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This project is led by Trig Jegman.
As the leader, Trig Jegman directs the project and its objectives. You can contact them directly on their talk page to discuss the project.
Tom Nook NH Character Icon.png
This project is led by Trig Jegman.
As the leader, Trig Jegman directs the project and its objectives. You can contact them directly on their talk page to discuss the project.

Additionally, more updates and an easier stream of communication can be found on his personal updates discord server.

1242 things to do

Active discussions

Pages with to-do's

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Articles requiring cleanup

Incomplete sections

Outdated pages

Images needed

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Deletion candidates

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File Del

Unused images


Uncategorized files

Wanted pages

Project Clean-Up is dedicated cleaning up a lot of extra things lying around, including: unused files, unused redirects, categories/templates, and miscellaneous other formatting. In addition, it seeks to have the Unused, Categorize, Images, Outdated, Moves, Merges, and Wanted sections on the To-do list cleared of a majority to all of its entries (though clearing all sections would be just as good).

Anyone willing to help is more than welcome to. Many files could be integrated into galleries and articles. Other files may simply be outdated duplicates to be deleted.

I will update this with new content frequently.

How Can I Help?[edit]

Start by looking at a section below, reading through written notes. Once any links have been resolved, please remove them from this page. You have my full permission to edit this page.

For images: If they can seemingly be used, open up appropriate pages (galleries, characters, subjects, etc) to check if a similar image is being used or not. If so, determine the higher quality version and delete the alternative. If there is not a similar version used, add it to the page! This is also a good way to check images to make sure they are properly licensed and cateogorized.

For pages to be moved: Follow the instructions in the move or merge box and rewrite accordingly.

For the uncategorized: ...add the appropriate category. If you're unsure of what to add, use Special:AllPages and change the search parameter from (All) to Category: and try to find good fits. Things can also use more than one category!

For unused redirects: Correct all links on pages then flag for deletion. Make sure to confirm with 'What Links Here' for ALL uses.


If you wish to join Project Clean-Up, simply add your signature to the list of current members below.

What do all the symbols mean?[edit]

I tagged images of a certain bad qualities with different punctuation marks as follows:

Symbol Meaning
$ File has the wrong name (IE Tom Nool.png)
@ File name or content is in the wrong language
% File is protected
~ Image needs licensing

Image Work[edit]

Comprised of unused images and file conversions (currently only GIF to PNG). If files make sense to be used somewhere, add them to the page! If a better alternate is available, or is a duplicate, delete the lower quality version. Either way, when a file is addressed, remove it from the list.

Files that are converted from gif should absolutely be optimized. If you do not have access to one, please do not convert the files.

Currently, no more files will be added to this list until the current list shrinks. When it does, it will be easier to add the files not found below into a subcategory.

Last updated: 12:42, June 14, 2020 (EDT)

CF Icons[edit]

Category:City Folk fish images and Category:City Folk fish icons are similar, to which a merge for categories is suggested.

NL Icons[edit]

Emotes and Reactions[edit]

NIWA Icons[edit]

Example images and seasonal banners[edit]

the four examples could possibly be deleted.

a 'not unused' template should likely be made for the others

NL Renders[edit]

Clothing closeups[edit]

Amiibo cards[edit]


PC Flowers[edit]

WW Items[edit]


yknow a lot of server space would be saved if these were mp3s or compressed...

NH Critterpedia[edit]



Single-Frame GIFs[edit]

If these need to be used, they should be converted to PNG and optimized first. It is likely png versions could exist.

NH Item Renders[edit]

maybe these could go in the gallery? are there any that are 128 up or across? maybe it would be appropriate to crop (and optimize) if not necessary

NH Category Icons[edit]

PC Items[edit]

NH Icons[edit]

Tool Smartphone Backgrounds and NH Patterns[edit]

these could be easily optimized

Cards and Bulletin Board[edit]

NL Icons[edit]

WW Icons[edit]

PC Shoes[edit]

NH Fossil Models[edit]

WW Fish Icons[edit]

NL Fish Screenshots[edit]

Files with bad names[edit]

Merges and Moves work[edit]

Pages needing transportation[edit]

Uncategorized Work[edit]

Uncategorized pages[edit]

Uncategorized templates[edit]

Uncategorized categories[edit]

inception level

Uncategorized Files[edit]

I use 'era' instead of specific games to both cover multiple games per system, but also to catch files that are related to a console but are not in-game, such as an ad or an image of the console.


this is essentially the catch-all. Some don't fit into games and others are here because I can't distinguish where they came from.

Gamecube Era and prior[edit]

DS era[edit]

this seems suspiciously small. there may be a lot in miscellaneous.

Wii era[edit]

3DS era[edit]

Switch and mobile[edit]

Unused work[edit]

Unused Templates[edit]

Unused Categories[edit]

Images tagged with Template:No license[edit]

...there's no category for these?

Deprecated Pages[edit]

Special:Honored Members

Wanted work[edit]

Different things below are wanted sections. For pages, templates, or categories, consider creating the page, making a redirect, or directly fixing a link to something if it already exists. While I could not easily keep the links to all of the usages as found in 'What Links here', I thought the amount may be helpful for users depending on the type of work they'd like to do here (fix a lot of smalls or fix one really big).


Some of these might just be capitalization errors and should be fixed directly on the page


Also mostly comprised of errors but also a lot of UBs. Maybe there should be a combined 'Fan of' template with a variable instead? (IE Template:FanOf|Tom Nook)

Pages and Files[edit]

These are lumped together. Most likely, pages will need a page written or a redirect and files will need to be replaced with the new link from a redirectless move. In order to save space, all of the pages have been hidden in a div which can be opened with the link on the far right.

more coming soon. this is here to preserve spacing.

Redirect Work[edit]

Redirects here should be manually replaced to link to the destination or to use inline redirects (ie [[Actual link|name used]]).

Double redirects[edit]

File redirects[edit]

Directly replace these on the used pages, then delete them.

Page-Linkage Work[edit]

Orphaned pages[edit]

I have ignored the recently added 'Item' pages as they will most likely see use soon enough once they are all complete. If any of these are redirects/disambig pages, the respective templates should contain a link to itself to remove it from this category.

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