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Aliases: Poizon, Mike
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Hey there, I am PoizonMushro0m. I used to be apart of wiki staff, but decided to leave my position to focus on my personal life. However, I decided to return and assist in moderating our Discord server and editing when I have the chance on the wiki. I rarely am one for writing up articles now, but I do help out mostly in the way of template creation and minor edits when I see the need to add them. If you any questions about myself, any of my previous edits, or just need help around the wiki, leave me a message on my talk page and I'll be happy to assist you in any way possible. Cheers!

What I'm Working on in Nookipedia

Below is a list of projects I am working on when I have time to edit on Nookipedia. Sentences in italics are what are currently being done while others are either on hold or have been not done in a month.

Member of:
Project VillagerProject Images
  • Writing up bio pages for my Animal Crossing towns on my userspace (On hold)

My Other Sites

Below are a list of sites you can contact me at depending on my active status*.
Please only contact me at the listed sites if it is urgent.

*Applies only to sites listed under the Social Networking. (Listed in terms of activeness, Discord being the most active and Twitter the least active.)

Social Networking

Discord - @PoizonMushro0m#6666


Xbox Live/Games for Windows Live (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC)
PlayStation Network (PS3/Vita/PS4)