To the Edge

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To the Edge
Game(s) Doubutsu no Mori (Unobtainable),
Doubutsu no Mori+ (Unobtainable),
Animal Crossing (Unobtainable),
Doubutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf,
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Mood Hard to say
Instruments Horns, Drums, Whistling
Owned by Tabby,
Wart Jr.,
Jacob (AFe+),
Prince (NL),
Paolo (NL)
Order number 58

"To the Edge" (ナミナミ, Filled To The Brim) is a song that first appeared in Doubutsu no Mori. It is one of the three songs in Doubutsu no Mori, Doubutsu no Mori+ and Animal Crossing that K.K. Slider plays whenever the player requests an invalid song. The song can be described as someone going "to the edge" of sanity or "to the edge" of a cliff, but not falling off. It is a very laid-back song that has a horn playing, simple R and B drums, etc. Sometimes, K.K. Slider is heard whistling. Jacob, Wart Jr., Clara, Megumi, Paolo, Prince, and Tabby play this song if they have a stereo in their house. T-Bone and Doc are featured on the album cover, along with K.K. Slider himself.