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About me

Hi, my name is Kalina, I'm a content moderator and discussion moderator on the Animal Crossing wiki. I joined the Nookipedia November 7 and my pronouns is she/her.

If you have any questions, write on my talk page! :)

Animal Crossing info (New Horizons)

I has played the ACNH game for over 380 hours. I has 5 stars and my native fruit was Peach. My island was called Kalinaland. My favorite villager on my island was Rosie, and my favorite special villager was Celeste and K.K. Slider. I has cafe on the island, a pool, a bar, a camp area, rock band, park and so on.


To-Do List

User:Kalina70/To-Do List


User:Kalina70/Sandbox 2


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