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Not to be confused with Marcie, another kangaroo villager.

Type of Kangaroo villager Marcy  
Artwork of Marcy the Kangaroo
Species Personality Gender
Kangaroo Peppy Female
Star sign Cancer Cancer
Catchphrase "young 'un"
Clothing Snowcone shirt
Umbrella Polka parasol
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 モジモジ[nb 1]
 珠珠[nb 2]
Phrase in other languages
 mon bébé

Marcy is a peppy kangaroo villager in the Animal Crossing series. She appears in every first-generation Animal Crossing game. Her name may be derived from “marsupial”, relating to her species, while her catchphrase refers to her joey.



Marcy has black whiskers, a black nose, and big ears with blue on the inside of them. Her eyes are big and black. Marcy appears to be wearing a red bodysuit that starts on the back of her neck. She has white feet tips and has purple hand-tips.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

Marcy is a peppy villager, meaning that she will be very friendly and excitable, always acting very happy to see the player, and will often use words like "SOOO" and "Totally!" in conversation. She will not get along with snooty or cranky personalities very well.

Villager information[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

In Animal Crossing, Marcy cannot be one of the starting villagers in the player's town.

Species Personality Catchphrase
Kangaroo Peppy young 'un
Default clothing Snowcone Shirt PG Model.png Snowcone shirt
Default umbrella Polka Parasol PG Model.png Polka parasol
Doubutsu no Mori e+ traits
Star sign Cancer Cancer
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style Striking
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style Cool
Live song gift Aloha K.K.


In Animal Crossing[edit]

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing e-Reader card[edit]

Animal Crossing-e 2-112 (Marcy).jpg

Card back

Animal Crossing-e 2-112 (Marcy - Back).jpg

#112 Marcy - Series 2
Gender: Female
Sign: Cancer
Clothes: snowcone shirt
Petphrase: young'un[nb 3]
Profile: "Do your homework!" "Go put on a sweater!" "Your pouch is a mess! Clean it up!" Marcy is the strictest mother around, and everybody knows it. It must be hard to be stuck in her pouch like that.
Password: 6&7umWmvi#2cqw


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese モジモジ

Simplified Chinese 珠珠 (iQue)
Zhū zhū

German Marie Rhymes with the English name

European Spanish Marsu Similar to the English name

European French Marcia Similar to the English name

Italian Marzia Similar to the English name

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  1. Mojimoji
  2. Zhū zhū
  3. Erroneously "young'un" on the e-Reader card, her in-game phrase is "young 'un"