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The Nookipedia Tasks Discovery page, listing various tracked projects.

Nookipedia Tasks ( is a project management tool for tracking projects and tasks (called "stories") that need to be completed. Anyone is welcome to use this tool to help keep track of stories and find new things to work on for Nookipedia.


Accounts on Nookipedia Tasks are separate from the accounts on this wiki. Anyone can create a Nookipedia Tasks account through the registration page.

Once registered, please visit the Nookipedia Tasks Noticeboard to add yourself as a new registrant and list which projects you would like to be added to. Alternatively, simply message SuperHamster on the Nookipedia Discord server. Otherwise, you won't be able to modify any story boards.

It's recommended you upload a profile picture to easily distinguish users across the tool.


Nookipedia Tasks is currently tracking these projects:

New projects can be proposed at the Nookipedia Tasks Noticeboard, or can be created by users through the Manage Projects page. However, most projects will have their ownership moved to the admin account to ensure it's well-managed over-time.

How to use[edit]

Projects Dashboard[edit]

The Projects Dashboard page when you first register.

When you first log in, you'll see the Projects Dashboard. The first column lists any stories you are working on; the second column lists any stories you are watching; and the last column lists all the projects you are a part of.

The Discover page lets you explore all the public projects on Nookipedia Tasks.

Project Timeline[edit]

A look at a Project Timeline, showing recent updates, team members, and other stats.

When you first visit a project, you will see its Timeline. The Timeline provides a list of recent updates, as well as a list of team members. The column on the left-hand side can be used to navigate to the Story Board and full team list.

Project Story Board[edit]

Each project has a single story board to track the project's tasks, known as "user stories". Stories are represented by cards that can be dragged between five columns:

Nookipedia Tasks - Blank Board.png

  • New, for new stories that are being created. Stories should stay here until they have their details filled out and are ready to be worked on.
  • Ready, for stories that have all their details inputted and are ready to be worked on.
  • In Progress, for stories that at least one person has started to actively work on.
  • Ready for Test, for stories that have been completed but need reviewing or testing.
  • Done, for stories that are completely finished.
  • Archived, for old stories that no longer need to be tracked. Done stories should only be moved here after several weeks to allow other team members to see which stories are being completed.

Within each column, stories should be sorted by priority: the most critical stories go at the top. You can use your best judgement for prioritization.

At the upper-right of each story board is a filter button; selecting this allows you to filter stories based on tags, assigned users, etc.

Story details[edit]

How to create a story from the Story Board page.
Fields to populate when creating a new story. Not too bad!

User stories have several fields:

  • Title, a short description of the task.
  • Description, a detailed description of the task. Any and all details that would be useful for accomplishing the task can go here.
  • Tags, categories that stories can be added to so that they may be filtered
  • Related tasks, sub-tasks that can be added to the story. This is useful to break up a story into multiple, trackable parts.
  • Attachments, files that can be attached to the story. This can be mock-ups, screenshots of a bug or issue, etc.
  • Comments, for adding quick notes, discussions, questions, etc.
  • Assigned to, the user(s) in charge of completing the story. Users can assign themselves to a story, or can assign others if they know that user is responsible for it.

New stories should include the title, description, related tasks, and any relevant attachments. Stories don't have to be necessarily assigned until someone can or wants to claim it.

Story management[edit]

Anyone is free to create stories and modify their details. Anyone can assign themselves to a story, as well as move them to various statuses. However, please try to keep stories up-to-date; for example, if a story in "In Progress" is no longer being worked on, it should be moved back to "Ready".

Users can also assign others to stories if they know that the user is responsible for the story, and/or is the only one who can accomplish the stories. Be respectful of others in this regard.

Stories should only be deleted if they have been accidentally made, or will never be worked on. If a story has been worked on but will indefinitely be stopped, it should not be deleted; instead, it should be archived.

Meta details[edit]

Nookipedia Tasks is currently maintained by SuperHamster. Issues, questions, or requests regarding Nookipedia Tasks can be made at the Nookipedia Tasks Noticeboard, or directly sent to SuperHamster through Discord.

Nookipedia Tasks is an instantiation of Taiga, a free open-source project management tool licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. The project and its source code can be viewed on GitHub.