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"NIWA For the win!"
Aliases TDC, Mr. Cave
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Hello! I am thedarkcave. As you may or may not know, my favorite Villager is Bones! I think he's AWESOME! I at first joined to help remove Construction Templates, but I've decided to go a little further and make other edits too. If you need anything from me, please check the talk page. I have all the games in the Animal Crossing series, so here's the info!

Animal Crossing - Population: Growing Town Info (1/2)[edit]

  • Town Name: N Elm St
  • Native Fruit: Peach.png


Animal Crossing - Population: Growing Town Info (2/2)[edit]

  • Town Name: Columbus
  • Native Fruit: Pear.png

My Trivia[edit]

  • I also run Crossipedia, a Nookipedia-inspired Animal Crossing Wiki.
  • MediaWiki is my FAVORITE way to make a Wiki. The only problem is... You need a hosting service, and you have to pay for a domain.
  • I first joined to remove these templates,
  • but then, I decided to branch out on to some other things.


Here are some Userboxes that I put here.

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Gyroid PG.png This user's favorite type of Gyroid is the Tall Harmoniod.
Bones NH Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Bones.
KittyAMFIcon.png This user shares their birthday with Kitty, the Snooty Cat.
Tiger Butterfly (Wild World).gif This user's favourite bug is the Robust Cicada.
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Where Bones Is Right Now[edit]

Here's what towns Bones curremtly lives right now:

My Favorite Images[edit]

BoyAAB CF.png NookingtonsCityFolk.JPG Wikilogo.png Cornimer WW.png Bones DnM.png Rosie (Movie).png

House Statuses[edit]

Here's the current status of my houses across all of my towns.

Animal Crossing - Population: Growing! = 8x8 House + Basement & 2nd floor

Animal Crossing: Wild World = 6x6 House

Animal Crossing: City Folk = 8x8 House

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo = 8x8 House + 4x4 2nd Floor

(My Animal Crossing - Population: Growing! House isn't fully paid off yet, but it's been fully upgraded.)



November 4th, 2018