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Prima Games is a company that makes official strategy guides for video games, having made hundreds over the years. It is a division of Random House. They have made a guide for Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, they have made many mistakes and errors, making some of the information in the guides false. One such example was in the City Folk guide, where it was said that the Walking Leaf can be found on trees, when it is really found on the ground.

On November 8, 2018, publisher DK announced that the Prima Games imprint would be discontinued in spring 2019 due to a large decline in strategy guide sales[1].


In Prima's Guide to Animal Crossing[edit]

  • Farley is not listed in this guide.
  • Lists a Hoe as being a tool in the game.

In Prima's Guide to Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

  • Kapp'n is said to be a parrot instead of a turtle or kappa.
  • It says if the player is friends with Sable, they get her pic. However, there is no such thing as her pic.
  • It also says the player can "Dial-a-Psychic" but it is actually the "Hit or Miss Fortune Hotline".
  • The points required to become a bronze Nook member is mislisted as 3,000, while it should be 5,000.
  • The picture on page 28 appears to be a pink rock just like GC, however it does not glow pink when the player hits their shovel with it.
  • Kabuki's Personality on the "Neighbours" page decepts him as a Jock type yet he is actually cranky.
  • Big Top is mislisted as Dr. Trunk in the Neighbours page.
  • Boone is listed as a Cranky type yet he is actually a jock type.
  • In the K.K. Page, "Marine Song 2001" is simply listed as "Marine Song".
  • Paint cans are seen in a picture in the HRA guide. They cannot be placed without hacking or debug.
  • The Yoshi kart pattern displays Checkered background on the top page instead of a "egg" background.
  • The text on page 121 on the Playroom Wall and flooring is missing, which is also the case with the Sea View and Ship Deck, from the Pirate Theme.

In Prima's Guide to Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

  • The bug guide states that centipedes are found on flowers. In reality, centipedes are found by hitting rocks with a shovel.
  • It says if the player donates 10,000 Bells to their account, they get a Box of Tissues instead of a Shopping Card.
  • If the player donates 1,000,000 Bells to their bank account, they get a Piggy Bank. However, this is wrong because they get the Piggy Bank when they reach 10,000,000 Bells.
  • The Model Houses in this guide are mislisted as Spotlight items.
  • The New Year's Shirt 2011 shows the picture of a Frog Shirt.
  • The section on crossbreeding flowers are wrong.

In Prima's Guide to Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

  • The tools guide states that the Silver axe is unbreakable. However. it will break after some use.
  • Some of the villagers' Coffee preferences are incorrect.
  • Some clothing genres are incorrect.
  • The guides mentions that Kicks is a fox, but he is actually a skunk.
  • A few images are wrong.
  • Certain selling prices and Happy Home Academy themes are also incorrect. For example, the throne is listed to cost 8,000 Bells, but it actually costs 800,000.
  • To hybrid the Blue Rose, it says you simply need a Purple and Black rose, where you actually need two Red roses that were spawned by breeding an Orange and Purple rose.
  • Some Bug, Fish, and Deep Sea Creatures have incorrect months & times.
  • Most furniture bell value is incorrect.


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