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Hello! I am thedarkcave. As you may or may not know, my favorite Villager is Bones! I think he's AWESOME! I at first joined to help remove Construction Templates, but I've decided to go a little further and make other edits too. If you need anything from me, please check the talk page. I have all the games in the Animal Crossing series,
but I really only got into the AC games at around October 2018, right around when I joined. I'm a regular follower of and Jeff's Animal Crossing Blogs. As a matter of fact, I made one myself! (TDC's Animal Crossing Blog) I'm also trying to provide accurate real-world information on all the bugs since lots of the asian species get confused with American species. I don't really edit the mainspace that much, (I mean, look at my edit count!) but if there's any little grammar errors or typos I'll bark right on it! (Get it? Because my icons is Bones?... Okay, I'll leave now.)

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What the wiki looked like when I joined: Webcrawl from Dec 09 2018

Characters I Like


Here are some Userboxes that I put here.

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Where Bones Is Right Now

Here's what towns Bones currently lives right now:

My Favorite Images

BoyAAB CF.png CF Nookington's Exterior.png Wikilogo.png Cornimer WW.png Bones DnM.png 60px Lemon-Lime Paper CF Texture.png Miranda's Poster NH Icon.png

House Statuses

Here's the current status of my houses across all of my towns.

Animal Crossing - Population: Growing! = 8x8 House + Basement & 2nd floor

Animal Crossing: Wild World = 6x6 House

Animal Crossing: City Folk = 8x8 House

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo = 8x8 House + 4x4 2nd Floor

(My Animal Crossing - Population: Growing! House isn't fully paid off yet, but it's been fully upgraded.)

Pages I created

Here are the pages that I created. (Inspired by Drago)

Errors I've found

"The Walker Cicada is a species of cicada usually found in North America and is the largest there. It has undergone several name changes such as Tibicen marginalis and T.walkeri. This is where the name 'Walking Cicada' is derived from." Actually, the cicada in-game is the Meimuna opalifera. Not the Megatibicen pronotalis.

Other Things

Bones NH Villager Icon.png
Staff since
November 4th, 2018
Current position since
I'm not staff, but this template is so cool.

Names in other languages

Japanese 暗い洞窟
kurai dōkutsu
Dark cave

...more foreign names to come!