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"Totaka's Song" is a 19-note tune composed by Kazumi Totaka. The song appears in several games that Totaka composed the music for, including several Animal Crossing games and is usually hidden as an Easter egg. Due to K.K. Slider (also known as Totakeke) being an in-game persona for Totaka, his song "K.K. Song" is a rendition of the theme and acts as a sort of theme song for the character.


In Animal Crossing[edit]

"Totaka's Song" appears in Animal Crossing as a secret song, in which the player must approach K.K. Slider when he plays music on Saturday night and request that he play the song "K.K. Song," which is a version of "Totaka's Song."

e-Reader card minigames[edit]

In the Series 4 e-Reader cards, cards P-13 and P-15 contain the "Who's Dunnit?" mini-game, which has "Totaka's Song" as its normal background music.

In Wild World[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the song can be found in the same way as in Animal Crossing by requesting "K.K. Song" from K.K. Slider in the Roost. However, it is no longer a secret song and can be played at random when letting K.K. choose in this game and all subsequent games.

In City Folk[edit]

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the player can find "K.K. Song" in the same way as in previous games, but it is also hidden as an Easter egg. When Kapp'n is driving the player to and from the city, Kapp'n will whistle tunes alternating between his sea shanty from Animal Crossing and "Marine Song 2001." If the player lets him continue whistling by not progressing his dialogue, he will whistle "Totaka's Song" after about seven minutes.

In New Leaf[edit]

If the player waits about three or four minutes while riding the boat to Tortimer Island, Kapp'n can be heard whistling the song, before he then whistles his normal song in a minor key. This can only be heard if there is considerable lag with the player's internet connection. "K.K. Song" is still present from past games, and is randomly mixed into the Club LOL DJ set.

Official European website[edit]

On the original New Leaf European website,[1] when one clicked on K.K. Slider in the background, Totaka's Song would play.

In New Horizons[edit]

"K.K. Song" returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it now can also play in the background on the portable radio.

Other appearances[edit]

In Animal Crossing Plaza[edit]

K.K. can be heard playing the theme in the plaza in Animal Crossing Plaza.

In Mario Kart 8[edit]

In several courses in Mario Kart 8, Yoshis appear in the background and can sometimes be heard humming the tune, although it is difficult to hear with the normal background music on top. Appropriately, Kazumi Totaka also provides the voice of Yoshi.

3DS Themes[edit]

The "K.K. Slider at Club LOL" 3DS Theme features K.K. Slider and plays the live version of "K.K. Song" in the background. The "Cinnamoroll and K.K." Sanrio theme also features a special remix of "K.K. Song."