K.K. Chorale

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#1 K.K. Chorale  
AlbumArt-Chorale NH.png
Live Performance
Genre Classical
Mood Sad
Instruments Organ
Owned by Nan (DnMe+),
Cookie, (CF)
Boomer, (HHD)
Elise, (HHD)
Monique, (HHD)
Pashmina, (HHD)
Penelope (HHD),
Knox (NH)
Colton (NH)
Mathilda (NH)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese けけさんびか
Simplified Chinese K.K.赞美诗歌
French Chorale de Kéké
Spanish Tota-góspel
Italian K.K. Corale
Russian Хорал К. К.

Korean K.K.찬송가
Traditional Chinese K.K.讚美詩歌
Quebec French Chorale de Kéké
Latin American Spanish Tota-góspel
German K.K. Choral
Dutch K.K.-koraal

"K.K. Chorale" is a K.K. Slider song. It is quite a soft and classical song. Cookie (in Animal Crossing: City Folk), Kitt, Alli and Chevre all play this song if they have a stereo in their homes. On the Animal Crossing-e card, it shows K.K. Slider being married to Daisy, with Jay, Pompom, Butch, Chevre, Octavian, Rex, Emerald, Louie, Doc, and Robin watching in the audience.


Sprites and models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese けけさんびか
Keke sanbika
K.K. Hymn

Korean K.K.찬송가
K.K. Chansong-ga
K.K. Hymn

Simplified Chinese K.K.赞美诗歌 (iQue)
K.K. Zànměi shīgē
K.K. Praise Poem

Russian Хорал К. К.
Khoral K. K.

Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠.-⁠⁠koraal

German K.K. Choral

European Spanish Tota-góspel K.K. Gospel

European French Chorale de Kéké K.K.'s Chorale

Italian K.K. Corale