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This project is led by Kalina70.
As the leader, Kalina70 directs the project and its objectives. You can contact them directly on their talk page to discuss the project.
Tom Nook NH Character Icon.png
This project is led by Kalina70.
As the leader, Kalina70 directs the project and its objectives. You can contact them directly on their talk page to discuss the project.
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Welcome to Project Images! This project focuses on categorizing images, replacing outdated/poor quality images, uploading requested images and renaming images to be more concise. For those interested in participation, please sign your name at the bottom of the page.

Purpose & Guidelines[edit]

The purpose of Project Images is to better organize each image on the wiki based on game/content. Previously, images were only categorized by their license, or not at all, and this resulted in you needing to track down the image you wanted. Another purpose of the project is to give better naming standards to images, which previously only displayed the name of the character/item/mechanic without the game it pertained to, leading to confusion. Therefore, you will want to follow this standard:

  • If you are moving, uploading, or replacing CHARACTER images, give the name of the displayed character, followed by an abbreviation of source game, and then something to differentiate it from images of the same name. If the image already exists, but is not named or categorized in the way the guidelines express, it should be moved to a more proper name and given proper categories. An example is shown bellow:


Say that you have two separate images of Bob from Animal Crossing. One for his model, and another for his artwork (Both shown below, respectively). Both images deal with Bob, so therefore you'd start the name off with "Bob", followed by source game. In this case, use "PG" for Animal Crossing's Population Growing subtitle. For Bob's artwork, this is an acceptable name as is. As for the MODEL, simply naming it "Bob PG" would result in confusion, so add "Model" to the end of the name.

Next, you will need to categorize each image based on what is shown in the actual image. Artwork Bob is Character Artwork originating from Animal Crossing, so give it the licence "Character art" while adding the category "Animal Crossing (GCN) Images". Additionally, the file pertains to a villager, so give it the category "Villager Images" as well. Model Bob is exactly the same, except it is NOT Character Artwork and instead a render of a specific model. Therefore, give it the "Model Renders" category instead. Afterwards, you have successfully uploaded your first contribution to Project Images!

EXCEPTION: Player Images

There is one particular character that is an exception to the above rule: The Player. Because the player can have multiple appearances and each appearance is not specifically named, first state the gender of the player in the image with the answer order needed to get that appearance, followed by source game.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, however, the player can freely customize their character without inputing a series of answers, meaning they cannot be named based on answer order. Instead, they should instead be named based on what they are doing specifically in the artwork. (There is also some artwork from Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing that also have players doing specific things. However, these are optional).

  • If you are moving, uploading, or replacing SPRITE images, the same rules as above apply, unless there is also artwork of the same name, in which "sprite" should be added to the end of the name. If the sprite also happens to be an icon, it must have "icon" at the end of the name to avoid confusion. The category "Game Sprites" should be added in addition to the (source game) Images category, as well as the category of which the sprite pertains to, such as "Sprites of Items" or "Icon Sprites"
  • If you are moving, uploading, or replacing SCREENSHOTS, the same rules as above apply, except the categories "Game Screenshots" and "(Source game) screenshots" must be applied in place of the Sprite and Character categories. For screenshots, there are many variables that you will find. All are described bellow:
    • If the image involves a character, first state the source game, followed by the character (WITH spaces), and then briefly state what the character is doing. (I.E. If you have an image of Kid Cat stuck in a pitfall seed in Animal Crossing: City Folk, you should name it "CF Kid Cat Pitfall"). Then, give it the additional category "Gameplay Screenshots of Villagers" or "Gameplay Screenshots of Special Characters", depending on the character.
    • If the image involves a building, gameplay mechanic or object, simply title the image with the source game followed by the building/mechanic/object. Categorize the image using "Gameplay Screenshots of Locations", "Gameplay Screenshots of Game Mechanics", or "Gameplay Screenshots of Objects", respectively.

That should cover everything for now. If you're interested, please sign your name below, or check out several sources for getting the best images:

Image Sources[edit]



Low quality images[edit]

Files that can be improved in some way should have the {{Image-quality}} template added to their pages. A note describing what is wrong with the image should be left (i.e. {{Image-quality|<Reason>}}).

Images that Need Editing[edit]

Villager page work list
Once a villager's article page has been updated, use strikethrough markup (<s> & </s>) to cross out an Image from the list.

Files that need Template:File Info[edit]

Several files are currently missing the {{File Info}} template and could use one. 14,874 files are currently missing this template. Refer to this link to see the list of files.

Files that list Template:Personal upload as a license[edit]

Some files list {{Personal upload}} as a license. The license should specify the exact copyright use instead. 20 files currently list {{Personal upload}} as a license. Refer to this link to see the list of files.

Volunteer List[edit]

Please sign your name here if you are interested.