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This page documents a Nookipedia policy.
A policy is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be blocked.
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This page documents a Nookipedia policy.
A policy is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be blocked.

This page covers Nookipedia's deletion policy, including the process for both deletion and undeletion, as well as an overview of common rationale and norms for deletion.


Before nominating content for deletion, editors are encouraged to read the rationale section below to become familiar with the rules and norms for deletion.

Editors may mark a page for deletion through the following steps:

  1. Place Template:Delete at the top of the page (reason is required): {{delete|<reason>}}
  2. Inform original creator via their talk page (unless an exception below is met)

When marking a page for deletion, editors must provide a reason. The reason field should be short (no more than a few words); if needed, additional details can be provided in the note parameter. Additional reasoning may be added on the talk page, and it is encouraged if the deletion is likely to be discussed and debated.

Users must also inform the original creator of the page of the deletion discussion, unless:

  • page is blatant vandalism or nonsense
  • creator is obviously retired or no longer active
  • page was created by an IP address more than a month ago
  • page was imported from another wiki

Note the existence of Template:Do Not Delete, which is used to mark templates and files that aren't actively being used on-wiki, but should still be kept for reasons such as being used externally or in the site's skin.


Deletion requests may be closed immediately in clear-cut cases. When a deletion request has clearly inadequate rationale, any editor may decline the deletion by removing the deletion tag. If the deletion request is uncontroversial, such as when the page is vandalism, nonsense, or out-of-scope, staff may delete the page immediately.

If the deletion request is not clear-cut and requires discussion, the page should be left as-is until either (a) no objections are brought up in a reasonable amount of time or (b) the talk page discussion has reached a consensus. It is recommended to provide at least seven days to ensure editors have a chance to review.

When deleting a page, staff members should clearly state why it was deleted in the deletion summary. The corresponding talk page should also be deleted unless it has discussion that led to the deletion of the page.


Nookipedia staff may delete a page in any namespace on-sight if it is blatantly out of scope and/or nonconstructive (vandalism, spam, hoaxes, non-sense, etc.). Copyright violations with no non-violating content or history worth saving may also be deleted on-sight.

In addition, various namespaces have their own common deletion rationales.


Common deletion reasons for articles include:

  • Fanon / headcanon content, which is out of scope
  • Covers minor detail that is already covered by another article
  • Duplicate content (in which case a merge and/or redirect may be appropriate)

Nookipedia does not have a defined notability policy. However, articles that cover a very minor element, or a subject that otherwise does not have much to be written about, should usually be merged into a larger, broader article.

Typically, articles should not be deleted solely because they are short, need re-writing, or otherwise just need some help, unless they are in a completely unacceptable state with no improvement being done in the foreseeable future. Wikis are a work in progress and it's typically better to have an article that needs some work than no article at all.


Files serve three main purposes on the wiki:

  • Illustrating pages
  • Archival
  • Meta use (layout, Main Page featured fanart, avatars, etc.)

Files should generally fulfill at least one of those purposes. Excess unused files (such as screenshots that do not illustrate something not covered by another screenshot) may be deleted to reduce clutter and better comply with fair use. Unused files may still be kept for the sake of archival and documentation, and/or if there is foreseeable use.

Files should have proper sourcing, authorship, and licensing attached. Files that are missing these details may be replaced and summarily deleted, especially if a copyright or license violation is suspected.

Users may upload up to 5 personal images / fanart for use in their userspace. Additional personal images after this threshold are at the discretion of Nookipedia staff. All personal files should be identified by including the {{Personal upload}} template in the file's Summary field.


Users are free to use their userspace for productive wiki-related work.

For personal content unrelated to the wiki (such as documenting in-game islands/towns), users are allowed a minimal number of pages in their userspace. There is no hard limit to personal pages, but the general recommendation is no more than three. Users that go above and beyond what is reasonable may be warned and/or have pages deleted. Leniency is granted to active, constructive editors vs. users whose sole purpose on the wiki is to use it as a personal host.


Redirects help users discover content through alternative names and common spelling errors. Redirects may be deleted when they are nonsensical or otherwise unlikely to aide anyone in the discovery of a page.

When moving a page, the redirect should typically be left intact, unless completely unrelated or unlikely to be useful. In the case of files, even if the file redirect is unused on-wiki, it should typically be kept in order to keep both page histories and external links intact—these redirects helps preserve discoverability and contribute towards search engine optimization. File redirects may be deleted if the name is likely to be used for another file in the future. Redirects of recently created files that are moved shortly after upload (such as to correct a spelling error) may also be comfortably deleted.


If an editor believes a page was unfairly deleted, or deleted without proper discussion, they may request a second look at the staff noticeboard. A staff member who did not delete the article will review the case and, if they find it reasonable, restore the page for continued discussion.

If you would like personal access to deleted content, you may make a request at the staff noticeboard. Please state the reason you would like to access the content. Acceptable reasons include things like desiring to incubate the page; for research; or to transfer to another site. Deleted content will typically be placed in the requestor's sandbox, but may be provided through other mediums (email, Discord, etc.) on request.