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My name is Austin, but you can call me LoneShadowStar. I mainly help around by uploading images to incomplete galleries or adding images to certain articles, as well as reformating certain pages to be more organized. I'm not much of a talker, and when I do, I talk in a formal manner, I am very concise and to the point, which means I struggle rather hard with elaborating. I have ADHD, OCD, and Autism, the latter of which makes me much smarter despite being only 17 years old (I've been told to have the intelligence of someone in their twenties.) The former makes me hyperfocus on one task and one task alone, and I don't rest until the task is completed. My OCD, finally, makes me extremely compelled to organize EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I. HAVE. In addition to my work on this wiki, I also have a signinficant place on Mario Wiki for the same reasons I'm famous on this wiki.

Ok, I don't just do Wiki work, I'm also a becoming video game designer (For my ongoing game/hack products, see the Project List), as well as a spriter straight out of The Spriters' Resource (Profile Shown here. I am a cautious person. Big time. There are times where I get unnecessarily scared and rather cowardly (I'm not actually a coward, I'm just elaborating.) See? I was cautious enough to put that goddamn disclaimer! Anyway, I tend to be rather worrisome of the inevitable and sometimes prepare in advance for that inevitable outcome.

The Name "LoneShadowStar" comes from a combination of the names of my islands in Tomodachi Collection (Shadow) and Tomodachi Life (Lone Star). My ex-online name, TheMorningFlash, is based on "News Flash".

The freaks and Weirdos of the many Lone Stars

Shown here is a list of every villager currently living in my town in each game.

Animal Crossing

Played as of late 2011. Later moved to my Wii after my physical GameCube broke down, also creating a new town in Dolphin as of 2018.

Current (GameCube Hardware)

Current (Dolphin)


Animal Crossing: Wild World

Played as of late 2011.



Animal Crossing: City Folk

My first Animal Crossing series game. Played as of 2008.



Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Played since July 11, 2013. An asterix by their name indicates that I have their picture.



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Favorite Villagers

In a perfect world, all of these villagers would be in my town.

Least Favorite Villagers

In a perfect world, none of these villagers would be in my town.

GameCube Villagers I wish would return

All of these villagers are ones I like, but have yet to appear outside of Animal Crossing or Doubutsu no Mori e+. If Nintendo ever does bring one or more back, they will be removed from the list. Or if I change my mind, whichever comes first.

Created Pages

Shown here is every page I have ever created on my own.

Ongoing Projects


  • Provide more coverage of Animal Crossing (80% Complete)
  • Reorganize various pages to follow more detail (40% Complete)
  • Categorize every image by game/character/etc. (45% Complete)


  • Complete the Donkey Kong Gallery (70% Complete)
  • Upload all sprites (if available) for the Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart DS galleries (40% Complete).


  • Revolution Industrial - A Steampunk inspired game staring two brothers entangled in war between two industrial powers. (In development, 45% complete)
  • Sheriff: Remastered - An extended universe of the Nintendo Arcade game Sheriff, featuring new characters, new environments, and new gameplay. (Concept)
  • Miitopia Extended - A makeover of the game Miitopia, featuring free-roam maps, more characters, and numerous Paper Mario mechanics. (On hiatus, 40% Complete)

Complete Projects

  • Complete the Yoshi's Story Gallery (Completed May 2, 2018)
  • Reformat all villager pages to follow Project Villager's standard.

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