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This page documents all Nookipedia Assets including logos and official site colors.

Seasonal Colors[edit]

The colors for the current Nookipedia season can be called by using the following variables. There are two shades available for each season, which are automatically updated as the seasons change.

Color Code
Season Dark (Currently Winter) #4F6CE6
Season Light (Currently Winter) #ADC0F5


The official Nookipedia color is #67AD42. The font used in the logos is Fink Heavy.

Nookipedia Logo Plain.png
Nookipedia Logo Outlined.png
    Nookipedia Leaf & Text.png    Nookipedia Leaf.png


We sometimes create variations of our logo for special events, occasions, and seasons.


Nookipedia Leaf & Text (NH).png

Nookipedia Leaf & Text (Autumn).png

Nookipedia Leaf & Text (Halloween).png

Nookipedia Leaf & Text (Winter).png

New Horizons Autumn Halloween Winter


Nookipedia Logo Outlined (Autumn).png

Nookipedia Logo Plain (Dark Blue).png

Nookipedia Logo Outlined (Winter).png

Autumn Halloween Winter