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Linking to pages located on another wiki is just as easy as linking to any page on our own. A list of all the sites available for interwiki linking is available on Special:Interwiki. If you'd like to request a site to be added to the list, just leave a message on the talk page of any Director.

The best way to learn how to use interwiki links is just to look at a few examples.


Linking to Blooper on Super Mario Wiki.
[[mariowiki:Blooper]] becomes mariowiki:Blooper.
[[mariowiki:Blooper|Blooper]] becomes Blooper.

Linking to Outset Island on Zelda Wiki.
[[zeldawiki:Outset Island]] becomes zeldawiki:Outset Island.
[[zeldawiki:Outset Island|Outset Island]] becomes Outset Island.

Searching for Tortimer on Google.
[[google:Tortimer]] becomes google:Tortimer.
[[google:Tortimer|Tortimer]] becomes Tortimer.

Seem easy? That's because it is! We didn't even need to put more than one example to explain it. It's that simple!

Why use interwiki links?[edit]

You may be wondering why interwiki links are recommended over regular links. Both will work, but interwiki links allow us to update all links from a certain site very quickly. This comes in handy when a site changes its domain or URL scheme. Because of this, the Nookipedia team asks that all users try to use interwiki links whenever possible.