Yumi Takahashi

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Occupation Composer
Notable work Miitopia
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Yumi Takahashi (高橋優海, Takahashi Yuumi) is a composer at Nintendo. She worked on the soundtrack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


Song credits[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

Takahashi was credited for the following tracks on the official soundtrack release for New Horizons:[1]

  • "1 AM"
  • "4 AM"
  • "10 AM"
  • "11 AM"
  • "4 PM"
  • "9 PM"
  • "10 PM"
  • Rain and snow versions of above hourly themes
  • "Resident Services" (arrangement, originally composed by Toru Minegishi/unknown)
  • Museum (arrangement, originally composed by Kazumi Totaka/Asuka Hayazaki)
    • "Blathers' Tent"
    • "Museum (Entrance)"
    • "Museum (Fish Room)"
    • "Museum (Insect Room)"
    • "Museum (Fossil Room)"
    • "Museum (Art Room)"
  • "Airport Lobby (Speaker Version)"
  • "Airport Lobby (Full Sound Version)"
  • "Able Sisters" (arrangement, originally composed by Toru Minegishi)
  • "Nook's Cranny (Small)" (arrangement, original composer unknown)
  • "Nook's Cranny (Big)" (arrangement, original composer unknown)
  • "Nook's Cranny (Before Closing)" (arrangement, original composer unknown)
  • "Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler" (arrangement, original composer unknown)
  • "Dreaming"
  • "Mystery Island Tour (Day)"
  • "Mystery Island Tour (Night)"
  • Rain and snow versions of Tour themes
  • "Tournament (In Progress)"
  • "Turkey Day" (arrangement, originally composed by Shinobu Nagata)
  • "Turkey Day (Cooking Start)"
  • "Turkey Day (Cooking Complete)"
  • "Festivale" (arrangement, original composer unknown)
  • "Pavé's Dance (Normal)
  • "Pavé's Dance (Complete)"
  • "Island Broadcast (Tom Nook)" (arrangement, originally composed by Toru Minegishi)
  • "Island Broadcast (Isabelle)" (arrangement, original composer unknown)
  • "Outing (DAL Fanfare)"
  • "Outing (In-Flight Broadcast)"
  • "Outing (Waiting)"
  • "Outing (Meeting)"
  • "Outing (Farewell)"
  • "Chased by Bee"
  • "Stung by Bee"
  • "Stung by Scorpion/Tarantula"
  • "Get Fanfare"
  • "Complete Fanfare"
  • "Radio Jingle (Noon 2)"
  • "Radio Jingle (Noon 3)"
  • "Radio Jingle (Noon 4)"
  • "Radio Jingle (Noon 5)"
  • "Radio Jingle (Turkey Day)"
  • "Radio Jingle (Festivale)"