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Aliases Poizon, Mike
Status Around
Edit Count 741 (96 in mainspace)
Gender Male
Service Wiki User/Discord Moderator, Former Staff (Patroller, Administrator)
Appearances TwitterYouTube Tumblr Reddit

My other pages:
GameCube TownWild World TownCity Folk TownNew Leaf Town
SandboxUserboxesAntonio Fanpage

Hey there, I am PoizonMushro0m. I used to be apart of staff under a different alias, but decided to leave to focus on my personal life. However, I decided to return and assist in moderating our Discord server and editing sometimes on the wiki whenever I get the chance. I rarely am one for writing up articles, but I do help out mostly in the way of template creation and minor edits when I see them. If you happen to have any questions for me, leave me a message on my talk page.

What I'm Working on in Nookipedia

Below is a list of projects I am working on when I have time to edit on Nookipedia. Sentences in italics are what are currently being done while others are either on hold or have been not done in a month.

Member of:
Project VillagerProject Images
  • Writing up bio pages for my Animal Crossing towns on my userspace

My Other Sites

Below are a list of sites you can contact me at depending on my active status*.
Please only contact me at the listed sites if it is urgent.

*Applies only to sites listed under the Social Networking. (Listed in terms of activeness, Twitter being most active and Tumblr least active.)

Social Networking

Antonio Fanpage (Founder, page mostly abandoned)


PlayStation Network (PS3/Vita)
Xbox Live/Games for Windows Live (Xbox One/PC)