K.K. Safari

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#25 K.K. Safari  
K.K. Safari NH Texture.png
Live Performance
Genre African
Mood Grumpy
Instruments Japanese drum,
safari vibraphone
Owned by Camofrog (NH),
Opal (AC),
Grizzly (AC),
Murphy (NH)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese けけアフロ
Simplified Chinese K.K.非洲音乐
French Ali Farka Kéké
Spanish Tota-safari
Italian K.K. Safari
Russian Сафари К. К.

Korean K.K.아프리카
Traditional Chinese K.K.非洲音樂
Quebec French Kéké safari
Latin American Spanish Tota-safari
German K.K. Safari
Dutch K.K. in de jungle

"K.K. Safari" is a K.K. Slider song that first appears in Doubutsu no Mori. It has an African or rain forest jungle theme to it. It has a Japanese drum, a safari vibraphone, and other fitting instruments.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Camofrog, Clay, Leonardo, Lobo, Sly, Tucker, and Murphy play this song in their house if they have a stereo.


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese けけアフロ
Keke afuro
K.K. Afro

Korean K.K.아프리카
K.K. Apeurika
K.K. Africa

Simplified Chinese K.K.非洲音乐 (iQue)
K.K. Fēizhōu yīnyuè
K.K. African music

Russian Сафари К. К.
Safari K. K.

Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠. in de jungle K.K. in the jungle

German K.K. Safari

European Spanish Tota-safari

European French Ali Farka Kéké Ali Farka K.K.

Quebec French Kéké safari

Italian K.K. Safari