K.K. Moody

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#87 K.K. Moody  
K.K. Moody NH Texture.png
Live Performance
Genre Bolero
Mood Laid-back
Owned by Chops,
Hippeux (NL),
Keaton (NL),
Phil (NH)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese けけボレロ
Simplified Chinese K.K.波蕾洛
French Slow Kéké
Spanish Tota-bolero
Italian K.K. Tramonto
Russian Задумчивый К. К.

Korean K.K.볼레로
Traditional Chinese K.K.波蕾洛
Quebec French Slow Kéké
Latin American Spanish Tota-bolero
German K.K. Sonnenuntergang
Dutch K.K.-bolero

"K.K. Moody" is a song by K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It has a low tempo and a romantic, slightly Latin theme. It is based on the bolero genre of dance music, specifically the Cuban variant, which takes place in 2/4 time. Broffina and Keaton appear on the album cover, and K.K. Slider and some palm trees are seen in the background.

This song is owned by Chops, Hippeux, Keaton (both in New Leaf), Lionel, and Phil (in New Horizons).


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese けけボレロ
Keke borero
K.K. Bolero

Korean K.K.볼레로
K.K. Bollero
K.K. Bolero

Simplified Chinese K.K.波蕾洛 (iQue)
K.K. Bō lěi luò
K.K. Bolero

Russian Задумчивый К. К.
Zadumchivyy K. K.
K.K. Pensive

Dutch K.K.-bolero K.K. Bolero

German K.K. Sonnenuntergang K.K. Sunset

European Spanish Tota-bolero K.K. Bolero

European French Slow Kéké Slow K.K.

Italian K.K. Tramonto K.K. Sunset