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Nookipedia provides the ability for developers to access its content for development projects through the MediaWiki API. We encourage developers to use Nookipedia's API to develop bots, tools, applications, and more! This page serves as an introduction to using Nookipedia's API, as well as a directory of existing developers' projects.


Nookipedia's content can be accessed through the MediaWiki API. Examples of possibilities include:

  • Extracting information from infoboxes
  • Getting lists of characters by game
  • Editor statistics
  • ...and much more!

Developing and using the MediaWiki API takes some know-how. If you're new to using the MediaWiki API, we recommend looking over the following to get started:

If you have questions regarding using Nookipedia's API, feel free to post them on the talk page. Users who are actively developing projects using the API are also encouraged to join us on Discord. You'll be assigned the API developer role and will gain access to our support channel where you can ask questions directly. Contact one of Nookipedia's directors for more information.


Nookipedia's text content is released under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license. When using Nookipedia's text in your application, we request that you follow the terms of the license by citing Nookipedia as the source of the information, and linking back to the article's history when possible.

In the spirit of open source and knowledge, we also request that you open source your application (on a site such as GitHub) when possible.


The following is a list of community-made tools that utilize Nookipedia's API. If you have created your own project that isn't listed below, feel free to add it!

  • Nookipedia's official organizational projects are hosted at
    • Ribbot: "Cogs" for Nookipedia's official Discord bot, running off of Red.

Other projects built by the community are as follows:

  • Nookscraper on GitHub: A tool written in Go to scrape data from villager pages.
  • PellyBot on Reddit: A reddit bot that posts daily updates to the Animal Crossing subreddit. The updates include events and birthdays for the week.
  • Sonchou: Some packages and scripts written in Go that could be useful to future users and developers of Nookipedia. More information can be found in the godoc.
  • Nookbot: A bot for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discord server. Includes a villager information lookup.