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MEOW Coupons (Mutual Exchange Of Wealth) are a form of non-transferable currency introduced in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo update. The currency is accepted by villagers and Harvey in his campground and is used to purchase unique furniture not available with Bells (although coupons can be traded for 3000 Bells each). MEOW Coupons are earned by completing Town Initiatives, distributed by a CAT machine in the player's town.


MEOW coupons can be used to buy un-orderable furniture and accessories from the campground and RVs. The player can choose to exchange one MEOW coupon for 3,000 Bells at the ABD.


MEOW Coupons can be obtained either by completing town initiatives, achieving target scores in Desert Island Escape, achieving a certain score in Puzzle League, or by freeing Wisp at the first encounter and using amiibo.