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"Don't put the cart before the horse."
— Victoria, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
St. Arrow
Victoria NLa.png
Species Personality Gender
Horse Peppy Female
Birthday July 11th
Star sign Cancer Cancer
Initial phrase いくわよ JP
sugar cube NA
Initial clothes Racer 6 Shirt*
One-Ball Tee*
Favorite Saying Don't put the cart before the horse.
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

Victoria is a peppy horse villager who appears in the Animal Crossing series, being introduced in Doubutsu no Mori e+, and appearing in every game up to Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo since that point. Considering she looks like a race horse, her name may simply relate to "victory". It could also come from the Victoria Derby, or the famous racehorse Victoria Park. Her Japanese name has been the name of several racehorses, as well as sounding similar to "centaur." Her initial phrase relates to sugar cubes being given to horses as a treat. This catchphrase is very similar to Cleo's catchphrase.



Victoria DnMe+.png

Victoria is a chestnut-colored horse with an orange mane and tail. She has large, dark eyes with long eyelashes. Her lower nose and ears appear to be darker than the rest of her head, though most of it is obscured by a yellow blinker hood giving her the appearance of a race horse.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

As a peppy villager, Victoria will always be in a good mood. She will get along other villagers including the player, making it easy to befriend her. As with other peppy villagers, she loves candy and sweet food. Peppy villagers take offense quite easily and may walk away upset rather than angry when the wrong things are said in a conversation between her and the player or another villager. She may be the target for cranky villagers' jokes and pranks.


In Wild World[edit]

Favorite Clothing
Smallcheckmark.png Cute Smallxmark.png Strange

Ideal Clothing for Victoria – Cute
Name Price Available From
Daisy Shirt 380 Able Sisters (Spring)
Tulip Shirt 280 Able Sisters (Spring)
Cherry Shirt 360 Able Sisters (Fall)
Frog Shirt 340 Able Sisters (Summer)
Bear Shirt 390 Able Sisters (All)
Bunny Shirt 360 Able Sisters (All)
Elephant Shirt 260 Able Sisters (All)
Heart Shirt 360 Able Sisters (All)
No.4 Shirt 250 Able Sisters (All)
Snowcone Shirt 420 Able Sisters (Summer)
More Cute Clothing

In City Folk[edit]

Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Cute
Smallxmark.png Strange
Furniture Genre Retro/Playful
Furniture Series Ranch
Furniture Color Red
Ideal Furniture for Victoria – Red Retro/Playful
Name Price Available From
Tiki Torch 870 Tom Nook
Dolly 6,800 Spotlight
Metronome 1,000 Tom Nook
Stool 1,360 Tom Nook
Pagoda - Gulliver
Lantern 1,180 Tom Nook
Bonfire 2,240 Tom Nook
Sleigh 1,200 Tom Nook
Super Mushroom - Balloon
Fire Bar - Balloon
More Red Furniture More Retro/Playful Furniture

In New Leaf[edit]

VictoriaPicACNL.png Don't put the cart before the horse.
Siblings One of 4
Skill Playing horseshoes
Goal Marathon runner
Fear Wolves
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Sporty
Smallxmark.png Formal
Color Red
Type Mocha
Milk A little bit
Sugar 1 spoonful
Ideal Gifts for Victoria – Red Sporty Items
Name Price Available From
Barbecue 1,760 Timmy & Tommy's
Bilboquet 2,000 Timmy & Tommy's
Bonfire 2,240 Tent Camper
Campfire 1,360 Igloo Camper
Lantern 1,180 Isabelle/Timmy & Tommy's
Life Ring 20 (medals) Island
Miniature Car - Fireworks
Red Corner 6,800 Timmy & Tommy's
Sandbag 3,190 Timmy & Tommy's
Slalom Gate - Snowman
More Red Items More Sporty Items


In Doubutsu no Mori e+, Victoria has the same furniture styling as Aurora's house, only that she has a Backyard Wallpaper and the Daisy Meadow as her choice of flooring and wallpaper. K.K. Country is playing on a Red Boombox. She has four gyroids: A Lullaboid, a Dingloid, a Harmonoid, and a Nebuloid.

In both Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, she has a Lovely Couch, two Tulip Chairs, a Tulip Table, a Watermelon Table, two Storefronts, a Watering Trough, and a Kitschy Clock. K.K. Country plays if she has a stereo.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, her house has completely changed. She has two cacti and a Phonograph in the top-right corner, which, like the past three games, continues to play K.K. Country.

Other Appearances[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Peppy Horse
Client's Vision: A lucky yellow room
Required Items: Sunflower Stereo, Yellow Bench
Favorite Song: DJ K.K.
Favorite Saying: Don't put the cart before the horse.
Victoria HHD Request.png

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#280 Victoria - Series 3
Type: Horse
Star sign: Cancer
Birthday: July 11th
Dice value: 6
Hand sign: Rock
280 Victoria amiibo card NA.png
279 Biskit List of amiibo cards
#280 Victoria
281 Lyman



Sprites & Models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Victoria -
French Victoria -
Italian Vittoria -