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Key West
PoizonMush - NL Town.jpg
Dream Address
Game Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Mayor PoizonMushro0m
Creation date June 9th, 2013
Native fruit Fruit Peach NH Icon.png Peaches

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PoizonMushro0m started his Animal Crossing: New Leaf town on the North American release date, June 9th, 2013, after awaiting New Leaf's release. After setting up his town, he played the town actively until December 23, 2014 when he discovered his original model Nintendo 3DS had cartridge reading issues. He was not able to play the game actively until March 19, 2015 when he got a digital copy of New Leaf and then became fully active when he purchased a New Nintendo 3DS XL on February 5th, 2016. He is currently on another hiatus from his New Leaf town until otherwise specified.

Town Milestones

Total Visitors to Key West - 24 people from Local/Wi-Fi play
Total Dream Visitors to Key West - 21 people

Current Villagers