers can give you furniture, clothing, OR wallpaper/flooring as the return gift.
  • Gifting art will store the item in a villager's inventory.
  • Birthday-gifting or mailing wet suits/axes/slingshots/wands/fish models/insect models/identified fossils will be completely discarded and not stored in a villager's inventory.

Version 1.7

  • Before, certain clothing (unwearable headwear/bottoms/socks/shoes/bags) were stored via mailing and birthday-gifting, but were discarded through hand-gifting. However, with the Version 1.7 update, these items are stored even via hand-gifting, changing them from "kinda safe" to "not safe."


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