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Key West
PoizonMush - NH Town.jpg
Dream Address
Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Player PoizonMushro0m
Creation date March 19th, 2020
Native fruit Fruit Peach NH Icon.png Peaches

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PoizonMushro0m started his journey with Animal Crossing: New Horizons by pre-ordering the game on the Nintendo eShop weeks before the game was due to release. The game ended up unlocking for him at 9:00PM MST on March 19th, 2020 for him, so he started his island adventures from there. He has been playing the game on his Switch on a semi regularly basis since passing through the hurdles to complete the game's tutorials that led up to obtaining the Island Designer Construction Permit, with the main goal of completing his K.K. Slider music collection. When the free 2.0 update released on November 4th however, he has since returned to playing the game on a daily basis as much as reasonably possible.

Current Villagers

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