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Nookipedia Game Night is a biweekly activity on the Nookipedia Discord. Every two weeks, users come together and play online enabled games to get to work together, compete, and to overall have fun.


What is Nookipedia Game Night?
Nookipedia Game Night is a biweekly event held on the Nookipedia Discord to play mainly Nintendo games with other members.
How do I participate?
Make sure you check the pinned messages for anything needing to be done beforehand if needed or if you need to add one of the Game Night hosts.
Where do I go to check what game is coming up for Game Night and when?
Check #rules-and-info for the date and time of the event and what we'll be playing. You can also check the second section for the information as well.
What gaming platforms are used for Game Nights?
We mainly play on current Nintendo consoles, but we are open to play on other platforms as long as there is a good turnout. Past systems include the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and PC.

Game Night Rules

All rules and guidelines on the Nookipedia Discord also apply to Nookipedia Game Night, with a few changes. Please follow the ruleset below:

  • Text to Speech is allowed only in the #game-night channel for user enjoyment and memes. Please use in moderation and try not to overuse the command.
  • While in the event, you must listen to the host at all times. Failure to do so may result in penalties (listed below).
  • Voice Chat is used to convey instructions from the event host and to chat with other members of Game Night. Please refrain from talking over people and avoid having any background noise so you are better understood to other participants.
  • Please only join the voice chat if you plan on participating in the Game Night event.


If a Game Night participant doesn't listen to instructions, ignores rules, or exhibit any other behavior not deemed appropriate, some penalties are put in place once agreed upon by Nookipedia Staff and Moderators. This is rarely ever put in place, due to very few problematic users on the Nookipedia Discord.

  1. Voice Chat mute, must resort to talking in #game-night for duration of session.
  2. Kicked from event and game
  3. Banned from future Game Night events

Next Game Night

Date and Time: May 4th, 2018 at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time

What We're Playing: To Be Announced

Host: To Be Announced