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This project is led by Kalina70.
As the leader, Kalina70 directs the project and its objectives. You can contact them directly on their talk page to discuss the project.
Tom Nook NH Character Icon.png
This project is led by Kalina70.
As the leader, Kalina70 directs the project and its objectives. You can contact them directly on their talk page to discuss the project.
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Project Clean-Up is dedicated cleaning up a lot of extra things lying around, including: unused files, unused redirects, categories/templates, and miscellaneous other formatting. In addition, it seeks to have the Unused, Categorize, Images, Outdated, Moves, Merges, and Wanted sections on the To-do list cleared of a majority to all of its entries (though clearing all sections would be just as good).

Anyone willing to help is more than welcome to. Many files could be integrated into galleries and articles. Other files may simply be outdated duplicates to be deleted.

This page will be updated with new content frequently.

How can I help?[edit]

Start by looking at a section below, reading through written notes. Once any links have been resolved, please remove them from this page. You have full permission to edit this page.

For images: If they can seemingly be used, open up appropriate pages (galleries, characters, subjects, etc) to check if a similar image is being used or not. If so, determine the higher quality version and delete the alternative. If there is not a similar version used, add it to the page! This is also a good way to check images to make sure they are properly licensed and categorized.

For pages to be moved: Follow the instructions in the move or merge box and rewrite accordingly.

For the uncategorized: Add the appropriate category. If you're unsure of what to add, use Special:AllPages and change the search parameter from (All) to Category: and try to find good fits. Things can also use more than one category!

For unused redirects: Correct all links on pages then flag for deletion. Make sure to confirm with 'What Links Here' for ALL uses.


If you wish to join Project Clean-Up, simply add your signature to the list of current members below.

What do all the symbols mean?[edit]

Images of certain bad qualities are tagged with different punctuation marks as follows:

Symbol Meaning
$ File has the wrong name (IE Tom Nool.png)
@ File name or content is in the wrong language
% File is protected
~ Image needs licensing

Unused work[edit]

Main article: Nookipedia:Project Clean-Up/Unused work

Uncategorized work[edit]

Main article: Nookipedia:Project Clean-Up/Uncategorized work

File Conversions[edit]

Convert to PNG and optimize, use the files if they are not used.

Images tagged with Template:No license[edit]

...there's no category for these?

Wanted work[edit]

Main article: Nookipedia:Project Clean-Up/Wanted work

Redirect Work[edit]

Redirects here should be manually replaced to link to the destination or to use inline redirects (ie [[Actual link|name used]]).

File redirects[edit]

Directly replace these on the used pages, then delete them.

Page-Linkage Work[edit]

Dead End Pages[edit]

Nothing links OUT OF these pages.

Orphaned Pages[edit]

Nothing links INTO these pages.

Stubs work[edit]

Not to impede much on writing projects, these pages are the smallest of the smallest (under 500 bytes) and should be improved as much as possible.

Oldest pages[edit]

List contains pages that haven't been edited in at least 2 years. While not guaranteed, usually the older a page lasts without edits the more improvements or changes that can be made. Disambig pages were excluded.

Real World Images CC improvements[edit]

Many of these are unlicensed, unsourced (a requirement under CC), or incorrectly licensed. While I started fixing the category early 2020 I never finished it...until now, hopefully. Make sure all images contain the correct Creative Commons license, a linked source, and all stand image formatting. If you can't find the original source, find a new suitable version (suggestion: wikimedia commons) and re-upload it FROM SCRATCH. The old file must be completely deleted. I haven't checked all of these, so some of them may already be ok and can be deleted. Some of these may be listed as public domain, but are actually not public domain (since I have found them on wikimedia commons as well), and they should double checked too. May also be a good time to standardize these file names, wink wink.

Smart Redirects[edit]

Utilize smart punctuation to generate redirects to the links below. This is important both for mobile support (most to all mobile devices default to smart apostrophes and need intentional workarounds to not be used) as well as significantly improving SEO ranking. Use ’ for ' and ’n‘ for those that may need it.

Redirect Deletions[edit]

Redirects that do not need to exist, but still have links to them.

No mainpage talks[edit]